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Pro Page 2 users can now create their own monthly subscription business for their customers right on their Pro Page. You can currently choose membership package options for Beats, Sound Kits and Free Sample Downloads with more options coming soon. Producers will be able to accept recurring billing with PayPal or via Credit Card on Stripe on the Pro Page. You can currently create a maximum of 5 membership plans.

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Here some things you should know about Memberships before getting started

What is the Memberships feature for Pro Page 2?

Memberships allows you to package beats, sound kits and free demo downloads in exchange for a monthly membership fee from your customers.

How many beats or kits can I include in my monthly memberships?

You can choose any amount of beats or kits to include in your memberships. Make sure to only commit to an amount you are confident you can provide to your members monthly.

How much can I charge for memberships?

You can charge any amount you feel is fit for your content package. Make sure you make it appealing to your customers to subscribe by giving them a value proposition to pay you monthly instead of a la cart.

How do I get paid from my monthly membership subscribers?

Your customers (subscribers) will have the choice to subscribe to your membership plan via PayPal or Stripe and funds will automatically be sent to your merchant accounts.

Do I keep all of my membership revenue?

Yes, with your BeatStars unlimited plan you will keep 100% of all your membership revenue and get paid instantly to your merchant accounts

How long will I get paid from my membership subscribers?

You will receive monthly revenue from each subscriber unless they have chosen to cancel their subscription to your membership plan

Can I create a beat membership around a specific license?

Yes, you can create memberships around a specific beat license so only that license is included in the plan

What happens if I delete a membership?

When deleting a membership you will be prompted to cancel all active subscribers. You will no longer receive monthly revenue from your subscribers after canceling. Please make sure to be very careful creating a membership as you will not be able to edit its details after creating it.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any further questions. Thanks


KRK Kreator Classic

The Details:

KRK has launched its new Kreator Classic, a bracket-style competition for beat makers of all levels, in partnership with BeatStars, the world’s fastest-growing community for music producers. North American-based beat makers have the chance to put their production skills to the ultimate test, going head-to-head through six rounds of competition. Initial entry into the competition is now open on the BeatStars platform through October 22, 2021.

Competitors can enter the contest through a sign-up form on the BeatStars platform, which will require participants to have a BeatStars account. For those who don’t have an existing profile on the platform, it’s easy (and free) to sign up. During this round of the battle, BeatStars members will vote on the participants’ entries.

After the final entry deadline on October 22, the Top 40 artists will move on to the next round, which puts their beats directly in front of industry professionals from BeatStars and the KRK Kreator Alliance for the first round of voting and eliminations. The head-to-head portion will officially launch with the top 32 contestants on KRK Instagram on Tuesday, November 2. During each round of the competition, public voting periods will determine who advances to the next level.

All 40 competitors will walk away with a prize curated specifically for each level of the bracket. The further one makes it in the competition, the greater the prize bundle value will be. One Grand Prize winner will be announced on November 24 and will receive a music production package valued at $7,500.

Featured prizes include KRK’s newest products, the S10.4 Subwoofer, CLASSIC 8 Studio Monitors, and KNS 8402 Studio Headphones, and a one-year BeatStars Pro membership, along with gear from some of the industry’s top brands, including Guitar Center, iZotope, Native Instruments, Shure, and Universal Audio. The Grand Prize winner will also receive access to the first-ever KRK Kreativity Bootcamp, where they will have the opportunity to produce tracks alongside Scott Storch, DJ Khalil, and Amadeus in the KRK Studio at Gibson’s headquarters in Nashville.

To check out the creators’ mixes, cast votes for contestants and receive live updates throughout the first-ever Kreator Classic competition, be sure to follow KRK on Instagram.

The Prizes:

Top 40: KRK T-shirt, hat and stickers

Round 1: KRK KNS 6402 Headphones

Round 2: KRK KNS 6402 Headphones, Classic 5 Studio Monitors

Round 3: KRK KNS 8402 Headphones, Classic 7 Studio Monitors

Round 4: KRK KNS 8402, Classic 7 Monitors, S8.4 Subwoofer, iZotope Neutron 3 Standard, Native Instruments Komplete13 and Shure SM58 Microphone

Grand Prize: KRK KNS 8402 headphones, KRK Classic 8 Studio Monitors, S10.4 subwoofer, iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced, Native Instruments Komplete13 Ultimate Collectors’ Edition, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25, Shure PGA Studio Microphone Kit, Universal Audio Apollo X4, $500 Guitar Center Gift Card, one-year BeatStars Pro Membership, and access to the KRK Kreativity Bootcamp with Scott Storch, DJ Khalil and Amadeus.

