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Usually this condition causes an itchy, scaly rash on your foot. There are two types of pulpitis. No thanks. Unlike other types of interdigital blisters, the cause of a pinch blister can often be identified easily. Enlarge Image. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter.

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March 17, When this happens, you might notice your gums swelling or a pocket of pus near the tooth. The doctor may also be able to diagnose a toe alignment problem, such as hammertoe, that can be treated. How to manage tooth sensitivity. The suffering woman was taken to an examination room and placed on the pelvic table.

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“There is a little hole that’s your urethra, and your urine comes out of it,” she said. “I said ‘That’s really impossible.’” The woman’s boyfriend insisted that his girlfriend was telling the truth. Somehow during sex, a pinky-sized vibrator slipped out of his finger and went up the urethra. Jan 14,  · I have a "hole" in between my pinky toe and the fourth toe. It makes my entire pinky toe sore to the touch, and I think that I have had it for about a week. I looked up plantars warts online, but it doesn't really look like that (I have photos if need be). The skin in very clean and pink, and the edge of the "hole" is a little white. Aug 27,  · Earth’s deepest artificial hole stretches 40, feet below the surface — and it’s only covered by a rusty metal lid. Russia’s Kola Superdeep Borehole was created by the Soviets in the.

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