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The 18 Best Closet Organizers — From Full Systems To Space-Saving Accessories

Organizing closets maximizes storage and divides items into easy-to-find, tidy categories. The best closet organizers help tame both walk-in and reach-in closets, no matter the size. You can opt for full systems with shelves and rods that permanently install to walls, or simple accessories that whip your existing setup into shape, without having to invest too much time or money.

Closet organizing systems typically range from 4 to 10 feet wide, and many have extendable rods or height-adjustable shelves, so you can customize the fit. However, in some cases, you’ll need to cut certain materials down to size, so be sure to read the fine print (and keep a hack saw on in hand if that’s required). Take measurements before buying and, if replacing, removing the old system before measuring can help with accuracy.

Closet systems typically secure to closet walls; most kits come with hardware, but likely require tools, like drills, screwdrivers, or hammers. Freestanding closet organizers, on the other hand, require assembly but no wall installation — a great storage solution for rooms without closets or if your closet capacity just isn't cutting it.

Accessories can enhance the systems below or simply maximize space in whatever way you need it. You’ll see my favorite picks, from slim hangers to bins to clever ways to store your handbags. Keep scrolling for the best closet organizers for clothes, shoes, purses, and more.


The Overall Best Closet Organizer System

Rubbermaid's closet organizer system is revered, with a stellar 4.8-star overall rating after more than 4,600 reviews from shoppers who love the kit's easy customization and installation. Some reviewers report buying multiple sets to transform small rooms into walk-in closets, and love that it provides the necessary hardware and doesn't require cutting pieces — but you will need a drill.

This aluminum modular closet system secures to a wall and fits any walk-in or reach-in closet with at least one wall that's 4 to 8 feet wide (a 3- to 6-foot version is also available). Telescoping rods offer 12 feet of hanging space while the nine adjustable, expanding shelves add up to 22 feet of shelving space. The kit comes in a titanium or white finish, both offering years of maintenance-free durability without rust or discoloration.

Fans say: “These are easy to install--within 90 minutes start to finish. [...] Once I got the system installed, I found it easy to reconfigure the shelving and hanging brackets.Honestly, I was between a unit like this and a wooden system. I am pleased I went with this one as I can reconfigure it I need to. I also find that this system is less imposing, so the closet feels bigger and more open.Even three years later, I have no regrets. The shelving and hanging rods have held up beautifully over time with no warping.”


The Most Affordable Closet System

If you like the above option but want to spend a little less money, Rubbermaid offers a custom closet organizer kit that’s similar in design, but without as many features — and it’s still highly rated. Suitable for closets from 4 to 8 feet wide, it creates up to 12 feet of hanging space and 14 feet of shelving space. In other words, you’ll get the same amount of hanging space as the top pick, but 8 feet less in the shelving department. The kit contains all the necessary hardware to secure it to a wall (although you will need a drill), and since everything is telescoping and adjustable, there’s no cutting required. If you have a smaller closet, this is also available in a (very budget-friendly) 3- to 6-foot version.

Fans say: “I was a little concerned because the price of this system was lower than some others we saw, but the quality is great. We purchased this item for our 7' closet in our master bedroom. It didn't have enough room for the 2 of us and now we do. I love this item, I was able to empty 3 closets in our house into this system.”


The Best Closet System For Walk-In Or Large Closets

Here's a highly customizable wire closet system that’s perfect for large or walk-in closets. Made from vinyl-coated steel, the system secures to a closet wall that's between 7 feet and 10 feet wide, creating up to 20 feet of hanging space and 19 feet of shelf space. (Impressive.) The standards and brackets are adjustable, so you can customize the configuration so that it works best for you, but reviewers have recommended keeping a hack saw on hand, as you’ll have to cut some things down to size for smaller closets. Installation requires a drill, but all hardware is included. Also available in a compact 2- to 4-foot option and a 5- to 8-foot option, the ClosetMaid closet system is made from 91% recycled content, which includes 4% pre-consumer recycled steel, as well as 87% post-consumer steel, so you can feel good about this buy.

Fans say: “My boyfriend and I moved into a new home, that was built in the 1880s (eek), so there was virtually no closet space. We ended up re purposing one of the bedrooms into a walk in closet so we were looking for a closet organizer. [...] It took my boyfriend some noticeable time to install it, but once it was up I was sooo happy. It really helped transformed the bedroom into a closet space, and holds the majority of both of our clothing. [...] If I were to do this project again, I would 100000% order this again.”


