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Healing Your Solar Plexus Chakra | Marci Baron Clear Your Way Home
Our Solar Plexus chakra represents our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives. Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area (above the naval) Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, personal power, authentic control. Color: Yellow Element: Fire Animal totem: Hummingbird Organs and body parts: Liver, pancreas, gall bladder, lower back Crystals: Citrine, yellow topaz, …
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Lotus Flower Art, Yoga Artwork, Lotus Flower Decor, Watercolor Yoga Art, Buddha Art,Wall Art Print Watercolor, Yoga Poster (36)

Looking for some creative tattoo ideas? Trying to get in tune and in touch with your emotions? If so, you’re going to like this article. Here, we are going to talk about loads of different chakra designs and prints that will express your deep inner feelings. Find your perfect chakra and release it by reading the article down below!

Chakra Tattoo: FAQ

Chakra Tattoo FAQs

1. What Does A Chakra Tattoo Symbolize?

The chakra symbol has for many centuries been a symbol of different attributes that shows the power and deep connection of the mind, body, and spirit (soul). The theory behind the power of the chakra is that different chakras can get clogged or closed as time goes on. If you wish to start the process of healing and growth of any kind, you’re going to like and enjoy loads of different chakras that we have prepared in this article.

2. Who Can Get This Tattoo?

Anyone who is a believer of any sort can get and try out this tattoo concept. If you’re someone who is in tune with your emotions or surroundings you can show it properly with your chosen chakra idea. Men and women can both consider this print.

3. Where To Place A Chakra Tattoo?

Oftentimes this chakra tattoo idea will look the best over your back. This is where most men and women choose to place this print. You can also place it over your arm or forearm. Make sure that you have enough vertical space before you commit to this design.

4. What Is A Common Price For Chakra Tattoos?

Chakras can be tricky to do and bill. This is because they are often done in different color prints which makes them pricier and harder to recreate. Expect to pay up to $400 for a giant back tattoo done in color. However, smaller chakra tattoos that are done in black and white ink will cost you around $100.

Top 30 Chakra Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Chakras Tattoo Leg Ink

Chakras Tattoo Leg Ink

This chakra tattoo will show your identity and personality. If you’re someone who likes and knows how to attract positivity and you are a spiritual person you’re going to like this chakra tattoo.

Did you know that there are thousands of chakras in the system, but only 7 are presented in color and paid close attention to?!

2. 7 Chakra Tattoo Over Back

7 Chakra Tattoo Over Back

Back tattoos can look so good and creative when done the right way. This one is quite feminine and it will suit girls who believe in inner balance, peace, and renewable true energy from within!

3. Chakra Tattoo Ideas Over Forearm

Chakra Tattoo Ideas Over Forearm

This forearm tattoo is cute and perfect for anyone who enjoys a pop of color. If you want to represent your chakras the right way and with proper color ideas, this is going to suit you! Colorful and artsy, just how it should be!

4. Black And White Chakras Tattoo

Black And White Chakras Tattoo

If you prefer black and white tattoos you’re going to like this one. Black and white ink is a lot more affordable solution, which will suit those who are strict and tight with the budget.

Fun fact: Chakras are energy routers that connect you to a larger energy network.

5. Arm Chakra Tattoo Designs

Arm Chakra Tattoo Designs

Stick to chakras that make the most sense to you, as well as those that are in tune with your personality. Color them in cute and cool ink to represent their true artsy beauty, ideal for younger guys or girls.

6. Chakra Tattoo Small Idea

Chakra Tattoo Small Idea

Anyone who likes chakras yet prefers smaller and easy-to-do or recreate ink will fancy this tattoo. This is a low-key and fancy idea that can represent your deep spirit, and your wish to create creative pieces.

7. Chakra Back Tattoo

Chakra Back Tattoo

If you’re a masculine guy and you’re lurking for a cool back tattoo idea, give it a go with this design. Several different chakras in black and white ink will represent your calm persona and your spiritual journey.

Did you know that a chakra is not the main route or cause of your health proble1ms? However, when unblocked it can lead to different emotional, physical, and inner reliefs.

