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Hello everyone!  This past weekend I attended the Mimi G Style 2016 Sewing Conference.  It was beyond amazing, and I’m still in a daze from the awesomeness of it all.  It was a magical weekend that I’ll never forget.  I am part of Mimi’s private facebook group, so over the past year I’ve developed online friendships with the other sew sisters in the group.  We talk sewing, share our projects, ask questions, share information, support and encourage each other.  It is a drama-free group, which appeals to my personality, and the moderators run the group with class and dignity.  There is a strong bond within the group and a sisterhood that I’m very proud to be part of.  So I couldn’t wait to meet my sisters in person.  Here I am with Mimi!  She’s such an awesome lady!  Hard working, genuine, fun, TALENTED, generous, smart, and cute, cute, CUTE!  I just love this girl!

with mimi

From the moment I laid eyes on the first sew sister on Friday afternoon, until I walked out to my car to return home on Sunday afternoon, it was shear bliss. When we saw each other we screamed, ran, laughed, hugged, held hands and all those things that happen when you finally get to meet someone you care about, for the first time.

On Friday night there was a fashion show, where some of the sisters modeled outfits they made using Mimi G Simplicity patterns and her DIY tutorials.  Four winners were chosen and the grand prize was a Babylock Serger.  The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners received cash prizes.  Congratulations to all the winners and participants for a job well done.  The fashion show was a BLAST!  The ladies did a wonderful job with their outfits, and we all cheered them on as they walked the runway.

On Saturday, we attended three different class sessions.  We learned about pattern alterations, different finishes used to create garments that look good on the inside, and Mimi taught us how to make a skirt sloper.  Then on Sunday we were blessed with even more information in the morning session, where we learned about branding, budgeting, and legal protection for business owners.

After the Sunday morning session, we were all transported by bus to Michael Levine’s Fabric Store in Downtown Los Angeles for a shopping trip.  We shopped and shopped, and shopped some more.  Michael Levine’s provided lunch for us, which I never made it to because I was too busy shopping.  Who needs to eat when you’re surrounded by fabric heaven, right?  Since I live in the area I didn’t have to do much shopping because I can visit anytime, but you would have thought this was my first time there.  I just wanted to shop with the sisters, that’s all.

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

When we returned to the hotel after shopping, Mimi held a drawing to give away some awesome gifts that her sponsors donated.  The grand prize was another serger from Babylock!  Then we all said our goodbyes, and it was over.  None of us wanted it to end, but we parted saying, “Until next year!”

What I Wore

I wanted to dress up for the fashion show, so I purchased my fabric to make a gorgeous dress, but waited until the last minute to start.  In the meantime I was working on this cute 2-piece for about a week and finished it about 3 days before the conference.  I have this thing about starting new projects before finishing what I’m working on.  I don’t like doing that, even in this case, so I HAD to finish this outfit before starting what was to be my fashion show attire.  After trying it on, I decided to wear it instead, because I just didn’t have time to make another outfit.  I absolutely love this one, and the best part is I already had the pattern and fabric in my stash.  I’m a really big fan of Cynthia Rowley’s designs, and this is my first time sewing a peplum top.  I was not too fond of peplums before because I didn’t think they would look flattering on my body.  I was wrong!  I think it looks great, and I can actually see something like this on the racks at Nordstrom, Dilliard’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, or similar department stores.  My favorite part of this top is the squared off front v-neckline.  I also love the contrasting bias binding at the hem of both pieces.  I think it gives a high-end, designer look.  The top is partially lined, which adds to the quality of the garment.  I accessorized with my pearls to glam it up.   I wasn’t sure which pair of shoes to wear with it at first, off-white or mustard, so I tried it on with both.  I ended up wearing the off-white shoes to the fashion show.  My son liked the mustard shoes better, so I posted a picture of those with the dress at the end of the post.  In the end, this outfit made me feel glamorous and it was a comfortable wear.

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Create the Look

    • Pattern = Simplicity 1104 by Cynthia Rowley (Views B & C)
    • Main Fabric = Printed Medium Weight Knit (from my stash) = I don’t remember where I purchased it from.
    • Bias Binding = Solid Medium Weight Knit (from my stash)

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!


Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

Mimi G Style 2016 Conference - What I Wore

All Photos Courtesy of CEMO!

