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Palmyra woman who clipped ears of puppies pleads guilty to torture of miniature schnauzers

This miniature schnauzer is one of the animals seized by the SPCA Philadelphia chapter for having its ears docked without anesthesia and not by a licensed vet. The charges against the owner are filed in Lebanon County.

A woman whose employee said her ear-clipping procedures often left miniature schnauzers "crying and screaming" has pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated cruelty to animals - torture after police said she performed the procedures on four puppies in Palmyra. 

Joan L. Huber, 83, of Montgomery County, had cropped ears of dogs without proper pain medication "hundreds of times," according to a former employee who gave information to police that was included in Humane Officer Gregory Jordan's affidavit of probable cause for the charges filed against Huber.

Background:Woman charged with animal torture for illegally cropping schnauzer puppies’ ears

More:Police: Cruelty to schnauzers happened at Palmyra pet grooming business

Those charges stemmed from an April 29 incident at Jo-Mi Pet Grooming in the 500 block of East Main Street, Palmyra, where police say Huber used scissors or razor blades to crop the ears of four schnauzer puppies without proper sedation. Huber's employee told police she did administer some sort of drug to the four puppies to sedate them, but the dogs typically cry when they are being sutured because "they are coming out of it."

Sandra Wagner, the owner of Jo-Mi Pet Grooming, told the Lebanon Daily News in September that she did let Huber alone in her store on April 29, but said she did not know what Huber did to the puppies. Huber did not work at Jo-Mi Pet Grooming. 

Why would anyone clip a puppy's ears?

The technical term for cutting off the floppy part of a puppy’s ear is called cropping. The ears are taped to a hard surface so that when they heal they stay upright.

According to a WedMD article about cropping and docking -- the practice of removing part of a dog's tail -- such procedures are done primarily to attain a desired appearance in certain dog breeds. The American Kennel Club has traditionally supported the practices, when done while pups are young and performed by professionals who administer anesthesia. Some veterinary and animal rights groups, however, oppose the practice as cruel, unnecessary and risky.   

How did the case against Huber unfold?

Acting on a tip, the SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Team later executed a search warrant at a kennel in Union County where the puppies were housed, according to a news release from the SPCA. They found four 3-month-old miniature schnauzers that had recently undergone an ear cropping procedure that is only legal when performed under anesthesia and by a licensed veterinarian.

Huber pleaded guilty on March 20 to four charges of aggravated cruelty to animals - torture and four charges of aggravated cruelty to animals - causing serious bodily injury or death, all felonies, according to court documents. 

Her sentencing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. May 29 in front of Lebanon County Court of Common Pleas Judge Bradford H. Charles. 

The four puppies were treated at the SPCA'S shelter hospital and were adopted, the SPCA said. 

The SPCA of Philadelphia confiscated these miniature schnauzers with fresh wounds due to ear docking, which the SPCA alleges was not done by a licensed vet under anesthesia, as required by law in PA.

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Blythewood Miniature Schnauzers is a premier breeder of top AKC champion Miniature Schnauzers and Miniature Pinschers in the world. With over 600 champions and dogs in practically every country. Joan L. Huber has been exceeding expectations for over 60 years with her purebred AKC dogs. Black, Black & Silvers and Salt & Peppers.
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I worked for her for weeks and she never paid me a cent. and she cropped puppies ears with no medication to anesthetize them.... ears were infected... dogs kept in crates all day and night.. Poop on the butt ends of dogs... She is not liked by many dog handlers and dog show people. When you breed dozens of dogs.. you are bound to get a couple that are very show worthy. The rest are sold as pets. She still owes me money.. I am a groomer and a dog handler and trainer.. never told her that. Just had to find out the truth, what went on behind closed doors.. What I saw made me sad.. and sick.


We were extensively interviewed when we came to meet Joan Huber and interviewed her in our search for a puppy. We met two puppies from two litters and an adult. Joan was clearly knowledgeable and asked us good questions and gave us time to interact with all the dogs we met. We agreed that we would get a puppy in October which was a better time frame for our life. We did get an excellent older pup from Joan in our time frame and he is totally well socialized, polite and sweet. We are very happy with our decision to work with Joan and at no time were our wishes overlooked.


I got a wonderful, temperate miniature schnauzer. I specifically requested his ears to remain intact. Joan had trouble with this and refused to meet my request. I pulled my offer and at the last minute she changed her mind, so much to my relief. She did spitefully leave me with the runt of the litter who got so sick as a wee one the day he got home. Despite all this I would still get my next schbauzer from Joan. She really helps get such amazing characteristics and dispositions into the pups and while maintaining champion showdog blood. She is tough, curt and quirky, but she does an excellent job. One star docked because she gave me the runt to be spiteful.