8. Black Chakra Tattoo Symbol

Black Chakra Tattoo Symbol

Stick to just one chakra that might need to get noticed or “unblocked” and that goes with your personality. This tattoo will take you 4 hours to achieve (approximately), so why not give it a go if you’re a fan of back tattoos?

9. Giant Chakra Back Tattoo

Giant Chakra Back Tattoo

This giant chakra tattoo over your back will represent your calmness. Show the world that you’re always soft, open-minded, as well as intuitive with the right spirit.

10. Colorful Small Chakra Tattoo

Colorful Small Chakra Tattoo

Show all seven chakras with this tattoo approach. Anyone who likes and enjoys colorful ideas is going to like this smaller tattoo. It is precise and soft, also ideal for those who are afraid of the needle.

11. Third Eye Chakra Tattoo Over Back

Third Eye Chakra Tattoo Over Back

Emphasize each chakra in its own color symbol and preferred pattern. Also, make some elements bigger than others to show your true chakra that you can connect and come in tune with on a deeper level.

Fun fact: Muladhara is the Root Chakra at the base of your spine. It is covered in a dark visible red color while being all about your grounding.

12. Watercolor Print Chakra Tattoo

Watercolor Print Chakra Tattoo

This colorful tattoo is for those who like flashy art and watercolor tattoos. If this approach suits you and you’re a fan of retro ideas, this boohoo tattoo will suit you.

13. Chakra Tattoo Designs With Buddha

Chakra Tattoo Designs With Buddha

If you’re a true Buddhist and someone who believes in the process of reincarnation, this tattoo will suit you. It is funny and funky, ideal for anyone who prefers to look noticed and get noticed with their chosen art form.

14. Chakra Symbols Over Back Tattoo

Chakra Symbols Over Back Tattoo

This is a gorgeous tattoo that will suit men the best! If you work out and you’re a fan of larger tattoos that will show off your masculinity, give it a go with this design. Only color your chakras and leave the rest of your tattoo black and white to make it more intriguing and different.

Did you know that Svadhishthana is your Sacral Chakra, your center of creativity? This is also the second bright orange-colored chakra.

15. Forearm Colorful Chakra Tattoo Ink

Forearm Colorful Chakra Tattoo Ink

Get a picture of Buddha and color the chakras in all of the main colors. This tattoo is beautiful and it won’t cost a lot of money while being seen and thought of as a creative design. Make sure that you find a tattoo artist who knows how to create unique Buddhist-inspired symbols before you commit to this arty idea.

16. Tree Chakra Tattoo

Tree Chakra Tattoo

Get a tree of life symbol and place all the colorful chakras on top. This piece once done this way will look mystical and sensual, as well as retro. It will also symbolize your inner persona, growth, as well as how you can adapt to anything that is your way.

17. Chakra Tattoos Watercolor Over Arm

Chakra Tattoos Watercolor Over Arm

If you want a bright, colorful, retro, and loud tattoo design, this chakra print will suit you. It is a pricey tattoo that will take you 5-7 hours to achieve, so heads up before you book your tattoo artist who bills by the hour.

18. Sleeve Chakra Tattoo

Sleeve Chakra Tattoo

Get a shoulder tattoo such as this one if you want to create something feisty and bold. The print of chakras placed this way will symbolize your bold inner nature, ideal for guys of any age.

Fun fact: Manipura is your Solar Plexus Chakra, and directly affects your confidence while being colored in yellow.

19. Unique Artsy Chakra Tattoo Idea

Unique Artsy Chakra Tattoo Idea

This retro Buddha-inspired tattoo will look amazing on any gender. Color the chakras in bright colors if you wish to rock a loud tattoo. It is a fierce tattoo that symbolizes your new surroundings, moves, as well as beliefs that are in tune with new energy.

20. Peaceful Chakra Tattoo Symbol

Peaceful Chakra Tattoo Symbol

A splash of color can look so artsy! If you’re a fan of watercolor tattoos and you’re someone who enjoys unique prints give it a go with this tattoo. It will look the best on creative guys or girls who believe in the power of the universe.

