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A List of Online Boutiques to Stay Far Away From

You&#;ve probably seen them plastered all over your Facebook feeds by now: advertisements with gorgeous models donning cute, yet ridiculously cheap fashions. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is — the majority of these companies are poorly-managed stores run by people overseas (primarily in China). Best case scenario, these &#;boutiques&#; will steal images of products from reputable websites and/or designers and manufacture cheap, lookalike clothing and sell them to unsuspecting victims. Worst case scenario, they fail to send products at all, blatantly stealing money from consumers.

I&#;ve been conned by several of the &#;boutiques&#; on this list myself, whether it was the heinous quality of the garment, the size discrepancy or the fact that they sent me a completely different product. In the spirit of transparency, I present to you a comprehensive list (that I will continually be updating) of clothing boutiques that you should exercise extreme caution shopping at. Is it possible you might order something from one of these stores and have it look presentable enough to wear? Sure. But the chances of it being high-quality are slim, and when it comes to my hard-earned money, I&#;d rather not take the chance. I&#;ve linked to the review pages for all of the stores listed so that you can make an educated decision when deciding to shop there or not.



(Updated: October 6, )

  • 2SBest
  • Airydress &#; This scam site habitually steals photos from Lulu&#;s and attempts to pass them off as their own.
  • Andy & Zoe
  • Annie Cloth
  • AreaLook
  • ArielAvenue &#; They have stolen photos AND scammed people by charging them for products they never actually bought.
  • Auburn Rose Boutique &#; Stolen photos from Pink Lilly Boutique.
  • Azbro
  • Balanla
  • Beachsissi
  • Beattydress
  • Beaulite
  • BelleLily
  • BelleMeet
  • Bellizo
  • Berriana
  • BerryLook
  • BerryModa
  • Betteryome
  • Blongdays
  • Boho Beach Hut &#; Stole photos from Lulu&#;s and other retailers.
  • BohoLady
  • BohoFactory
  • Bohofancy
  • Bomshe
  • Bonboho
  • BooBeauty &#; Stolen images from bloggers and other reputable stores.
  • Boots N Bag Heaven
  • Brielle & Co &#; Steals photos and deletes negative comments from people.
  • Buykud
  • Callbeau
  • Caraselling
  • Carine
  • Casspy
  • Charloy
  • Charmeric
  • ChicBoho &#; I&#;ve added them to the list because they stole one of these photos from a blogger that features a dress from VICI, a reputable boutique, and used it on the front page of their website.
  • Chicbohodress
  • ChicHola
  • ChicKeep
  • Chiclila
  • ChicMe
  • ChicMolly
  • ChicNora
  • ChicNowa
  • ChicPopo
  • Chicspop
  • ChicTale &#; Steals photos from bloggers.
  • Chicylook
  • Chloeshe
  • Choco & Cream
  • Choies
  • Cichic
  • CICI lookshop
  • Cicilady
  • CindyMod
  • CindyKiss
  • Ckdress
  • Colabingo
  • Comfyfree
  • Cozyloves
  • Cozynana
  • Cucumoda
  • Cupseek
  • Daccla
  • DearShe
  • Dekorhea
  • Depway &#; Lots of stolen photos.
  • DressLily
  • Dresslim
  • DressLink
  • Dressshelike
  • DressStars
  • DressTours
  • Ecochee (formerly known as Colabingo)
  • Elmily
  • EllaFancy
  • EricDress
  • Eavah &#; Stolen photos from bloggers.
  • FairySeason
  • FancyWe
  • Fanysun
  • Fashioncozy
  • FashionMia
  • Fasigal
  • Fastchics &#; Tons of stolen photos from VICI.
  • Fayfio
  • Floraness
  • FloryDay
  • Shop FORGE &#; This photo was stolen from a blogger. It&#;s not actually a dress, but a top and maxi skirt paired together.
  • Fray &#; This photo was stolen from a blogger.
  • Funnygirly
  • Gabi Swimwear
  • Gagigirl
  • Gallrose
  • Girlish Avenue
  • Girlonstyle
  • Glamcloth
  • Gracy Bee
  • HelloCloth
  • hellolooks
  • Hesimple
  • HeyJue
  • HiMrsCoco
  • Holapick
  • Hoplady
  • Ilookfashion
  • IndieFit
  • Inslace
  • Ivezy
  • Jojocici
  • JollyChic
  • Joyshoetique
  • JudeDress
  • Jullymart
  • Jumia
  • JustFashionNow
  • Karlstyle
  • KayaBop &#; I could not find any reviews, but many of these photos are stolen from bloggers/influencers.
  • Kingsstart
  • Kumicool
  • LacieLara
  • Launiq