A Simple Shelf & Rod System That Expands

If customization and configuration options sound a bit too complicated for what you need, this closet shelf with a built-in rod is a simple, straightforward solution. It’s ideal for closets in older houses that may not have storage built in, but you can also install it below your existing rod for an extra tier of storage. The best part? There’s no cutting necessary, as this is an expandable option that comes in a wide range of size options, so you can tackle closets from 3.3 feet wide all the way up to 9.8 feet wide. Unlike the other systems on this list, it must be mounted to two side walls — not the back wall — unless you purchase the EZ Shelf brackets (available on Amazon). All hardware is included, and another big plus is that you don’t need a power drill to install — a simple screwdriver will suffice.

Fans say: “I had a closet that was bare. No shelves, hanging bar, etc. Not wanting to get just a bar or install a complete closet system I searched the internet for something in-between. This hit the nail on the head! A shelf and a hanging bar in an easy to install, sturdy, good looking package. [...] It's super easy to install and it's going to easily hold a closet full of clothes (adult sized clothes).”


A Freestanding Closet System For A Small Space That Needs Extra Storage

This cute freestanding closet organizer can extend small or nonexistent closet space and displaying your favorite items like your own personal boutique. It has room for hanging clothes and height-adjustable shelves for storing shoes, and displaying handbags or stacking denim or sweaters, as well as hooks along the side that are perfect for hats, scarves, and totes. The heavy-duty organizer's total weight capacity is a solid 300 pounds, and all tools and instructions for assembly are included. The metal frame is about 4 feet wide with thick particle board shelving for sturdiness. It's available with rustic wood shelving and an all-white option.

Fans say: “I LOVE THIS STANDING CLOSET! I had a wooden one before and it ended up leaning and cracking. This is so sturdy and so beautifully made. The hanging branches on the side are so smart and useful. The storage space is perfect and assembly was simple (though I had help from my sister, so made easier with two ppl rather than 1). I just love it.”


A Budget-Friendly Freestanding Closet System

Does a budget-friendly freestanding closet organizer kit you can put together in a half hour sound more like your speed? This freestanding closet organizer is 3.75 feet wide and comes with four shelves and two hanging bars (the second bar is removable for hanging longer items). Made of metal in either a bronze, silver, or brown finish, this pick is secured with heavy-duty plastic connectors for storing clothes and shoes. It’s also available in a larger 5-foot option.

Fans say: “These racks are very light, but feel sturdy even with bars full of clothes and heavy coats. They are reasonably easy to put together, though having a mallet to bang the rods securely into place is essential. I did not hang the lower bar on one rack so that I could hang dresses and long coats, and it is still quite sturdy. It would also be possible to remove one of the shelves and join the units together, so they are somewhat customizable as well. Overall, a great closet organizer at a good price.”


The Best Space-Saving Hangers

There are lots of velvet hangers out there, but this heavyweight velvet hanger set stands out for its slim design and durability; each hanger can hold up to 10 pounds. With a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 4,000 reviews, these hangers are made of anti-slip velvet that prevents clothes from falling off and sturdy ABS plastic with rose gold hooks that rotate 360 degrees. Choose from black, bronze, gray, rose, and white colors, and see how switching to matching hangers transforms your closet in one easy step.

Fans say: I was able to hang half of my clothes on these hangers before running out and promptly ordering more! The left half is clearly more organized and there is more space compared to the left side where I use the bulky plastic hangers. Also, the "no slip" feature is serious. There is no way my clothes are going to slide off of these hangers!”


A Set Of Dividers For Keeping Shelves Organized

Clear acrylic closet shelf-dividers maximize your space, organization, and are a cinch to add in. You don't need any tools or hardware, and they won't damage shelving; just slide onto standard wood or melamine shelving. This set of dividers seamlessly allows stacking and custom organization of clothes, linens, towels, shoes, purses, or bags. If you already have or opt for a wire closet system, try a wire shelf divider.

Fans say: “These dividers are made of sturdy acrylic and stand up straight on my closet shelves. Even with my handbags leaning against them, they do not bend over or lean. They are so easy to install a child could do it. Just follow the VERY simple instructions. If you wish to organize sweaters, purses, shirts, shoes, etc. these dividers will definitely do the the job!”