21. Chakra Idea Design Symbol

Chakra Idea Design Symbol

Watercolor art and “splashy” ink will look the best over your forearm. If you enjoy retro art and you’re a fan of new and creative approach ideas that one can take when it comes to getting a new tattoo, give it a go with this print.

Did you know that Anahata is your Heart Chakra? It is colored in green and fuels your compassion towards yourself and others around you.

22. Black Ink Shoulder Chakra Tattoo

Black Ink Shoulder Chakra Tattoo

This unique shoulder tattoo will look the best on women who want something big and dominant. Let everyone know and see that you believe in the power of the universe, the zodiac, and the outer world. This tattoo will suit anyone who is driven by details and art.

23. Yellow Chakra Tattoo Ink

Yellow Chakra Tattoo Ink

Focus on just one chakra that needs to be “unblocked” and unclogged in your life. This way, you will show that you’re ready to learn, overcome and try out new different fields and aspects of your life.

24. Arm Chakra Tattoo Colorful Print Ink

Arm Chakra Tattoo Colorful Print Ink

Arm tattoos can be a bit uncomfortable and tricky to get. They can also hurt. Give it a go with this chakra colorful creation if you dare to wear new, bold as well as intriguing pieces.

Fun fact: Vishuddha is your Throat Chakra, colored in a bright blue color. It also shows your will to communicate and speak up for what you believe in.

25. Dominant Retro Chakra Tattoo

Dominant Retro Chakra Tattoo

Are you a flower child and a flower lover? If so, try out this tattoo that has a lot of peaceful and calm elements. The end result shows and talks about your creative and bold personality that is always ready to create and overcome any new spiritual challenges.

Also Read: 50 Trendy Spiritual Tattoos Design Ideas (Deep Meanings And Sacred Ink Charms)

26. Chakra Tattoo Designs Buddha Image

Chakra Tattoo Designs Buddha Image

Place a Buddha statue and show that you’re always ready to show off your true power. This bold and bright tattoo is a must-have for those who like to create and wear one-of-a-kind ideas over their skin.

27. Shoulder Vibrant Chakra Tattoo

Shoulder Vibrant Chakra Tattoo

This bright colorful shoulder tattoo will work and look the best on men who work out. If you’re into colorful ideas and you’re looking for something truly unique, give it a go with this design. It stands for your new beginning and journey that you can’t wait to conquer and embrace.

Did you know that Ajna is your Third Eye Chakra, your seat of intuition? Colored in dark blue color.

28. Chakra Design Over Arm For Men And Women

Chakra Design Over Arm For Men And Women

If you want your tattoo to look “fiery” and almost anime-like, you’re going to enjoy this print. It is loud and dramatic, ideal for anyone who is a true believer in the outer world energy.

29. Forearm Chakra Tattoo Black Ink

Forearm Chakra Tattoo Black Ink

If you prefer simplicity and black and white tattoo ideas, give this one a go. Black and white ink will also suit those who are on a budget and men and women who have an eye for precision and balance in life.

30. Chakra Tattoo Over Back Ideas

Chakra Tattoo Over Back Ideas

This bright and large back tattoo will suit those who like pastel colors. If you prefer artsy ideas and you’re someone who wants to show their cosmic energy and inner beliefs to the world – express it all and show it with this tattoo.

Fun fact: Sahasrara is your Crown Chakra colored in purple, also linked to your divine connection.

Chakra Tattoo Time?!

Reset your mind, body, and soul with the right tattoo. Let us know which one chakra color and print you can’t wait to represent and start rocking! Get in tune with your personality, get to know yourself, and tell us what print was your favorite from the list? Time to start rocking and wearing something new, colorful, and bold.

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Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos

My Interview with Vicki Howie - Part II

Phylameana:I notice you sell your Chakra Boosters individually by chakra (root, sacral, solar plexus, etc.) and also in a package with all seven major chakra tattoos. Could you please give some guidance to potential clients in choosing what to order?

Vicki: As I said before, when I created the tattoos, I started with the third chakra, so I would have the energy and confidence to finish creating them all. But actually, I got the real root chakra tattoo before I even started creating any of the temporary ones. My second chakra is naturally very strong. I "live" out of that chakra, so I didn’t really need a tattoo there at all. So, in essence, I built from the ground up – one, two, three.