  • Lemonapparel
  • Lemonbaker
  • Lemonscoca
  • Lilcloth
  • Liliess
  • LilliGal
  • LinkShe
  • Liviane
  • LookDora
  • LooselyStore
  • Lopezdress
  • Loracmoon
  • LovelyMandy
  • Lovetomore
  • Luckydecide
  • Lukalula
  • LuluLike
  • LuluNina
  • Luula
  • Luvyle
  • Maxclassyshop
  • Meetindress
  • Metrichic
  • Miarala
  • Milanoo
  • Milk And Choco &#; Added to the list because they stole this photo from the Nordstrom website as well as other photos from popular bloggers.
  • MissArty
  • MissingBay
  • Modacici
  • ModCurvy
  • ModFancy
  • Modiboho
  • Modbutton
  • Moditown
  • ModLily
  • ModMiss
  • ModTiffany
  • ModVivi
  • Mollyca
  • MollyStylish
  • MolyPretty
  • Momnava
  • Momonight
  • MookyBoutique
  • Morechoo
  • Mostata &#; Stolen images from both VICI and Baltic Born.
  • Motachic
  • MyBestHoney
  • My Complete Boutique
  • MyLadyStar
  • Myprettyshow &#; Tons of stolen photos.
  • Multishe
  • Nananova
  • Narachic
  • NastyDress
  • Neobeau
  • NewChic
  • Noracora
  • Nossa Vida
  • NovaShe
  • Oasap
  • Oflike
  • Oliyer
  • Onceangel
  • Orfashions
  • Orsle &#; This picture advertising a jumpsuit was taken from a blogger&#;s Instagram page. The actual jumpsuit is available for sale at Revolve for a considerably higher price.
  • OShopLive &#; This &#;boutique&#; features the exact same product images as ChicBoho.
  • Perimiss
  • Petalady
  • Pickatop
  • PickMyBoutique
  • Pickygal
  • PinkClassy
  • Pinkinshe
  • Pinkynow
  • Pinsdaily_us
  • Popgirlmart &#; Stole this photo of a blogger in a swimsuit. The actual swimsuit is for sale from Revolve for a much higher price.
  • Pop-elements
  • PopLuna
  • Popmira
  • PopPoly
  • Popzora
  • RateCute
  • RidgeFashionShop
  • Romful
  • Roselinlin
  • RoseWholeSale
  • RoseWe
  • RossKiss
  • Rotita
  • Saletolady
  • SammyDress
  • Sayshoponline
  • Seecloth
  • Secomfy
  • Serengel &#; Stolen photos and many negative Instagram comments from people who haven&#;t received their orders
  • SevenRomance &#; Stolen photos from many reputable boutiques.
  • Shecici
  • Sheinlove
  • Sherryys
  • Shrural &#; Stolen photos from Pink Lilly Boutique.
  • Sherop &#; Stolen photos, including this one from this blogger.
  • Soarswe
  • Sophie Ella
  • Sophiemia
  • Souisee
  • Spelesy
  • Spllove
  • StayBoho
  • StayingSummer &#; Stolen photos.
  • Streettide
  • StyleWe
  • Stylishmolly
  • Stylish Vovo
  • Summer Bring &#; Stole photos of this Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit and tried to pass it off as their own.
  • SunnyMeet
  • Surebuydress
  • Swellshe
  • Swxix
  • The Calibar Collection
  • TheStyleMode
  • Tidebuy
  • TopAbove
  • TrendsGal
  • Tucici
  • ValaDress
  • Vineylook
  • Villeio
  • Vivimuses
  • Vencano
  • VeniDress &#; One of their dresses is being advertised with a stolen photo from this blogger&#;s Instagram. The actual dress is available at Forever
  • VSChic &#; This dress they are advertising for $19 is actually a $ dress by Eliza J sold at Nordstrom. I couldn&#;t find any reviews on them, as they appear to be relatively new, but many of their photos are stolen from other bloggers/websites.
  • Wanelo
  • Wiliva
  • Wotoba &#; Tons of stolen images.
  • YEEZIM &#; Has stolen images from several reputable online stores.
  • YouKime &#; Tons of stolen images.
  • Zivagal &#; Stolen images from VICI as well as many other boutiques.
  • ZoeSweet
  • Zolucky
  • Zoyne
  • Zuchic

When in doubt, it&#;s always a good practice to read reviews from people who were not paid to represent a company (watch out for fake ones—lots of companies are now buying 5-star reviews). Negative reviews are usually a good indication of what a company&#;s products and services are like. Many of these scammers will close up shop when they rack up enough negative reviews and eventually start over with a new name. As a general rule, I avoid stores with any variation of the words &#;rose&#;, &#;lily&#;, &#;mod&#; or &#;chic&#; in the title because many of these online scam &#;boutiques&#; are run by the same group of people overseas. The following list contains several legitimate boutiques that I have ordered from in the past and have had pleasant experiences with.