I purchased a dog from Joan at...

I purchased a dog from Joan at Blythewood Kennels two years ago. I was over joyed with the puppy I received, he was beautiful, happy and very well socialized. Joan is one of the top breeders of Champion Miniature Schnauzers in the USA and is still showing and championing her dogs today! Don't confuse an important top quality breeder who is very busy for someone who is rude. She may not hold your hand as much as you like but she always returns your calls and will answer any questions you have.


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After much research and over 14 years ago we adopted a male salt and pepper from Blythewood. Our sweet boy passed away this past Father's Day, he would have been 15 years old in October. Everything that people are saying here regarding…

Editorial review from Citysearch

Well that was probably the worst phone call that I have ever had with a breeder reputable or otherwise. She could not fully answer one question I had regarding her breeding line, her puppies, her health guarantee, her experience, and motivation. She got mad at me for even asking!

I think that if you are looking for a dog from a reputable breeder Joan Huber has an outstanding champion record, and I think she has a passion for breeding true miniature schnauzers, but you are going to have to take her word for it as she apparently won’t provide any information.

I was disappointed, but I...

Editorial review from Citysearch

It is hard to decide whether i love or hate Blythewood. Joan is all the negative things they say she is. She is disorganized, dismissive, and a bit dishonest. We caught her in a misrepresentation that was a bit sleazy. Her house is disgusting - piles of clothing, magazines, etc. everywhere. She is almost a hoarder. Her adult dogs live their lives in cages, which is disturbing, but that may be standard fare. And she insists on cropping ears, which is just plain silly these days. Most mini Schnauzers that I see do not have cropped ears. But. . . and its a big but. . . the puppy we...

Editorial review from Citysearch

Phillyef, If you still see this site. Can you tell me which breeder you ended up using. I am aware of someone having the same problem with Joan Huber and would like to provide them information on other breeders they can go to.

Blythewood Miniature Schnauzers 4 stars * * * *

Average Rating

I purchased a dog from Joan with the Blythewood name in the pedigree. Received the puppy and was over joyed with how well socialized he was. He is two years old now and a very healthy happy boy. Joan is a professional champion bloodline breeder - she is still showing her dogs and is very busy as she is one of the number one breeders of champion miniature schnauzer in the USA so maybe it seems that she is rude but don't mistake that with an important person in the Miniature schnauzer world!

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Miniature Schnauzer Morena Playing and Running!

Dog Show Photo Album 

Joan Huber's photo album dates back to 1978. Enjoy these wonderful memories of a small handful of the dogs that have helped shape Joan's life as well as the Blythewood bitches. 

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Blythewood Bitches

Ch. Always
Blythewood Patrician

Born: April 16, 1999
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Blythewood
Dancin' in the Rain

Born: June 17, 1999
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Blythewood
Dance with Me

Born: April 4, 2002
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Jo-Mi's
Blythewood Lace

Born: June 21, 1999
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Blythewood
Kelly's Crown

Born: May 12, 2000
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Blythewood

Born: March 23, 1998
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Blythewood
Hot off the Runway

Born: June 5, 2002
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Blythewood
Be my Juliet

Born: Oct 19, 1995
View pedigree
Ch. Blythewood
Capitol Lady

Born: April 24, 2003
View PedigreeView pedigree
Ch. Blythewood
Angel Eyes

Born: April 12, 2001
View pedigree

Blythewood Memories

1978, Miniature PinscherBest In Show - Sparky, CH. Blythewood
Ch. Blythewood
Miniature Pinscher
Best In Show
1985 - Sparky
Ch. Blythewood
Shooting sparks 
sire of 62 champions
Hell 'n High Water, SchipperkeMorgan - Best of Breed Westminster, Ch. Blythewood
Hell 'n High Water
1993 - Morgan
Ch. Blythewood
Dances With Bears
Best of Breed -
Black to win Best 
of Breed
at Westminster
Star, Miniature PinscherAlaska, Ch. Blythewood
1994 - Star
Miniature Pinscher
1997 - Alaska
Ch. Blythewood
Alaska Moon
Tali, Silky Terrier1992, Lakeland Terrier
Silky Terrier
Lakeland Terrier
Sonny, Giant SchnauzerTrouble, Ch. Blythewood
1992 - Sonny
Giant Schnauzer
1994 - Trouble
Ch. Blythewood
Dancin' In The Dark
Lashes, Ch. Blythewood
1998 - Lashes
Ch. Blythewood
Flutter My Lashes
Ch. Blythewood
The Ultimate Edge

Born: June 19, 2002
View Pedigree

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