The Best Storage Bins

With more than 56,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating, the best storage bins are highly rated for being lightweight, easy to carry, and collapsible for compact storage when not in use. The bins' dimensions are 11 inches by 10.5 inches by 10.5 inches and they're made of sturdy, yet soft and breathable fabric with sewn-in handles. Choose from six color options, including red, grey, beige, and black. You can use this set on any shelf (or even under a bed) for more organized storage.

Fans say: “I was surprised to discover the quality of theses. These were a lower price per cube and are a thicker material than the ones I have from my local big box stores! The Grey is a deep dark rich grey. [...] they are currently holding their own with no signs of wear.”


The Best Bags For Storing Seasonal Clothes

Another way to keep your closet organized and space maximized is to rotate items seasonally; a process made much easier with these storage bag organizers. Store off-season items like sweaters or extra linens and blankets in these soft, zippered bags with clear windows, which help you identify what you've stored in each bag without opening.

The bags collapse flat under a bed or in drawers when not in use, and their zipper closure protects clothes or linens against dust, pests, water damage, and odors. Highly rated with more than 40,000 reviews, this bag set is available in three colors: blue, gray, and black.

Fans say: “I am very particular and a real neat freak...so when I say I loved theses foldable storage bags it's a big deal ! I am downsizing and needed quick storage for some delicate personal pricey items that I just couldn't throw into a cardboard box. I found these to be very useful and study for what they are, a soft [collapsible] storage bin. The fabric is soft and I loved the clear fronts and side handles [...] These can be folded and stored until you need them. Love them !”


A Quick Fix For Handbags

Made from rust-resistant steel, these compact handbag hangers are perfect for storing purses, handbags, backpacks, tote bags, scarves, belts, ties, and other accessories. The pack comes with two, and the double-sided design means you can hang up to six items on each one. Having these dedicated hangers will free up shelf space, and they’re highly rated with more than 3,000 reviews from shoppers who love the quality and how much space they create in closets.

Fans say: “These are sturdy, have no sharp edges to scratch a bag, and hang in the right orientation on a closet bar. I really like that they get some kind of heavy leather totes I have from being stored flat. (This rack takes up very little space.)”


The Best Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

With more than 22,000 reviews, and a 4.7-star average rating, this over-the-door shoe organizer has 24 roomy pockets that store up to 12 pairs of shoes, but shoppers also use it for toiletries, toys, kitchen wares, and cleaning supplies. This shoe organizer stands out with mesh pockets that are breathable, roomy, and allow you to see stored items at a glance. The organizer comes with four hooks to secure onto a door, and cloth fabric backing in your choice of black, gray, pink, or white.

Fans say: "I can see my closet floor! This over-the-door shoe rack is exactly what I was looking for! It has the perfect amount of pockets (24), and they are wide enough to fit large wedges and two running shoes in one (see pictures). [...] Overall, great product for price!”


The Best Underwear Organizer

To keep everything in its place in your closet or dresser drawers, this much-loved set of dividers has more than 43,000 reviews and will keep underwear and socks organized in non-woven fabric, mold-proof bins. You get four bins (available in seven colors, including turquoise, black, gray, and pink): a six-cell bin for scarves and ties, an eight-cell bin for underwear and/or ties, a seven-cell bin for bras, and a 24-cell bin for socks. They're easy to put together (no tools required), and fans absolutely love these bins for maintaining items after tidying up.

Fans say: "I was able to quickly figure out an arrangement for these in my drawers and they have revolutionized the jumbled mess I once had. Love them!”


The Best Hanging Shelf Unit

If your current closet set up is limited on shelving, this hanging shelving unit can make room for some more shelves for clothes, shoes, or handbags (or all three). With over 16,000 reviews, you can trust these five shelves (with side mesh pockets!) will create more closet space. The unit hooks onto a standard closet rod or wire rack, and it's available in five- and six-shelf options in nine different colors, including gray, pink, bronze, and red.

Fan say: "This hanging shelf freed up a lot of space in my coat closet. It took an untamed mess of scarves, mittens, hats, and cleaned it up. The hangers are strong, metal and unlikely to get bent out of shape from normal use. The build of the cloth shelves is sturdy enough for heavy sweaters or lighter toys...”