Sours: https://www.anitabydesign.com/mimi-g-style-2016-conference-wore/


Mimi G Style is an award-winning popular fashion, lifestyle, and DIY blog. What started off as a hobby in Mimi’s Los Angeles home in 2012, blossomed into an international brand with a daily engagement of more than 2.1 million followers across all social media platforms and 12 million page views annually and 575k unique visitors per month on her blog.

Mimi G Style empowers and motivates people of all ages and walks of life. Her videos on DIY sewing, self-empowerment, and lifestyle have propelled Mimi G from blogger to internet sensation.

Since 2014, Mimi G. Style has partnered with Simplicity Creative Group to license, design and market commercial sewing patterns. In 2016 Mimi G. founded SewItAcademy.com, an online sewing school, designed to be accessible and affordable for anyone interested in learning to sew and design.

Mimi G. Style has collaborated with over 350 brands including Target, Google, Macy’s, ULTA, The Home Depot, The Recording Academy, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Kellog, Revlon, Steve Madden and more. She has been featured on Essence.com, InStyle Magazine, Vanity Fair, Rolling Out Magazine, and was awarded “Best Latina Blogger” by Hispanicize 2015. Mimi also made her television debut on Lifetime TV’s Project Runway Junior as a mentor and design consultant for the young designers

Mimi G. is a sought-after speaker and consultant and has interviewed celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston along with other highly popular influencers. She was recently featured in Gary Vaynerchuck’s most recent book, Crushing It and has begun developing several web series as part of Mimi G studios which launches in 2019.


At first glance, you see the sassy, uber stylish, editor, trend expert, designer and all around magic maker with her signature pixie cut and effervescent smile but there is so much more to her than that. Mimi G. is a mother of four, a daughter, friend and champion of women but before that, she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child, teen runaway, homeless teenaged mother, and a domestic violence survivor.

One could go on about the list of trials Mimi has faced in her life, but the story of Mimi is not in her challenges, it is instead in her triumphs. Despite her humble and challenging beginnings, Mimi has emerged as the premier DIY and lifestyle blogger and a beacon of inspiration to women and men alike.

Mimi first began blogging as a way to keep a personal journal of her sewing projects. In a short five years, Mimi’s blog has become the vehicle by which she lives her passion; to empower and motivate people of all ages and walks of life to embrace their power, find their voice and to discover and walk in their purpose.

Mimi G Style is more than a brand it has become a ministry. Mimi’s global appeal reaches women and men in places near and far. She has been credited with helping women regain their confidence, improve their self-­esteem, and their sexy back. Mimi’s blog epitomizes what she is about and why she is so loved. She is honest, she is humble, she is real, and she is generous. That combination is rare, and it inspires loyalty and restores faith that people do still care, that dreams do come true and that where you begin doesn’t have to dictate where you end.

Visit www.mimigstyle.comfor additional information.

Sours: https://www.businessshet.com/about-us/
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Mimi G Opens Up About Overcoming Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Homelessness

Sewing has always been therapeutic for Puerto Rican influencer, blogger and podcast host Mimi G. The founder of the online fashion design school Sew It Academy has found healing in her passion for making clothes. “My aunt was a seamstress. She made wedding gowns and evening dresses. During the summers when mami would send me to Puerto Rico, I would spend the summer in her little studio creating. Around 12, I got really interested in what she was doing and my dad bought me a sewing machine. I was really excited and I started to take apart my own clothes,” she recalls with a laugh. “My mom was like, ‘Niña, what are you doing?' I was taking my clothes apart to put them back together in new designs.” Sewing was also her oasis, the safe place she would go to when she was “trying to escape pain and anguish” later in her life.

Mimi's creative eye and work as a fashion and lifestyle blogger has made her internationally famous, becoming a mentor for young designers on Project Runway. However, her story is not all rose-colored — she had to overcome sexual abuse, domestic violence and homelessness to get to live her best life at 42.

The newlywed just tied the knot to her soulmate and business partner Norris Danta Ford in June. “It felt like the first time I had ever been married,” the fashionista, born Mimi Goodwin, who has been married three times, says. “That day for me was magical. I had never had a wedding, I had never been in a dress,” she recalls of her dream wedding.

Getting there took some heartbreak. Her first marriage was at age 19, and she divorced her husband after two years because he was violent. “I really felt like I was going to die. The fight first starts with a push, then it's a slap in the face, and then it's a punch, so it progressively got worse,” she says. “The final day for me was one day that I was tired and had been working, and he started to hit me and I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I stood there and I said, ‘If you come near me again, I'm going to kill you.' I don't know that I meant it, but I was so afraid that I felt that it was either me or him at this point. That was it, he backed off. I grabbed my things and left. I called a friend of mine and she and her husband took me in,” she recalls.