*Note: only one prize package will be given per contestant. Therefore, you will receive prizing for only the highest round reached. Everyone in the Top 40 will receive the KRK swag noted.

The Kreativity Bootcamp Mentors:

Scott Storch

DJ Khalil


The Partners:

  1. Silver shield rounds
  2. Gator tail boats
  3. Wepay software engineer interview
  4. Modern diy fence
  5. Audi a6 2007 reliability

How to Cancel BeatStars

BeatStars is a FREE music streaming and beat licensing platform designed for recording artists and songwriters to discover production music to record and write lyrics to. Artists can purchase and download high quality studio files for their next recording session and release their finished songs on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and more. The BeatStars app is an extension of the pioneering online music community with over 2.5 millions registered users. With the BeatStars app you can listen to a 3.5+ millions beats, instrumentals and beats with hooks from the hottest music producers in the world. KEY FEATURES: ∙ Unlimited streaming of the best Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton, EDM, Afrobeats, Beats with Hooks, and Trap Beats ∙ Download thousands of free beats to your file folder ∙ Purchase, lease, license and download high-quality studio ready beats for your next recording project ∙ Studio ready beat downloads are compatible in recording software like Pro Tools, FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, Reason, PreSonus Studio One, Garageband, Cubase and many more. ∙ Create unlimited playlists of your favorite tracks ∙ Write lyrics and search for rhymes in the lyric pad ∙ Follow your favorite BeatStars members and stay up to date with their releases in your feed ∙ Listen to music in the background while browsing other apps or during locked screen ∙ Message fellow BeatStars beatmakers, producers, engineers, DJ's, songwriters and singers ∙ Get Push notif...

BeatStars Pro Page Course: What is a Pro Page?


Sell beats, sound kits, services, merchandise, and more with the Pro Page for just $19.99/mo! BeatStars ProPages offers you an essential hub for your career as a producer. Broaden your offerings with your customized digital storefront and let your customers know that you're the producer they need!


We don't take a penny of the sales we collect for you: whatever you earn, you keep! Complete financial control is yours, as you set your prices for everything from beats to services. Define your income without worrying about cutting in any middlemen.


Get paid at the point of each transaction when customers purchase through PayPal or Stripe—no more waiting around for the next paycheck! Easy and instant payments through verified apps help you get paid immediately after each sale. Get paid in a timely manner- you earned it!


Your Pro Page is yours to professionally personalize any way you see fit! Connect your domain name to give your customers a simpler and faster route to your beats. Design your webpage with tailor-made templates, logos, colors, and custom banners or add your personal touch to make your website pop and stand out among the rest.


Take advantage of our premier music search engine and draw new business by helping customers find your beats easily by keyword, BPM, genre, mood, and key. Tag your tracks with the crucial information that puts your music in the right place for everyone to find!


Exclusive and Non-Exclusive licenses are available at the ready for all of your beats. Whether you have a custom beat exclusively for one artist or beats you're eager to offer up to the masses, we've got you covered with every license option needed and ready-to-edit terms and agreements.


Your talent, skills, and offerings are at the forefront for your customers to see. From mixing and mastering to art & video production, music lessons to songwriting, you can showcase and sell your services easily. Broaden your offerings with digital and physical products, whether it's your latest sound kit or merchandise like records and t-shirts. Take advantage of our custom products and services, expand your music business, and let the world know what you have to offer.


Keep in touch with customers with profile messaging directly from the app and keep them up to date with mailing list integrations like MailChimp. Customize a bundle sale with our Cart Sharing tool and be a personal shopper for new customers or your biggest fans. Keep track of your sales statistics to see where your music is most popular and learn how to keep everyone coming back for more. And that's just the start of it! Our vast array of premium tools and integrations enhance your marketing and sales from the get-go.