Due to the fact that we live in a physical world, my general advice would be to do just that -- start at the first chakra and work your way up – gradually.

When I first created the tattoos, I naturally put them on one at a time. It wasn’t until I'd had them all for quite a while that I actually put all five of the lower chakra tattoos on at once. Again, I never made a decision about it. That was just what my intuition told me to do.

So it was interesting to me later when customers began telling me they felt energetically overwhelmed when they put all the chakras tattoos on at the beginning.

Through their feedback, I learned you have to work up to using all the tattoos at once – starting with just one or two.

Think of it like this: for many people, the body has not been running a lot of energy. So, putting on all the chakra tattoos at once is like plugging new, powerful appliances into a house with old wiring. Usually, a fuse blows.

Don't worry, you won't "blow a fuse" if you wear all the tattoos right from the start, but it may feel overwhelming. So my suggestion is, start with one or two of the lower chakras and work your way up. When it feels like your body is used to running more energy, then you can wear all the chakra tattoos at once.

I do think listening to your intuition is very important. If an inner voice is telling you quite clearly to start with the heart chakra, then start with the heart chakra. Deep inside, we all know what is best for us.

Phylameana:How does intention come into play in the application and wearing of your Chakra Boosters?

Vicki: Healing intention can add to the power of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos, but it isn't a pre-requisite. The tattoos affect the chakras in the same way that Masaru Emoto’s words affect the water. It is a direct transmission of energy intelligence.

I was on an Internet radio show with Martin Hulbaek, a healer from Denmark, and he said that he didn't want to be influenced by his conscious mind, so he kept putting off trying the tattoos.

Eventually, in the midst of a lot of holiday stress, he put on a heart tattoo and completely forgot about it. A while later, he suddenly noticed he felt calm and peaceful. It seemed odd to him that he was no longer stressed, and then he remembered that he had put on a heart tattoo. For him, this signified that the tattoo worked on its own without any conscious intention on his part.

Phylameana:Is there any downside to wearing these tattoos? For example, would you suggest "energy junkie" type personalities limit how often they wear Chakra Boosters?

I’m actually addicted to them myself! Seriously, though, I don’t see any downside even if they are addictive (and I’m not saying they are). Our tattoos are made of safe, vegetable-based inks, and they look good, so there is nothing negative in wearing them. Some habits are only good. I mean, you wouldn’t worry if you were "addicted" to eating vegetables, right?

Phylameana:Do you have an opinion about someone choosing to have their bodies tattooed with chakra symbols permanently? What healing effects, if any, do you think permanent chakras symbol tattooed on the body would have on the human energy field?

Vicki: I'm certainly no expert on this, so I don’t think I can address what anyone other than I should do. But I do love the Chakra Boosters designs so much that I’ve considered (and am still considering) getting all of them tattooed permanently up my back. Still, I can be a bit commitment-phobic at times, so it's perfect that I am the creator of temporary tattoos.

But to really answer your question, I think permanent tattoos would have the same kind of effect as my temporary tattoos. So, it would be important to put as much love and attention into the design as possible. And also, to make sure the size of the tattoos was appropriate for a balanced expression of any given chakra. My son and I designed our tattoos to be almost 3” in diameter, because this seemed like a size that would create balance in the average person -- that is, boost a deficient chakra, and reduce an overactive one.

I’ve recently seen some tattoos made by a company that copied my idea. Being imitated is flattering and validating, but these tattoos were only 2” in diameter, so the copycat missed the point. For most people, 2” tattoos may actually weaken a chakra (that is invite it to reduce).

So, the bottom line is, if you feel strong about getting a permanent tattoo, go for it! But make sure to put a lot of thought and attention into its design so that it can serve you well aesthetically and functionally.

Phylameana:Thank you Vicki for taking the time to answer my questions and share your thoughts and creative process in creating Chakra Boosters.

Vicki: You're welcome. I deeply appreciate the exposure you are providing. I really want more people to know about Chakra Boosters.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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