Mimi got married for the second time at age 27. “Although I was married for 10 years to a very decent man, I didn't know who I was. I grew up in that marriage and grew out of that marriage,” she admits. “I learned the value of myself in my second marriage. He was very Christian and treated me differently. Unfortunately in that relationship I was damaged goods, and wasn't ready for that level of commitment.”

Mimi recognizes that being sexually abused as a child left a lasting emotional scar. “It made me afraid of other men and unsure of myself,” she admits. “I was sexually abused by my grandfather and then again by my uncle. My mom believed me because I found out years later that my grandpa had done that to my mom too when she was young,” she says. “They talked about it but nothing was done, things were brushed under the rug. I felt unsafe. I still had to go to my grandparents' house to visit abuela and he was there. It taught me that when people do bad things to you that it's OK, and it wasn't until many years later that I realized that what my uncle did to me was rape. The earliest memory I have of that is when I was 7. He was a young uncle, he was four years older than me. He was like my friend, we hung out. I didn't understand what was happening until much later on in my early teens.”

Her teens were also painful years, and she ran away from home in Chicago at 15. “My mom got into a relationship with someone who was abusive and the house was in turmoil, so I decided to leave,” she recalls. She first followed a boyfriend and his family to California, but he ended up being abusive. He is the father of her oldest daughter Chastity, whom she had at age 17. “I went from one abusive family to another abusive family,” she recognizes. Her teen boyfriend was abusive to her while she was pregnant with her daughter. “It was harmful and hurtful,” she says, so she left him and after a while ended up being homeless in Los Angeles. “I went from couch to couch and then ended up sleeping on park benches and in an apartment complex that was being condemned,” she recalls. “I was living with no electricity, no running water, I was panhandling to feed Chastity.”

Then her mother — who had left her abusive partner and moved to Seattle — visited her and took her infant granddaughter until Mimi was able to get back on her feet and could take her baby home. “We have a wonderful relationship but she has her beliefs. She is Christian and she forgives. I have a different perspective,” she says about her mom, who chose to still have a relationship with her dad and brother after Mimi told her about their sexual abuse to her as a child. “I forgave them because heartbreak does more damage to you if you don't forgive, but that doesn't mean I need to be around you or bring my children around you,” she says.

After going to therapy and having a massive breakdown, Mimi says she has been able to heal. “I was able to deal with the emotions of all the things that happened to me and now just see them as moments in my life, which all have led to where I am today. It gives me compassion and empathy for people,” she reflects. Getting to know and love herself deeply allowed her to finally have a happy relationship. “When I met my current husband I was completely myself,” she says about Norris. “When you are in that space you are able to love fully. We became friends, lovers and now husband and wife.”

She is grateful for her present. “I used to fear the 40s, but I'm living my best life in my 40s. You grow, you mature. I'm in a much more successful place in my life, where the things I worried about in my 20s don't worry me now,” she reflects. The mom of four — who has three daughters and a son — also has a happy home life now. “I enjoy every moment that they are here, when my oldest daughters come home and we cook and laugh together. Those are really important moments for me because I want to give them things I didn't have,” she says.

Her goal of growing Sew It Academy is rooted in helping others. “We are trying to increase the visibility to help communities that don't get access to sewing machines and fashion design classes. That's our priority right now,” she adds. Her fashion blog, making clothes and tutorials brought prosperity to her life and she is a guiding light to others now. “I have taught thousands of people how to sew and so many of them go on to start their own side hustles, providing extra income for their families and developing their own fashion lines. That's what drives me.”

Mimi's story has inspired many to fight for their own happy ending. “When I look back at my life, it is a testimony that no matter what your current circumstance is you can always change the direction of your life. You have to have enough resilience to be able to move beyond that,” she concludes. “If someone were to tell me when I was 17 that my life now was going to happen, I would have never believed it.”

Sours: https://peopleenespanol.com/chica/mimi-g-shares-life-lessons/

Mimi G never could have imagined where she would be today having a successful international brand to her credit with daily engagement of more than 2.1 million followers across social media platforms. After all, she has certainly triumphed over her obstacles, not only with grace and poise, but with a successful blog and collection of designer handbags and shoes to boot.