Don't put any barriers on your creativity! Upload as many tracks as you'd like. Whether you're dropping your latest single, remix, or album, the sky's the limit for your releases with Pro Page!


We are always creating new opportunities to work with some of the industry's best and help boost all of our premium members. From Remix challenges to special contests, we want to give our users a chance to win dope prizes and a chance to work with buzzworthy artists and creators. Submit to Premium-only contests and opportunities to launch your beats to wider audiences and customer bases!


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BeatStars Staff

Residing all over the world, the BeatStars staff aim to supply creators with the resources they need to disrupt the music industry.


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Airbit vs Beatstars: Which Marketplace is the Best to Sell Your Beats?

One of the major challenges that beat producers face is finding a market for their beats. It is usually very challenging for many beat producers to find the right tools that they can take advantage of to sell their beats online. Beat-selling platforms are very important since they provide music producers with a ready market for them to share their work and generate revenue from it.

Such platforms have made it easy for beat producers to earn money and make a name for themselves. Some of the main online platforms for this include Airbit and Beatstars. Both platforms have revolutionized the music industry by providing extraordinary solutions for beat producers and helping them get market for their beats and make money doing what they love.

The following article will look at both these platforms to help you determine which platform offers the best services.


airbit review

Airbit is one of the world’s leading online digital marketplace for beats. It provides a platform for artists, songwriters, beatmakers and producers to sell their work to interested parties. It is a popular safe platform for selling and earning money from your beats.

Key Airbit Features

One of the things that make Airbit stand out from its peers is the fact that it has an automated file delivery system. Your customers are able to instantly download your beats and your contract without you necessarily sending the files first.

When compared to other such platforms, Airbit users make the most from their beats. Airbit users get to keep 100% of the revenue that their beats generate after being sold. Airbit does not take any commission from the money that your beats make.

You can also connect Airbit to your social networks. It is easy to incorporate Airbit in your emails, Facebook account, your own website, and anywhere else you can think of. Airbit users do not need to have a website in order to have a beatstore since you can send your audience directly to your store link.


Furthermore, Airbit makes it easy for its users to get new subscribers on YouTube, get new followers on social networks, or collect emails. This is possible since Airbit allows you to exchange your beats for free for a person’s email address, or you can also choose to trade your beats for the person subscribing to you on YouTube. This helps you to get more YouTube subscribers and email sign-ups, enabling you to build strong, long-term relationships with your clients.

Airbit users also get to choose whether they want a free download to be tagged or untagged. You can also allow your beats to have the rights you want to allow or limit the usage of the beat to non-profit use only. Your clients, therefore, have an easy experience downloading your beats and recording or writing to your beats before purchasing a full license.

You can also add vocal tags to your beats with Airbit. Once you upload the vocal tags, they are automatically applied to all of your beats, helping you save a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent manually adding a vocal tag on every beat in your software. Vocal tags are very important since they keep people from stealing your beats and using them without a proper license, and also keeps your branding consistent. It is also easy to change your vocal tags or producer name since you apply the same process.

Airbit also makes it easy for its users to run promotions and change their prices. It lets you change the prices of a single beat or all your beats quite easily. It also lets you make custom coupon codes for your clients and also allows you to give your clients bulk discounts to increase the chances of your beats being sold.

airbit uploading

Pricing and Payment

Payment by your customers after purchasing your beats are made through PayPal, Debit Card, or through Credit Card. The money is then instantly deposited into your account. The payment is secure and users are assured of any form of payment with confidence and ease.

Airbit allows you to create pdf contracts to be downloaded by your clients when they buy your beats. The contract helps to keep you and your clients legally protected and also helps them to know their rights. Airbit has pre-made templates which you can use, but you can also choose to write your own contract.

The contracts help to keep things legal and professional. With Airbit, there is no need to hire a lawyer to create a contract since you can create the contract by yourself by editing the templates, then the contracts are automatically made available to your clients to download. The clients choose which contract to download depending on how relevant it is to the license they purchased.

Airbit also automatically fills the names of the clients who have bought a beat, making you look professional as if the beat was custom written for them. This creates an impression among the clients that the person who they are dealing with is on point.