  • REVOLVE &#; Pro tip: Head straight to the &#;Sale&#; tab.
  • ASOS &#; Sizes can run small here, so size up if necessary.
  • H&M &#; My favorite place to find affordable work clothes!
  • Soft Surroundings &#; This store has similar products to some of the stolen photos found on scam sites. They also offer plus size clothing!
  • Forever 21
  • Nordstrom Rack &#; Gorgeous designer dresses at low prices!
  • LOFT &#; Sign up for e-mails and get 30% off your order right now!
  • J.Crew Factory
  • Free People &#; One of my favorite brands for bohemian dresses! Can be a little pricey, but you are paying for high quality clothes that will last you many years.
  • francesca&#;s
  • VICI &#; I finally got around to ordering with them and the clothes are SUPER cute & well made!

Or better yet—shop local! If you prefer ordering clothes from the comfort of your home, you can also check out my article 50 cute dresses under $50 or shop via Poshmark, a platform that offers both new and gently used clothing (sign up with code michele for $10 off your first order). If you&#;ve found yourself prey to one of these scams, make sure to spread awareness by leaving a review on one of the following trusted sites: SiteJabber or TrustPilot. I would also recommend reporting any scam advertisements to Facebook and/or Amazon when you see them (since they are allllll over these platforms). You can also leave a comment below to share your shopping experiences, since these scam stores tend to pop up faster than I can keep up with. Good luck and shop smart!

(Editor&#;s Note: There are now over comments on this post! If you&#;re looking for a specific store name, I recommend using Command + F (on a Mac) to find it. Also, I may not respond to every comment, but know that I read them all. Thanks, y&#;all!)

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The Boutique Owner Nurturing Community

“I wanted to start a business that represented a genuinely friendly vision of fashion, hospitality, and New York,” said Hannah Richtman, owner of The Break, a store in New York City.

Opened in , the store sells a selection of homewares, beauty products, vintage, and a curated grouping of contemporary fashion from small businesses around the world.

The Break has grown through in-store events because it’s always been important to Richtman to build a community.

“Community is my greatest source of energy,” she said. “There is nothing more thrilling than being surrounded by passion, ingenuity, altruism, and talent.”

We spoke to Richtman about sex, uniform dressing, and a few “naughty things” she does.

What’s one thing from The Break that’s especially meaningful to you?When I opened our first store, I wanted to venture into scents, but I didn’t have the expertise. It was Kismet when Kimberly of Anai Candles reached out. We went through more than 50 samples before landing on the perfect scents for morning and night. Both are very intimate, with 9 a.m. being fresh and light and 7 p.m. being her muskier, sultrier sister. They’ve become kind of cult-y, and I’m so thrilled. I’m currently redesigning the packaging, and I can’t wait to share the next iteration.

How do you thank someone for a gift?
Sex, usually. Kidding! I aspire to be the person who sends handwritten notes, but I’m more of a multiple bottles of wine and an hours-long-chat type of thankful.

What would you never wear?
Taste and style evolve, so I can’t with good conscience say never to anything. I’ve worn some incredibly cringeworthy looks, but they made me happy at the time. As I’ve gotten older, I have leaned into uniform dressing and find that I gravitate toward consistent silhouettes that I know suit my shape. For me, that’s shoulder pads, high waists, wide legs, knee-high boots, and cropped tops.

What’s your dream vacation?
Unlimited natural wine, no hangovers, hot baths, hot sex, meaningful conversations, long lunches, longer dinners, and late sunsets. Two weeks minimum.

What’s a good book on your coffee table right now?
Bathrooms: Simply Add Water by Terence Conran, Her Body and Other Parties, and The Untethered Soul.

Last show you binge-watched?
The Great on Hulu.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I try not to feel guilty about anything that brings me pleasure. With that being said, here’s a few naughty things I definitely do:

– Absolutely nothing for an entire day.
– Driving with the windows down and the AC on.
– Going straight to bed without taking my makeup off.
– “One more bottle of wine.”

Secret to hosting a good party?
Generosity of spirit(s).

What is a trend that you like right now?
Conscious consumption. I think we should all build wardrobes that will stand the test of time. Invest in pieces that will never go out of style. Crispy button-downs and blazers are timeless. Paired with a bikini top, vintage jeans, and a chunky necklace become very now.

One you don’t understand?
Why we’re abandoning trends so quickly?

Favorite restaurant in New York?
My own kitchen. My boyfriend is a professional chef and the best in the world, IMO.

What’s the one thing you could eat every day for the rest of your life?
I recently was asked what’s the best thing about life, and my immediate thought was pasta. So, pasta.

Shoes you wear most often?
I wear boots every single day — boots to work, boots to go out, boots to walk my dog, boots to the beach. I do not know an open toe, and yes, my feet are perfectly comfortable.

What are five inanimate objects that bring you joy?

“The Oura ring is one of the best and most addictive investments I’ve made for my health. I look forward to waking up and checking the app every morning. Tracking my stats gives me a sense of control and peace.”

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