The Best Pants Organizer

To keep your pant or denim collection organized and less wrinkled, try this set of S-type stainless steel hangers. By stacking five pairs of pants on one vertical hanger, you'll create a lot more room in your closet. Plastic covers at the end of the rust-proof, scratch-resistant hangers keep pants from slipping. This pick can also be used for other items like ties, scarves, belts, and towels.

Fans say: "My husband and I live in an apartment with minimal closet space so I need to invent organizational methods every time I get a chance. Thank god I found these. [...] Before the jeans were jam packed with not space to move clothes. Now, look at the extra space I have on both sides of the hangers on both his side and mine.”


The Best Scarf Organizer

The best scarf and accessory hanger has more than 7,000 reviews and is made of durable, long-lasting steel. It's compact yet has 18 loops for storing scarves, belts, jewelry, shawls, ties, and even socks. Choose from several different finishes to match your decor, including chrome, bronze, pearl silver, and copper. No assembly required, just hang on a hook or closet rod to use.

Fans say: "All of my scarves are perfectly organized and it saves dramatically on closet space. A must have for anyone like me with loads of scarves. I also like the different sizes of the rings as some of my scarves are thicker than others so it allows for all of my scarves to fit.”


The Best Cascading Pants & Skirts Hangers

This space-saving skirt hanger vertically hangs up to four skirts, pants, or scarves to maximize closet space. The hanger is made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel, and rubber coating on the clips won't crease your clothes while keeping items in place.

Fans say: "These hangers help tremendously. There’s four tiers so four skirts (or whatever item of your choosing) fits neatly on each hanger. The hangers are very sturdy, quality metal. Quite heavy duty feeling. They’re sleek and fancy looking too. The clips move side to side if you need to adjust depending on the size of the garment you’re hanging/clipping.”


A Sturdy Shoe Rack

If your shoe collection extends either in or beyond your closet, create more room vertically with this three-tiered shoe shelf. The durable, slatted bamboo racks are resistant to moisture and store up to 12 pairs of shoes. Reviewers love using this easy-to-assemble and attractive shoe rack in closets or entryways.

Fans say: "These shoe racks have changed my daily life in a very good way. I used to root around for my shoe collection that had grown well beyond what my current rack could hold. [...] Easy to put together, surprisingly sturdy and worth every penny!!!!!”

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/life/the-18-best-closet-organizers-19252346

DIY Closet Shelves

Bedroom, Closets, Construction How-To, ProjectsApril 20, 2006Sonia


Closet space is one of the most under utilized but totally upgradeable spaces in our homes—particularly linen and hall closets. In the houses I’ve worked in during my career, it seems that whether they’re new builds or old-time fixer-uppers, the closets are either painfully devoid of shelf space or packed with some wood and stick contraption a previous owner slapped together in the dark. So, while there are numerous and complex systems geared for creating a “clos-Mahal,” sometimes what you really need are basic shelves, or what comedian George Carlin called “a place for your stuff.” Here’s how to lay out and build basic closet shelves that optimize vertical space, look great and carry everything you need to store.


No matter what the project, you cannot underestimate the value of smart and thoughtful planning, and the first thing to consider is what you’ll store in the space. This will determine how you’ll space the shelves and how deep to make them. The closet we built in the “step-by-step” photos was an upfit for a bathroom in an 80-year-old house, so we spaced the shelves about 18 inches apart. This optimized the vertical space for bulkier items like stacks of folded towels while not wasting space for smaller but important items like toiletries and cleaning products. Spacing them equally also made the closet look neat and well-made.

After marking shelf location with your tape measure, use a level to transfer the line around the closet.


Bottom Shelf. Since the shelves have thickness (we used 3/4-inch MDF), you can’t just run your tape measure up the wall in 16-inch increments because the shelves won’t end up evenly spaced. To get an even layout—18 inches from the top of one shelf to the bottom of the next—first determine and mark the bottom shelf. This provides the control point for the rest of the layout. Our bottom shelf was 36 inches off the floor to accommodate a hamper, so we measured 36 inches up, then leveled a line around the closet at that height.