It also has a feature known as Airbeat Marketplace. Through the Airbeat Marketplace, people get a platform where they can buy beats, therefore making all your beats available on their platform too. This is very significant since it gives you exposure, and you might actually get a lot of clients if your beats are of good quality. Selling your beats on Airbeat Marketplace can also get you new clients who would not have found you otherwise.

Airbit also features an elaborate price plan. The subscriptions available are the Free Account, the Premium Account, and the Platinum Account. The Free Account is free and you are limited to sell up to a limit of 10 beats with access to unlimited websites, the Premium Account costs $9.99 per month and you are limited to sell up to a limit of 50 beats and is also able to upload custom voice tags to your beats. The Platinum account costa $19.99 per month and you can sell an unlimited number of beats with access to other wonderful features.


beatstars review

Beatstars is a beat leasing platform, a digital marketplace and hosting service designed for producers, beatmakers, recording artists and songwriters to license their work to artists worldwide. It was founded by Abe Bashton and is based in Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 2008 after presenting the idea of selling beats online to famous producers such as Grammy Award-winning producer Focus and multi-platinum producer !llmind.

Beatstars gives beat makers the opportunity to sell their beats with a non-exclusive license. A non-exclusive license is a type of license which does not limit a producer to license a beat to just one artist but instead sell the same beat to as many people as the producer likes. This enables a beat maker to make more money by selling the same beat again and again.


Key Beatstars Features

Beatstars has a collaboration feature which is meant for artists who would like to would like to work with several collaborators such as your writer, producer, engineer, or label, and you need a way which you can split the money your beats generate among them. Through this feature, Beatstars allows you to upload tour track, assign collaborators, sell your track, and the same time split your income among your collaborators with defined percentages.

It is also a social connection platform. Beatstars allows its users to communicate with each other, which increases the chances of a beat producer to get noticed and even make collaborations with fellow beat makers. As a Beatstars user, you are also able to communicate via direct message and links with other social networks, thus increasing your exposure as a beat maker on social platforms.

Beatstars also has a widgets feature which enables its users to embed widgets into any website or blog. The widgets are responsive and custom designed and are a great way to feature and share your beats.

There is also a feature on Beatstars called blaze player, which is embeddable in any website or blog. This makes it even easier for you to sell your tracks online. These blaze players act as instant beat stores and allow your customers to lease beats, download free beats, or make offers to you for exclusive licenses.

beatstars pro pages

Pricing and Payment

Beatstars also allows you to create your own pro page having your own monthly subscription business for your customers. You also get to choose membership package options for free sample downloads, beats, and sound kits. Payments are then made to you through Paypal, Credit Card, or Stripe.

However, the maximum number of membership plans that can currently be created is 5. Beatstars allows you to choose the number of beats or kits to include in your memberships. This gives you the ability to choose an amount which you will be able to comfortably provide for your members on a monthly basis.

In this plan, Beatsars also allows you to charge your members any amount which you feel your package is worth. You also get to keep 100% of the income earned from your membership, which is paid instantly to all your accounts. This allows you to create a beat membership where the only things that are included in the plan is a specific license.

Beatstars also has Soundcloud, YouTube and Audiomack monetization. This means that your beats generate ad revenue whenever people stream your music on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Audiomack. This is very significant since it earns you additional revenue.

Beatstars has an elaborate price plan comprising of the Free, Pro, and Unlimited subscriptions. With the free plan, the maximum number of tracks which you can upload is 10. However, there are a number of services which you will not be able to access such as being able to sell sound kits and custom services, and also Beatstars will take up a 30% commission from all the income that your beats will have generated on the platform.

With the pro page plan, you pay $9.99 per month in order to be able to upload up to 50 tracks on the platform. The unlimited plan costs $19.99 to be able to upload an unlimited number of tracks on the platform. For the Pro and Unlimited payment plans, Beatstars does not charge any commission on the income that your beats generate on the platform.

What are the Pros of Airbit compared to Beatstars?

