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Without fail, I walk into any store and gravitate toward the most expensive thing in there.  The old adage couldn't be more true I've got champagne taste on a beer budget.

I spent last weekend shopping for the finishing touches for our upstairs renovation.  The nursery and bathroom are complete, but we need new light fixtures for the guest bedroom and landing.

I checked out Home Depot and Lowe's for something cheap, but wasn't happy with anything I saw.  Next, we visited Lighting Inc., but had the opposite problem.  Everything I liked was outside our thrifty budget.  We stopped by Dop Antiques.  It's my go-to a hot and sweaty warehouse, filled with European antiques and reproductions.  Again, it was more than we wanted to spend.  I hopped online and picked a couple mediocre options from Lamps Plus.  They'd work in a pinch, but I wasn't thrilled.

Suddenly a light bulb turned on.  It was the most brilliant interior decorating idea I can't believe I've never had before!  Children's stores!

I adore almost everything at Restoration Hardware, but who really wants to spend $2, on a chandelier?  So tried Restoration Hardware Baby and Child instead.  It was a GOLD MINE!  Their styles are so classic, you'd never know they're intended for children and the prices are a fraction of the "adult" store.

For $, I got not one, but TWO stunning rustic, French country chandeliers.  And that included shipping!

Take a look for yourself, would you ever know the difference???

Foucaults Orb Crystal Chandelier

Does anyone else just swoon over the Restoration Hardware catalog when they get it in the mail? I certainly do! We have a few RH pieces in our house that we bought at a HUGE discount at a Warehouse Sale &#; otherwise, I&#;m always on the lookout for high quality pieces that get the RH at a more reasonable price.

Today&#;s round up: Chandeliers! We&#;re seeking out big, bold statement lighting, all for less than $ (compared to thousands for the original).

The Glass Fringe Chandelier

Click on the image to shop the pieces you love.

I love the classic elegance of this glass fringe chandelier from RH, but at $4,, it&#;s clearly out of my price range. This dupe is nearly identical and comes in 4 colors for less than $1,

There&#;s also a slightly smaller option available for less than $, a four-tiered round version for $, and a three-tiered version for only $!

The square tiered version is $2, for the original, or only $ for the dupe.

The Vintage Candelabra

I have a light that looks just like the RH Vintage Round Candelabra in my dining room (above an RH table) &#; this dupe will only cost you $, versus $2, for the original.

Looking for the same chandelier in a rectangle? The RH version is a splurge at $1, &#; but this look-alike is only $!

The Iron and Crystal Chandelier

Honestly, I didn&#;t expect to find a good dupe of this $1, RH chandelier. The craftsmanship is just exquisite! This 6 light version comes in chrome or gold for less than $, or opt for this 8 light version in white. A less ornate version in black is also available for $


I know so many people who splurged on this $3, chandelier for their bedrooms. You can grab the dupe in beige for $, or a smaller version in white for just over $

The Bistro Globe Chandelier

An industrial classic like this will run you $2, for the original, or you can scoop up the dupe for only $ or this smaller version for $

The Kinetic Chandelier

This gorgeous light can be adjusted in different ways and fits in perfectly in an industrial home. The RH original runs $1,, while the dupe is less than $ with free shipping. Or, opt for this smaller version for $

The Crystal Ball

This glittering crystal sphere is a statement piece, but at $2, for the RH original, it comes at a cost. The dupe is super similar for less than $ &#; an incredible price for something this intricate!

The Wine Barrel

The classic silhouette of this chandelier costs $2, at Restoration Hardware, but I love this similar version for only $

Also check out some of our favorite RH furniture dupes and RH look-alike nursery furniture.



Restoration Hardware-Style Chandeliers Under $



Chandelier restoration hardware sphere

Restoration Hardware Knockoff Chandelier


Orb chandeliers have been around for a while now. I don&#;t know about you, but I love them as much now as when I first saw one over at Restoration Hardware. I have been coveting this one for at least a year now.



While shopping in Home Goods one day, I found the inspiration to make my own DIY light fixture. It was in the gardening section and clearance-priced at $ I knew immediately I wanted to turn this into a light fixture. Of course, I would need my husbands help with the electrical part of this project. He really doesn&#;t like home improvement projects, but agreed to help out with this one.

my orb


Now to figure out how to get a chandelier to fit in there. I visited thrift stores, yard sales, & Habitat For Humanity with no luck. I finally found what I was looking for in a local antique store. Check out this brass & glass fixture from the 70&#;s. I knew the chandelier part was small enough to fit between the metal bars of my orb.

brass chand


Next, John disassembled the ugly  brass chandelier, which fortunately came apart by simply unscrewing it. Then  I spray painted over the brass with Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint in bronze. I used metallic because that was the only finish I could find in the bronze. I did not spray paint the orb itself to match because I liked the weathered look of the orb the way it is. Once it dried, John attached the chandelier to the base with metal brackets called cable straps.


And finally, here is our version of the Restoration Hardware Rustic Iron Orb chandelier.

2final RH final


RH chandelier cost:  $ for the small one . My version cost: $ I have seen other versions of this orb at Marshall&#;s and TJ Maxx . Home Goods recently had one in a beautiful shade of Kelly green. I also found some orbs online, you can see them here and here. You could also simplify the chandelier part and just use a pendant lighting kit for the center. Happy hunting!




You can see my full kitchen makeover here.

This post contains affiliate links.

Restoration Hardware Lighting Dupe - Recessed Light Install - DSRJ Home Crystal Chandelier Review

Restoration Hardware Look Alike Items For Less

During the holiday break I was doing an evaluation of the blog, and reached out on Instastories on how I could be more of a resource. The most common answer was more budget conscious options.

