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Melissa Lycan :[]

She is the older sister of Aaron Lycan. she followed in her parent's footsteps and worked for her father’s big company and as a tv host. During MyStreet season 6, she was sadly shot while protecting her little brother and her friend (Aaron and Kawaii~Chan), But she survived. She is single and It is confirmed that she is lesbian.

Aaron Lycan :[]

He is one of the main protagonist of MS S4,5, and 6. He is the younger child of Derek and Rachel. He has an extremely dark secret, which is that he is an Ultima Werewolf. He's engaged to Aphmau and has fit in with her friend group. However, Aaron grew up alone and isolated from others because he was taught that he was dangerous and a monster and was discouraged from having any friends at all.

Rachel and Derek Lycan[]

The proud parents of Melissa and Aaron Lycan. They were a married couple, but sadly they are both gone now. They were just trying to protect the ones they love. Derek Lycan is also, an ultima werewolf. Derek died trying to save Aaron from being turned into a relic and Rachel died from execution by guardian forces. Rachel‘s maiden name is unknown.

Sours: https://aphmau.fandom.com/wiki/The_Lycan_Family

SCP Foundation

Before this start, I would like to give props to the artist of this character and the voice actor who played as him from Aphmau's channel, Now let's begin.

SCP Number:










He has a moderate tan and has black eyes and hair and seems to be quite fit.


Werewolf Abilities:

:black_small_square: Enhanced Speed: Super Speed

:black_small_square: Enhanced Senses: Better Senses than others

Ultima Abilities:

:black_small_square: Werewolf Creation: Turn people into Werewolves

:black_small_square: Werewolf Destruction: Take away Werewolves Abilities

:black_small_square: Ultima Transformation: Turn into giant monster wolf

Experimented on, talking, working with someone to help with his anger or staying in his Containment Cell:

Staying in his Containment Cell

Containment Procedure:

SCP-6142 is to be contained at Site 32 and requires the following:

1. A plain bed with one white pillow and a white blanket.

2. A bookshelf with all the completed Riordan Books.

3. 5 Water Lillie scented candles. (For Meditation)

4. A windows 7 pc computer (Only For 1 Hour)

Full Name:

Aaron Lycan


:black_small_square: It (by the SCP Foundation)

:black_small_square: Alpha (by the Werewolves)

:black_small_square: The Devil (by the Guards)

:black_small_square: Monster (by the Scientists)

:black_small_square: Not Normal Person (by the other SCPs)

:black_small_square: Aaron Wolfwere (Fake name)




Ultima (Werewolf)


he keeps his calm, kind, helpful, and understanding personality with him. He tends to keep to himself, often isolating from the main group. His looks and personality top the guys as they see him as a threat. He also is quite cunning. But at times dangerous when he is angry.


He wears a red jacket (with the hood up and with a red bandanna sometimes over his eyes), black pants and black boots.

Summer Clothes (If the SCP Foundation let's him):

He wears an opened short-sleeved red jacket and red swim shorts


He wears a red jacket with no sleeves. He also wears gloves

Ultima (Werewolf) Form:

In his werewolf form, his ears and tail are black with dark red tips. Because he's an Ultima, they are extra fluffy.


:black_small_square: Aaron can play the guitar, He can also sing.

:black_small_square: Aaron loses control of his temper, his eyes turn red. Any human who looks at his eyes at this state turns into a werewolf or dies. This is the reason why Aaron has a bandana over his eyes.

:black_small_square: Due to his lack of control, Aaron had to hide his ability to turn humans into werewolves. This is due to humans fearing Ultima werewolves again.

Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/scp-foundation/page/item/aaron-lycan/xqPo_jgTQIxb4PjlwWm56mr2bDLwYzqlap
  1. Cherokee moon ceremonies
  2. Forza basketball hoop
  3. Division 2 account
  4. Taras indian restaurant

                    Aaron's P.o.v
          I can't believe I gathered up enough money to go to starlight this is going to be awesome!. I'm taking my friends to. I'm bringing Garroth, Kim, Lucinda, Zane, Blaze, Dottie, Maria, Daniel, and Rylan.

                    Le skip cuz idk what to write
                    Y/n's P.o.v
          I finally got to starlight! I'm so excited I have to go to my room that I'm going to stay in now. While I was walking I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into a werewolf and fell. He looked down at me, he has Black hair, Black eyes, and black werewolf ears with red tips, he offered me a hand to help me off the floor. I took it and he pulled me up. He smiled and said "I'm Aaron Lycan.". "I'm Y/n L/n nice to meet you" I say smiling. "I like your ea/c ears!" We both said at the same time. He gave me his number and walked to his room and I walked towards mine.

Alright readers yes I'm going to keep his last name Lycan because if you read the description of this book Aphmau is not at starlight and will never be at starlight and will never be included in this story so Aphmau doesn't exist but I hope that you people will like my book Aphmau or not :p

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/435242584-i-love-my-ultima-a-werewolf-aaron-x-werewolf
Aaron lycan the werewolf


Werewolf aaron lycan


Aaron Tribute - Lone Wolf (Music Video)


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