The girlboss behind the award-winning fashion, lifestyle, and blog MimiGStyle.com is the victim of sexual abuse as a child, was a teen runaway and homeless teenage mother, and remains a domestic violence survivor. She initially created the blog to show off runway versions of designer clothing that she could not afford, but was able to recreate at home. “I saw Prada styles on the runway that I loved but couldn’t afford so I decided to sew my own versions,” she told us in a phone interview last week. Today, the mother of four works hard now not only to empower, but motivate women of all ages to regain their confidence and improve their self-esteem.

Through her hip approach to sewing and online sewing school, Sew It Academy, she is able to take a haute couture design seen on the runway and show viewers at home how to recreate it. In addition to serving as a mentor for young designers on Lifetime‘s “Project Runway Jr.,” she has collaborated with more than 350 different brands from Googleand Coca-Cola to Verizonand Revlon.

We caught up recently with Mimi G to chat about the skirt that made her famous, interviewing Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani and the secret to building a successful audience.

Photo Credit: Anderson Group PR

Tell us about that famous skirt you made for yourself that went viral.

The Regal Maxi. I have a love/hate relationship with that skirt. It was so very early on in my blogging career and the number one request was, can I buy it? I’m very much a selfish seamstress. If I can’t wear it, I’m not making it; but I said that I would take a couple of orders and priced it high at $275. It was so stressful. I waited until the last minute like I always do and believe me when I say everyone in my house was sewing. I said that was not what I wanted to do and thought, what if I taught people how to make the skirt? That was my very first paid tutorial and was very labor intensive. I made it as a download but had to manually email everyone the file. The video tutorial sold like hot cakes.

In 2012, you launched MimiGStyle combining your love of fashion and sewing. Did you ever think it would reach more than 10 million page views?

No. MimiGStylewas first me and this online journal. I was working another full-time job and was stressed out trying to figure out what to do. I started seeing all these sewing blogs. I had been sewing since I was 12. Sewing was very therapeutic for me because I came from a traumatic childhood. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. I wanted to sew the things I was seeing on the runway. People at the time saw sewing as something crafty to do. Now, people are sewing because they are tired of buying clothes that don’t fit.

What was your experience like being a mentor for young designers on “Project Runway Jr.”?

That was so fun and semi-terrifying. I was sitting with these kids and teaching them with a sewing pattern. One of the kids asked me if I had a YouTube channel and thank goodness I did. We were all able to connect. It was great to see the amazing skill level these kids have and to be able to see kids at that age excited about what I was when I was their age. It was just incredible.

Who are some of your fashion inspirations?

I am a huge Zac Posen fan. I also love Alice + Olivia. People have the misconception that sewing is a way to save money. I sew because I want to make a Guccicoat. When I know I can’t find that fabric, that’s when I buy the expensive piece of clothing. I spend a lot of money on handbags and shoes. I love Gucci bags. I am a teenage runaway so there is always something inside me telling me to remember where I come from, but now I am working really hard and can afford these things. I love Christian Louboutin. Oprah once said the red bottoms are for sitting, not standing and she’s right. I also love Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. Can you tell I have a lot of love for Gucci?

How did the opportunities to interview Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani come about?

They were both really great. For Jennifer Aniston, we were working on a campaign for Living Proof and she was the ambassador. We flew to Bostonto see how it was done. We didn’t know the location; it was super secret. I got to talk to her and she was just radiant. She was very charming and easy to talk to. I had done several campaigns for Hallmarkand Gwen Stefaniwas working with them on a holiday piece chatting about holiday traditions. She picked me and said I looked fun and easy to talk to. We sat down, went live on Facebook and it was supposed to be 15 minutes, but we chatted for 45.

What would you say has been the secret to building your audience?

Being relatable. I wanted to share my love of sewing and wanted to balance what I had been giving away for free with what I wanted to monetize. I got emails from people around the world saying they had found their happy place sewing thanks to me. They all had a similar theme and were learning how to dress better or feel better. To hear ‘you changed my life’ is very powerful. I always try my best to stay honest and authentic and that has allowed people to follow me as a person.

How would you describe your style?

I am a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl. I love to make dresses, but don’t wear them every day. I also love bright white Adidassneakers. They have to be bright white [laughs].

Tell us about your online sewing school. 

I wanted to be able to create a schoolfor $12 a month where you can learn everything from sketching to pattern making. You can learn to make amazing things like a coat that is tailored to your body or tailored suits. Nothing I wear looks like it is home sewn. They aren’t doing anything different at a manufacturing site than what I am doing.

Photo Credit: Mimi G. Style

Sours: https://hauteliving.com/2019/12/mimi-g-style/676702/

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