Middle Shelves. From our first line, we measured up 18 3/4 inches. The extra 3/4 inch represents the thickness of the bottom shelf and the measurement shows us the bottom of the second shelf, which we again marked and leveled. We then repeated the process for the remaining shelves. For the top shelf, we left it about 24 inches below the ceiling so thicker, less often used items (like blankets for the adjacent guest room) could be stored there.

Shelf Depth. Every closet is different so shelf depths will vary from house to house. The key to a useful shelf is one you can fairly easily reach the back of. In this case we had a lot of space—but not too much—so we could make the shelves the full depth of the closet, 24 inches.

Cut shelves to fit.

Stud Location

The key to this shelf installation is the 1-by-2 pine ledgers that carry the MDF shelf blanks. The ledgers must be fastened securely to studs for the shelves to be safe. If you’re lucky, your stud finder will locate the studs for you. Mine somehow never works, especially in thick plaster like we had here. If it doesn’t work, try the old-fashioned way: Rap your knuckles on the wall until you hear something solid and then punch holes in the wall just under the shelf line to see if that sound corresponds with a stud. Mark the width of the studs to guide your fastening. Don’t be surprised if you have to punch a bunch of holes before locating solid framing.

Ledger Layout

Rear-Wall Ledgers. Measure the width of the closet’s back wall first for the length of the first ledger. Since this piece will be covered by the side-wall ledgers, cut it about 1/8 inch short of the actual measurement. This accommodates for wall imperfections and still looks great. Cutting it exact or a hair too long invites tears in drywall tape or cracks in plaster when you try to tap it into place with your hammer. This measurement will also be your shelf width, which you’ll cut later. If the wall studs or plaster job are particularly gnarly, you may have to cut these individually.

Side-Wall Ledger Boards. On a 24-inch-deep shelf, the side-wall ledgers need to catch at least two wall studs, but don’t need to be as long as the shelf is deep, which means you can cantilever the shelf over the ends of the side-wall ledgers up to 6 inches, but running it about 3 inches over looks better. Measure the length of the side-wall ledgers. If you measure off the back wall, then remember to subtract 3/4 inch, because the side-wall ledgers cover the back-wall ledger when you nail them up.



You can use a manual miter box to make your ledger cuts, but a power miter saw is the way to go here. Cut all your ledgers to length and store in separate stacks. You can also add some great detail to an otherwise bland ledger. Tool Tip: Set up a stop on your saw or work bench so instead of measuring each piece before you cut it, you can just press it up against the stop and cut. Less measuring, better accuracy.


Installing Ledgers

Install the rear-wall ledgers first. Using a pneumatic nailer and 2-1/2-inch nails will make quick work of this process. Otherwise, use 2-1/2-inch trim drive screws (note: Make sure you pre-drill and countersink the ends to avoid splitting.) There is almost assuredly a stud in each corner of the closet behind the drywall; angling the fastener—called toe-nailing—usually helps make a solid connection. And, adding a few dabs of construction adhesive to the back of the ledger stock provides real belt-and-suspenders security.

Side-Wall Ledgers Next. Toe-nail or toe-screw the back of each side ledger to the corner closet stud. Make sure they’re flush with the rear-wall ledger. Nail to the remaining studs on the line. Tool Tip: This is where having an angled finish nailer really saves time and increases the quality of your work. The fasteners pierce all the layers of the wall—great for plaster—and sink solidly into  the framing.

Install the back ledgers first. Then the side ledgers. Angle the fastener to catch the stud in the corner if necessary. Use 2 finish nails or screws per stud.

Cutting & Installing Shelves

Cut the shelves to the final dimensions. How you cut them depends on how big they are and what tools you have. In fact, we used several tools to size ours: A circular saw to rough-cut 4-by-8 sheets, a table saw to trim them and a miter saw to cut them to length. Tool Tip: A table saw is great for working with smaller sheet stock, but they were never designed for that work. So, if you don’t have a table saw, use a circ saw and a shoot board or straight edge to trim pieces to length. You might want to set up outside for cutting MDF, though; it creates a superfine dust when cut.

Top Shelf. The top shelf’s width needed to be trimmed because it laid out above the door head. If we made it full depth, it would cover the entire opening, so we made it 12 inches deep instead of the full 24 inches.

Lean In. The key to making the shelves fit through the door and onto the ledgers is to start with the bottom one. Tip it so it fits through the door opening, then lean one side down onto the ledger. Last, lean the other side down. Repeat for the remaining shelves. Some shelves may need to be trimmed or even re-cut depending upon imperfections in the closet wall, which you’ll see as you lay the shelves. Don’t be frustrated, you won’t be the first one it’s happened to.

