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Where To Buy Karaoke Songs For Download In The USA

In the USA, KJs and karaoke venues get the short end of the stick. We simply do not have many quality options for purchasing à la carte karaoke song downloads.

The lack of viable options compared to our overseas counterparts stems from a few things — but mainly it’s a much more difficult, lengthy and expensive process to license music for karaoke here. US based karaoke providers don’t have the luxury of blanket licenses that European based karaoke manufacturers can pay for and pretty much be ‘covered’.  Instead, each song licensed is a unique deal – and since the rights to many songs are co-owned by various publishers manufactures have to get permission and licensing in place with each of them. As you can imagine this isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

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Thus, if USA based karaoke hosts and karaoke venues aren’t subscribing to a karaoke subscription based solution like Karaoke Cloud Pro for Karaoki, the amount of available karaoke content and where to get it is comparably limited.

The good news is there ARE a few great USA based karaoke websites for à la carte and high-quality karaoke song downloads.

Karaoke files provided by the following websites are in MP3+G format (Zipped) and MP4 – so they will work great in PCDJ products such as Karaoki and DEX 3, but also any karaoke application that supports industry-standard karaoke formats.

Having a general understanding of what it takes to run a karaoke download site I feel it’s important for the karaoke community to support them. They are working hard, for you!

Did we miss a karaoke download store that can be used by USA based KJs? Please suggest it in the comments section below and we’ll update the article!

Where To Purchase Karaoke Songs For Download In The USA (CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT STORE)


SunFly Karaoke USA | Sunfly is a premier Karaoke label established in 1991. They currently have a catalog in excess of 2,000 Karaoke songs in any genre for any occasion and are continually adding more tracks to their library for USA based purchases.


Karaoke Cloud Downloads | Provided by Digitrax Entertainment, the same team behind the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription. Download high-quality karaoke hits straight to your computer or connected device. Choose from their extensive library of hit karaoke tracks and classics. It’s your library, make it rock! | One of the newest karaoke download sites available in the USA, is a product of KSF Entertainment out of Finland. They are in the process of licensing the Sybersound’s entire 17,000+ song “PartyTyme Karaoke” catalogue for purchase on


Karaoke Version | An extensive collection of karaoke songs from the most famous artists are available in a simple, easy-to-use and legal environment.


All Star Karaoke | A nice collection of hit karaoke songs and exclusive ‘original master recordings’ of Walt Disney songs in karaoke format.


SBI Karaoke | A self-proclaimed ‘ultimate source’ for your karaoke track downloads. With thousands of titles available from well-known labels including SBI, MPME, Abraxa, Aaron Aardvark and Sunfly you’ll find their website to be a nice one-stop shop – albeit a bit old fashioned.


PCDJ MP4 Karaoke Download Packs | Last by most certainly not least, we offer exclusive HD MP4 Karaoke Download Packs that work great with DEX 3 or any media software that plays videos. Select from 8, 16, and 500 song download packs at greatly discounted prices.


Who did we miss? Please leave your karaoke download website suggestions in the comments section below!


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