  • The payments made by Airbit are quick and the transactions are smooth
  • Airbit also gives you the ability to embed your beats on your website if you want
  • Airbit users can also upload vocal tags for their beats not only giving you more exposure and increased sales but also securing your beatsAirbit also get to keep 100% of the revenue their beats generate unlike Beatstars which takes a 30% commission of the earnings of users under the free payment plan
  • Airbit has an excellent conversion rate and a very good player

What are the Pros of Beatstars compared to Airbit?

  • Beatstars users can are able to monetize Youtube views and SoundCloud streams
  • Beatstars has a more appealing player design and Pro pages which are better done
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YouTube video


Both Airbit and Beatstars are very good sites and are major players in the music production industry. Both of them are very user-friendly, reliable and have amazing features and websites with really good designs. These platforms are very professional and beat makers get to make more money than they would have made selling their beats using conventional methods.

However, I liked Airbit better since I think it is just an all round better product than Beatstars. Airbit users get to keep 100% of the income that their music has generated across all payment plans unlike with Beatsars where only users under paid plans get to keep 100% of their revenue.

Performance-wise, Airbit still takes the cake, because Airbit users get paid much faster than Beatstars users. Plus, buying beats on Airbit is also faster and easier than when buying beats on Beatstars. Payment by Airbit is instant, unlike with Beatstars which may take a while. Airbit also has an amazing conversion rate and pays stellar attention to detail.

Although Beatstars has a more professional interface and its users are able to monetize SoundCloud streams and YouTube videos, I think Airbit is a better service provider when it comes to selling beats.

That being said, I just hope this article will be helpful in helping choose the platform which you will be more comfortable selling your beats on. Good luck!

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Beatstars How To Grow Your Sales Memberships - Does Beatstars work?

Airbit vs Beatstars: Who has the upper hand?


Finding the right tools to sell beats in the online world can be very tricky for a lot of music producers.

So, they rely on beat-selling platforms to share their work and make some money from it.

That being said, selling your beats on such a website does come in handy and it makes it easier for you to make a name for yourself the right way.

Both Airbit and Beatstars are great and extraordinary solutions for beatmakers that want to sell beats online and make good money.

Which one is the best? Let’s find out.

Airbit vs Beatstars


Common features

Despite the fact that we are talking about Airbit Vs Beatstars, we do have to keep in mind that they are both sharing a plethora of features.

And it’s easy to see why, they are in the same industry and they do sell the same thing.

☑ Both platforms are created using HTML5, so they look and work great on mobile and desktop alike.

Beatstars does have a better design, however Airbit is simpler and converts better in terms of sales.

☑ These platforms offer you 0% commission. So you don’t have to pay anything, the entire amount you receive for a sale can be withdrawn.

This is great because you get to avoid paying the platform, the buyer will do that for you.

☑ Beats are delivered right away to customers. Once they purchase the beat, customers will be able to access a download link.

☑ You can find both coupons and discounts available on both.

☑ Airbit and Beatstars both have email list integration.

☑ You have complete online payment and credit card solution integration for both Airbit and Beatstars.

This is important because customers find it a lot easier to purchase items at any time they want without any restrictions


10 Ways To Double Beats Sales This Year


.☑ If you sell beats on these platforms, you always want to be up to date with your sales data.

Thankfully, they both have sales tracking tools. You get to see who bought your beats, how many of them, if the sales are going up and down, etc.

This really comes in handy and it makes the sales experience a whole lot more interesting and rewarding than you might imagine in the end.

☑ Airbit and Beatstars also have a co-producer feature.

This means you can collaborate with other producers and you can split the profits evenly.

You rarely get to see such a feature, so it’s nice to see that both platforms deliver such a benefit.

☑ As you can imagine, both of them also have licenses and contracts ready to go.

You get to choose the type of license you offer for every beat and you can choose a pre-made contract variant to share with the customer.



The entire process is convenient and simple, and it also delivers a whole lot of control to the customer, which is extremely convenient and helpful at the same time.

☑ You receive social integration with both Airbit and Beatstars.

As a result, people that like your beats can share them on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

It’s easier to generate sales when you acquire more exposure, and that really helps a lot

☑. An interesting benefit is that you receive instant payments.

There’s no waiting time for Airbit and Beatstars.

Instead you can withdraw what you earned without a problem. T

his really is very helpful if you rely on this to pay your bills.

