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Noob questions about gear

So, as stated in the title, I have a few "issues" with gear I hope you can resolve. I tried looking on the wiki, but it didn't quite answer my questions.
  1. Regarding gear level, the maximum is 180. Now, we have 6 pieces of equipment : 3 armor, 3 weapon. If my calculation is correct, each piece should have 30 gear level. However, I'm currently rep 12 with centurion and the only gear I drop (and have been dropping since rep 9-10 iirc)is level 25 with those little "diamonds" on top ; two of them. But if I upgrade them, I only get one level per upgrade, and can do it twice (I think, I haven't upgraded anything yet), so it's a total of 27. On the wiki, it also shows "lvl 30 refined", should I look for those pieces ?
    How do I reach that 30 gear level per item ? It seems like black magic to me.
    EDIT : I just looted at level 25 hilt with 4 diamonds.

  2. Regarding changing visuals ; I have a lot of star weapon pieces that I keep if I want to change visuals on a weapon. I noticed that, in the "change visualisation" menu, that there is my collection. However, it has come to a point where I have a LOT of different star pieces, taking up my inventory. Can I just scrap them and keep them in the visual menu, or do I have to physically keep them to apply the visual to another piece of equipment ?

  3. Regarding the gear boosts, I read that you can only have so many combinations, with a max of 3 activated. However, I can only mix them up to get 2. How do you get 3 ? Is there a special way to do it (I read about non-epic / legendary perks, but I have no clue how that works).

I'm looking forward to your answers.

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For Honor Warden Guide

For Honor Warden Guide Weaknesses & Strengths


This knight is not only an excellent beginner character but easily one of the best 1v1 heroes in the game.

  • Easy To Play, Difficult To Master.
  • Easy To Use Combos, that can be started in multiple ways.


 Even though this hero is easy to pick up and play, mastering this character will take time. However, we still recommend players give this character a try since he is among the best heroes in the game.

  • No Specific Strengths (Example: Speed, Damage, Range).
  • Heavy Attacks Are Easy To Counter.
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  2. Dodge monroe mi
  3. Range rover keychain
  4. Pokemon dlc 3
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For Honor Announces A Shovel Knight Crossover, With Exclusive Gear Available Until March 4


Ubisoft has announced a For Honor Shovel Knight crossover which is available now and offering exclusive gear for players until March 4, 2021.

The gear available includes costumes for heroes which can be equipped and emotes which you can use. Also, there are new executions specifically themed around the indie game. The content is now live and you can watch a trailer for it below:

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For Honor is now four years old, releasing in 2017. Most recently, the game received a patch, allowing it to run at a higher performance on PS5. You can get all those details here. The game is now in year 4 of its lifespan and still going strong with new content seemingly not slowing down. New modes, playlists, events, and more are consistently added and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

For Honor is available now on PS4.

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All Valkyrie Gear (Remastered) - For Honor
Ok, so I lost track after season 2 (stopped playing).

So at rep 1 you start getting blue gear to drop. At Rep 3, you get purples. At Rep 5 you get named (star) gear, and golds.

What's next? At what level (and what color) is the next tier and are there new name (star) gear?

So confused as to when to use all my stockpiled crates....

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If I'm not mistaken new tier of stuff is rep level 7

Legendary gear at Rep 7. Each goes to lvl 30 for a max gear score of 180

I'm disappointed that the 180 gear score is same color as 144+. Hopefully will get changed in future patch, the way they did 144...

"If he ain't back in 10 minutes I'm callin' Dominos!" - Thurgood

At rep 8, chests no longer drop epic. I maxed 2 characters at rep 8 level 3 and all the boxes i opened were legendary

Being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment.

icelos posted...
At rep 8, chests no longer drop epic. I maxed 2 characters at rep 8 level 3 and all the boxes i opened were legendary

Thanks for the tip...

"Just a guy, looking for a challenge"".

What's the fastest way to level the new characters? It's hard catching up....

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Poveglia20 posted...

What's the fastest way to level the new characters? It's hard catching up....

Champion status and dominion.


Honor gear for

How do you unlock legendary gear in honor?

How do you unlock legendary gear in honor?

In order to get rare and legendary level gear, players need to first rank up a specific hero to level 20. This will then allow you to gain Reputation by resetting that character back to rank one. While you won’t lose any of your cosmetics, gear, or Feats.

What is max level for honor?

Currently, the maximum reputation level is 70, although there are no rewards for each reputation past 60 because it was an oversight by the developers.

What rep do you need for legendary gear?

Once you reach Reputation level 3, you will start getting legendary gear as well.

How do I unlock better gear for honor?

To earn higher level gear, you must level up your specific character. You’ll earn common gear up until level 21, and blue gear up until your third reputation level. Just remember: Progression is locked to each specific hero; it is not shared across every hero in a faction.

Does armor matter in for honor?

No. AFAIK gear only has any effect in Dominion and custom matches. Gear does not affect the Duel and Brawl game modes.

How do you get the yellow gear in honor?

Heroic gear is purple, the new Epic gear is yellow. Currently if you upgrade purple items to level 18, they turn yellow.

What Rep Do you start getting gold gear?

Reputation 5 is when you begin to receive epic (yellow) gear although you still receive heroic (purple) gear.

What Rep Do you start getting epic gear?

Epic gear will start dropping for a hero at Reputation level 5 and become consistent at Reputation level 6.

Can you block heavy attacks in for honor?

Heavy attacks are slower and require more strength, but they do have the added benefit of executing enemies with a heavy attack and a small amount of damage can be done through blocks.

Can you deflect heavy attacks for honor?

You can parry and deflect unblockables yes. Except for the “grab” unblockables like the headbutt, shoulder charge, or shield slam. Wasn’t expecting to counter grabs, but thank you for the answer that’s actually good to know.

Can you deflect an unblockable attack?

As the name says, they are unblockable (but you can parry them), not undogeable (deflect). parrying an attack means you are countering the force of the blow by using techniques of maneuverability or using a greater force. Deflecting does not really exist in real life although you could say it’s not impossible.

What does delayed honor mean?

33ms Input Delay on Attacks – in a previous season, we implemented a 33ms input delay window on attacks. This means that the player’s attack doesn’t actually start immediately when you press a button, it starts 33ms later.

All Gladiator Gear (Remastered) - For Honor


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