Nail Down. Switch to 1-1/2-inch nails and nail the shelves to the ledgers. If you’re screwing, pre-drill and countersink the holes. Tool Tip: Nailing sheet goods is an ideal application for a pneumatic stapler. I use a narrow crown stapler for work like this.

Starting with the first, or lowest, shelf lean each one through the door then lay in place on top of the ledgers.

Final Finish

We used MDF for these shelves because it can handle the load that would be put on it. For longer or wider shelves, it’s smart to either run a solid wood nosing on MDF to support the front, or use birch plywood, which will span a little further without sagging. We also used MDF because it accepts paint so well and we could make it match the closet interior perfectly.

To really integrate the shelves with the wall you can caulk or put shoe molding around their top surfaces to cover the gaps between their edges and the wall. Ours fit well enough that we could caulk the joint and then proceed to fill and sand all nail holes. After everything was dry, we primed and painted the shelves with latex paint. I like to wait a full seven days before loading a freshly painted surface to give the paint ample time to cure, otherwise, you run the risk of heavier items sticking to the paint and ruining your work. And ruined work really isn’t the point of home improvement in the first place, now is it?

Mark Clement is the author ofThe Carpenter’s Notebook 

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The little things matter. It's the details that set us apart from our competitors. From start to finish, Closet Works believes in providing our customers with the best organization experience possible. In addition to offering choices like floor based or suspended system, full bore panels versus selective bore, your new custom closet system from Closet Works can be enhanced with a wide selection of pantry organizers and closet accessories in Chicago, IL.

The Value of Closet Organizer Accessories

Closet system accessories will add to both the appearance and functionality of the closet design. Nothing makes a pantry or closet shine like the right organizational tools. Walk-in closet accessories can showcase your favorite items, as well as make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

Because there are so many closet accessories and pull-outs available, you can custom fit almost any space to fit your preferences. Your Closet Works designer can guide you in making the best choices in custom closet accessories to fulfill all your needs in closet organization. Please enjoy browsing through our closet and pantry accessories below.

A wide selection of handles, knobs, hooks and closet rods are available for your perusal on our hardware page.

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Motorized pull-down closet rod raises and lowers hanging clothes electronically
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Elite shoe fence keeps shoes from falling off slanted shelvesElite Shoe Fence
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A Variety of Options to Customize Your Closet

At Closet Works, we offer everything you need to create a stunning, functional, convenient storage space. This includes our catalog of closet system accessories, available in various sizes and colors. Enjoy total flexibility in how you design your space.

Do you want shelves? Would drawers be beneficial? We provide everything from a fold-out ironing board to a pull-out spice rack for the pantry. More than that, all of our products are designed and manufactured locally at our factory in Elmhurst. Count on us for the highest quality products, from beginning to end.

Choose Closet Works to Design Your Custom Closet or Pantry

Known for being the largest closet company in Chicagoland, Closet Works offers more than three decades of design experience and expertise. When you work with us to create your dream closet or pantry space, we will deliver the top-quality products — right down to closet organizer accessories — to make it possible.

Our team includes a full-time staff of more than 125 people, and we do everything in house. The design, manufacturing and installation will be handled by skilled professionals who have a knack for building custom closets that customers love. If you are ready to learn more about our custom closet accessories, reach out anytime.

*All Closet Works accessories are available as options for custom organization systems purchased through our design service. We do not sell accessories a-la-carte. Your Closet Works designer can advise you on which accessories will work best for your needs. Our professional installers will include complete set up of your accessories when your new organization system is installed in your home.

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Closet Organization: Easy DIY Closet Shelves

Custom closet systems can be expensive and a lot of work to install. Of course, there's the option for a pre-fab closet kit, but they do not always address your storage needs. Instead, build your own closet shelves with basic materials and get it done in an afternoon. Follow our step-by-step closet shelves DIY.

Before: Unusable Closet Space

Our son's closet needed a major makeover. It's a basic reach-in closet with bi-fold doors. We installed a pre-fab closet system years ago but did not remove the carpet when we upgraded the floor (Image 1). The closet system had plenty of shelves but lacked any real usability. Also, in order to increase the useable area in our son's bedroom, we wanted to move his dresser into the closet. The current set-up did not allow for that move. The closet system did not make great use of the corners of the closet. It was hard to move things off and on the shelves since they ran parallel to the closet's length.

