Nitro tap handle

Custom tap handles for nitro cold brew coffee are a very efficient production method. The customization process after the mold is similar to that of custom poly resin urethane tap handles; they can be painted and decaled to provide optimal branding solutions. In addition, our production facility can mold or integrate acrylic material when necessary. Again, this is a great production method when your tap handle volume is on the higher end. The injection molded and acrylic design we create will be sure to capture the attention and maintain the excitement of consumers everywhere.

More things to consider…

  • Quantity- Pricing decreases when volume increases. Inquire on minimum order quantities.
  • Design- We will design and suggest the best material for your brand and budget.
  • Detailing- You have the option to combine decoration processes or add multiple decals.
  • Delivery- Whether made in the US or overseas, we always suggest the best options for delivery.

Nitro Tap Stout Faucet

Works fine if fits the shank type....

I ordered this Stout faucet to work with a Triple Faucet tower (KC DT3F-SS).
The Stout Faucet is actually a CP faucet.
I could not get the new Stout faucet to fit any of the three shank setups on the tower (read Sprayed liquid out the edges). However I did have a second Stout faucet, that was also a CP faucet I was already using on another kegerator. I was able to swap faucets. The new Stout faucet did work on the other shank setup on the other kegerator. And the old one worked on my the Tower setup. This is not the first time I have had issues matching CP stout faucets to shanks. Other than that the faucet seems to work fine. I suppose the production tolerances on the connections vary enough on these faucets that its hit or miss if they work on any given shank. Decided not to return since I got it working (lazy), I just have to remember I can't swap them around (annoying)...

Response from MoreFlavor

After 5 days I had to return the faucet as it developed a leak at the top seal. MoreBeer took it back no problem, which was great.

December 14, 2017

Lance Reed

Response from MoreFlavor

After 5 days I had to return the faucet as it developed a leak at the top seal. MoreBeer took it back no problem, which was great.

December 22, 2017

Lance Reed

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Nitrogen Draft Beer Faucet - Steel Keg Faucet and Plastic Keg Tap Handle for Stout Beer and Nitro Coffee


304 stainless steel pull forward lever design ensures durability and longevity against acidic beverages and wear and tear while protecting the integrity of your brew.


These beer keg tap parts can be used in a standard CO2 gas set up by removing the restriction disc from the system. Beer taps for kegs feature an 8.3-inch overall length when assembled.

System is not compatible with dishwasher, microwave, freezer, or hot liquids.


The small precise spout opening and special restrictor disc impede the flow of your mixture to agitate and enhance the aromas and flavors and to ensure a smooth texture and a creamy foam-head.

Crafted Workshop: Resin \u0026 Burl Tap Handles

Nitro Coffee Faucet, Stainless Steel

Nitro Coffee Stainless Steel Faucet

High-quality nitro coffee faucet for infusing and dispensing nitro coffee the right way.  Standard beer faucets don’t do justice to your well-crafted brew. For maximum flavor and smoothness, a faucet designed specifically for nitrogen is the only way to go.

Stainless steel Taprite nitrogen coffee faucet will not erode over time or add any off flavors; as a result, your great coffee taste is the only thing in the cup . Faucet handle post is strong enough for even large tap handles. High-polish finish for great appearance and easy cleanup after the day’s service. Internal jet disc guarantees that the nitrogen is evenly distributed. In short, you get consistent excellent texture every cup, every time.

In addition, it’s the perfect companion for our single tap nitrogen coffee tower or our dual tap nitrogen coffee tower.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

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Nitro (Tap) Faucet: How to clean and disassemble


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