It’s a very good idea and opportunity, something that you do need to keep in mind as much as possible.

Airbit benefits

Aside from these features, every platform has its own share of benefits.

Airbit in particular has a very good player and it’s a platform known for delivering a very good conversion rate.

It’s also important to note that once you learn how to sell beats online Airbit will be able to assist you.

The transaction process is very smooth here, you have quick payments too.

Plus, you have the opportunity to embed the beats on your website if you want. You can upload vocal tags too, which might help you get more exposure and increased sales.



Beatstars benefits

Why would you choose Beatstars instead of Airbit for your beat selling website?

The main thing to consider here is that the player design is more appealing and the Pro pages seem a lot better done, which is very important.

But the crucial benefit with Beatstars is that you can monetize the SoundCloud streams and Youtube views.

You rarely get the opportunity to do that, but you can do it here and it certainly helps you.

When you sell beats you do want to have immediate access to all the tools and features you can, and in this case you totally get to have that without any issue or challenge.


Airbit vs Beatstars: Who has the upper hand? from airbitvsbeatstars


Which is the best?


Both Beatstars and Airbit are very reliable, easy to use, they have astonishing features and the design is really good too.

You will like how professional both platforms are, they both deliver the beats to customers in an instant.

But when it comes to which one is the best, you just have to figure out what you like the most.

I've tried both in the past and I liked Airbit better do to the fast loading players and the higher conversion rate on sales.


selling beats with airbit


Beatstars definitely has the more professional interface and they also make it easy for you to monetize the SoundCloud streams.

On the other hand, Airbit has some amazing conversion rates and it does bring in front a stellar attention to detail and impressive value as a whole.

Buying is also faster and easier on this platform.

In the end it’s up to you to figure out what features are more important for selling beats online.

One thing is certain, both platforms are reliable, durable and they do deliver astonishing results all the time.

Plus, the fact that both of them have a 0% fee means you can sell your beats quickly and get paid without having to worry about additional charges.

Good Luck in making your choice between Airbit vs Beatstars!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to sell beats on Airbit Compared to Beatstars?

The cost of selling beats on Airbit Vs Beatstars is basically the same.Membership to these platforms start at only $10 per month.

Does Airbit or Beatstars take a percentage of your profits?

If you pay for the monthly membership they will not take a percentage of your beats sales,but they will keep at least 20% of all earnings made through the YouTube Content ID system.

How do I get Started on Airbit?

Sign up to Airbit and create your account, Follow the instructions to set up your account. Upload your tracks and add your tags. Start promoting your beats.

How do I get Paid on Airbit or Beatstars when a Beat is Sold?

Once a beat is sold you will get paid instantly via Paypal or Stripe.

is selling beats online profitable?

YES! Selling beats is profitable but you have to treat it like a real business. Be consistent and don't give up. Building a beat selling business that is profitable takes time, hard work and dedication.

Visit Airbit here for more info

Visit Beatstars here for more info


selling beats online


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Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

There are plenty of digital distributors that can post your music to the various online streaming services, and now it’s gotten to the point where the major difference between them is their cost. This price can be anywhere from a monthly or yearly fee, to a fee per song or album, to a percentage of the revenue generated. That said, none seem lower than the new kid on the block, BeatStars Distribution.

You might have heard of BeatStars already for being the source for the track used on Lil Nas X’s breakout hit “Old Town Road.” The company claims to have over 2 million users, and reportedly has paid out over $85 million in royalties already. It’s also reportedly inked a deal with Sony/ATV Publishing to find sync opportunities for BeatStar clients. Adding distribution to its offerings seems like a logical extension of those services.

Here’s the good news for artists. The cost is only $1.99 per month with unlimited track uploads! Even better is the fact that artists get to keep 100% of the revenue generated. The company claims that it’s already signed up over 4,000 artists in just the first week of operation.

Now the downside is that you have to keep paying because if your subscription lapses then all of the tracks will disappear from the various services, but at $1.99 per month that shouldn’t be much of a problem for any artist. Even if the company decides to raise the price, it’s still a great deal.

It’s also true that BeatStars caters to electronic musicians and beat makers, but the distribution part of the company shouldn’t deter artists from other genres using it to release their material.

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