For our makeover, we wanted to make use of that "dead" space by installing two closet shelves on one side of the closet, a hanging rod spanning the width of the closet and a top shelf spanning the width of the closet. The other side would be left open to accommodate larger items (Image 2) and hanging clothes.

Remove Doors

First, we removed the old closet doors, interior fixtures, carpet and baseboard. Then, we patched and painted the walls, trim and ceiling as well as installed new flooring and baseboard trim.

Measure for the New Shelves

Our closet shelves will use a simple cleat system to hold the shelf boards. Measure the dimensions for the four wall cleats that will support the two new side shelves (there will be two per shelf, so four total), and two side shelf tops (Image 1).

Measure the lengths for the new closet rod and top-shelf. In our closet, the original 1x6 x 25-inch shelf supports were still in place, so we used the distance from wall to wall inside the shelf supports for the closet rod length and the distance from the wall to wall above the supports for the top shelf length (Image 2).

Cut and Paint

Measure and mark the lumber for the two side shelves, four wall cleats for the side shelves, closet rod and top shelf (Image 1). Cut the side shelves, wall cleats for the side shelves, closet rod and top shelf (Image 2). Prime and paint all wood parts after cutting (Image 3).

Note: We used flat paint to prime and semi-gloss on top to match the existing trim. Learn more about paint finishes.

Prepare the Cleats

Measure and mark the heights of the wall cleats for the side shelves on the front and rear walls. We placed the shelves 18 inches and 36 inches from the floor (Image 1). Mark level lines at the location for each wall cleat on the front and rear walls (Image 2). Drill anchor holes in the cleats centered about 2-inches in from each end (Image 3). Mark and drill the mounting hole locations for the wall cleats. Hold a pre-drilled wall cleat against the wall with its top aligned with one of the level lines on the front or rear wall. Use a nail or thin drill bit to mark the wall through the pre-drilled holes in the wall cleat. The wall cleat should be installed in the same orientation in which it was held to mark the wall. For this reason, it is best to mark, drill and mount each cleat individually (Image 4).

Install the Cleats

Hollow wall anchors are available in different sizes. The anchor bolt must be long enough to allow the spring-loaded anchor clip to open after passing through the combined thickness of the cleat and drywall (Image 1). Follow the directions on your hollow wall anchor system for the size of the hole to drill in the wall. The hole may seem excessively large, but remember the hole must accommodate the girth of the anchor, not just the bolt (Image 2). Push an anchor bolt through each cleat, then screw on the anchor clip just far enough so that it will not fall off when you push it through the wall. Two or three threads on the bolt should be showing past the clip (Image 3). Mount the wall cleat. One at a time, depress the anchor clips, insert them into the mounting holes in the wall, and push them through until you feel the clips spring open (Image 4). Hold the cleat up to the level line as you tighten the anchor bolts (Image 5).

Install the Shelves

With wall cleats in place for two end shelves (Image 1), lay the pre-cut and painted end shelves on the cleats (Image 2).

Install the Hanger Rod and Shelf

Use the closet rod and top shelf center support to mark the locations for the closet rod end brackets. With the support flush to the rear wall and top aligned with the existing 1x6 x 25-inch wall cleat, mark the location of the closet rod support on the face of the wall cleat. Repeat on the opposite end (Image 1). Mark the location for the closet rod and top shelf support bracket in the center of the rear wall, aligned with the existing top shelf wall cleats (Image 2). Install the closet rod and top shelf support bracket. If the bracket is over a stud, use screws. If not, use hollow wall anchors (Image 3). Install the closet rod end brackets on the marked locations of the existing wall cleats. Be sure to install the half bracket with the open end at the top (Image 4). Insert the closet rod and lay the top shelf board in place. Secure both to the middle support bracket with 1/2-inch wood screws (Image 5).

After: Much-Needed Storage

The new closest shelves provided much-needed, organized storage that made use of the "dead" corner space. The shelves are low enough for our son to grab what he needs and wide enough to hold plenty of storage bins. The shelf above the closet rod will be used for seasonal storage.

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