I LOVE Restoration Hardware and treasure our furniture items we have purchased from there. I do NOT LOVE the price tag attached. It got me thinking and I&#;ve been on a mission to find items that had a similar look for less.

While on that hunt, I found SO many Restoration Hardware look alike items for less, and so many are almost exact dupes. FOR. SO. MUCH. LESS.

I&#;ll be adding to this post as I find more, so check back. Also, if there is an item you love from RH and you do not see it on this list, please comment below, and I will try to find it for you.




19th C. Rococo Chandelier

The 33&#; Rococo Chandelier is $1, at RH.

There is an almost identical dupe for $ HERE.

The 40&#; Rococo Chandelier is $ at RH. There is a great dupe in that same size at $1, HERE.

Foucault&#;s Orb Clear Crystal Chandelier

Price for the 44&#; in this style is $3, For $ you can find a REALLY great dupe, HERE.

&#;s Odeon Clear Glass Fringe

The rectangular version in the smallest available size is $3, This might be the best deal of the dupes&#;. a great alternative for $ HERE.

Harlow Crystal Chandelier

The 19&#; version is $2, Find a 17&#; alternative for less than half the price, HERE.

19TH C. English Openwork Linear Chandelier

This has become a really popular RH light and runs right at $2k. This one HERE looks just like it!

Lighting Look A Like Options




Vintage French Round (& Square)

The Vintage French Round is a RH classic. We have them in our home, and love them. It&#;s a timeless look. They run $ per chair. Here is a look a like  (in multiple color options) at a much lower price point. You can also find a dupe of the square back version HERE.

Marseilles Chair 

The classic RH Wingback accent chair will cost you $ A $ version can be found HERE.

Remy & Marcel Collection Steel Chair 

The Remy and Marcel collection are one of the more reasonably priced chairs. They run about $ per piece. I did find a $78 dupe here.

Madeline Wooden Chair Collection

The Madeline Wooden Chair collection has been another one that has been a classic for a long time. They come in several different stains. At RH they are $ per chair. You can find a set of two for $ HERE.

Ellison Barrelback Collection

The Ellison Barrelback collection is all the rage right now. I LOVE IT! They are anywhere from $$ per chair, depending on the fabric you choose. I&#;ve found an exact look alike for $ per chair. You can find that one HERE.

Versailles Chair 

This is such a cool design, and really makes a statement. The RH version will run you anywhere from $ depending on your fabric choice. I&#;ve found it for $ and it looks nearly identical. You can find the dupe HERE.



Dining Tables 


Salvaged Wood Trestle 

RH version is $ This dupe is so good and significantly less at $ You can find that one HERE.

There is another dupe with a grey tone and it&#;s extendable&#; you can find that one HERE.

Russian Reclaimed Oak Plank

The simplicity with rustic charm of this one is just so dang good. The nearly 3k price tag, maybe not so much. Don&#;t worry, there are dupe options under 1k. You can find those HERE and HERE.

Here is a similar option of the round version, HERE.

Aero Marble Collection 

This one is so beautiful, but has a pretty steep $5k price tag. There is a great option for under $ HERE.

French Bastide Collection 

We have the French Bastide Marble Round Dining Table and get asked about it all the time. It&#;s probably my favorite piece in our home, but it was a splurge. I&#;ve found a great dupe for 1/4 o the price HERE.

Arles Rectanlge Table

The simple but unique bottom of this one has made it a current RH favorite. It runs right around 3k, but I&#;ve found an EXACT dupe that is under $1k HERE.



Coffee Tables, End Tables & Console Tables


Martens Collection 

A great look alike of the round coffee table can be found HERE. There&#;s also an awesome end table dupe HERE. .

Also a great console table from this collection (similar version HERE.)

Ballustrade Salvaged Wood Coffee Table

The RH version is $ The identical dupe is half the price. You can check that one out HERE.

We purchased several of the Russian reclaimed wood pieces for our home. Love the look, but the RH prices are steep. You can find a VERY similar coffee table HERE. And another in the lighter wood color HERE.

Soho Tufted Ottoman

The dupe of this comes in 16 color/fabric options and is under $ You can find it HERE.

Marble Coffee Table

The RH runs around 3k-4k depending on size, but there are several similar dupe items. This option HERE is 1/4 of the price.

Russian Reclaimed Collection

The similar console table option is a thousand dollars less HERE.

Other Console, Coffee Table, End Table Options




Adler Shelter Diamond Tufted Bed

The RH version starts at about $ There is a dupe for 1/3 of the price HERE.

Printmakers Collection 

A great similar version HERE.

Deconstructed Charleston Bed

This dupe has the same exact shape for $ You can shop it HERE.

Machinto Canopy Bed

A great price on this option HERE and an even better price on this look for less version HERE.

Russian Reclaimed Wood

A great dupe for less than half the price HERE.

Herringbone Platform Bed

The RH platform is $3k in the King size, but this one looks JUST like it for $ Check it out HERE.

Other RH Dupe Bed Options



Kensington Collection

These are classics and so beautiful. BUT start around $4, You can find an under $1, option,  HERE.

There is also a leather version that looks SO GOOD and is $ You can find that one HERE.

There is a great sectional version that looks just like the RH counterpart on sale for $2, The RH sectional is $10k + . You can find that beauty HERE.

Cloud Collection

One of the most popular Restoration Hardware finds. You can get a really similar look with this sectional that is right around $1k. Find it HERE.

This dupe option has tons of great reviews! It&#;s right around $1k as well. You can find that one HERE.

Couch Look A Like Options


Dressers, Sideboards, Vanities  & Media Consoles


RH Teen Look Alikes



RH Baby & Child Look Alikes 


** Here is another full blog post recreating a popular RH dining room, click CLICK HERE! **


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