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Takeuchi TL130 versus Bobcat T300: A Comparison

With so many excellent track loaders available, choosing a make and model can be tough. Both Takeuchi and Bobcat are well-known for their reliability, functionality and versatility, and both the Takeuchi TL130 and the Bobcat T300 have strong reputations among those in the industry.

Which model is best for you will ultimately depend on your particular work requirements and your typical job site match with the TL130 and T300’s individual features and functionality.

The Basics: Takeuchi TL130

With over five decades of experience behind each machine they produce, Takeuchi emphasizes the importance of reliability, operator comfort and performance, and these values shine through in the TL130. In designing the TL130, Takeuchi focused their attention on creating a powerful compact track loader in a maneuverable and agile size.

The TL130’s rubber tracks provide improved operation on a wide variety of surfaces, and a large number of standard features mean that operator comfort has been prioritized with a cab that promotes productivity and lowered operator fatigue.

The Basics: Bobcat T300

Bobcat has been the premier manufacturer of construction equipment in the United States for the past 70 years, and with the T300, Bobcat has produced a compact track loader with a focus on power and performance.


With broad, long rubber tracks, the T300 is able to move across every possible surface condition easily and with minimal impact to the ground. A broad range of attachments are available for the T300 in order to adapt the machine to a multitude of functions, while optional features are available to make operating the T300 more comfortable year-round.   

Head-to-Head Comparison between the Takeuchi TL130 and the Bobcat T300

While both the Takeuchi TL130 and the Bobcat T300 offer broad functionality and superior performance, each model displays a number of differences that impact their operation and are important to consider before making a purchase decision.

Dimensions and Weight

Size and weight is always a concern when choosing a compact track loader, and the differences between the Takeuchi TL130 and the Bobcat T300 are rather stark. With a 9,702 lb operating weight, the T300 comes in at more than a ton heavier than the TL130’s 7,646 lb operating weight.

The disparity between the two models is comparable in dimensions as well. The TL130 is just over 135 inches long with its bucket, while the T300 is almost 143 inches long; similarly, the TL130 is just 62 inches wide while the T300 comes in at 78 inches wide. However, the TL130 is taller than the T300, at 88 inches with the cab versus just under 81 inches.


Unsurprisingly, the disparate dimensions and weight of the Takeuchi TL130 and the Bobcat T300 carry over into their relative performances. While the T300 has an operating capacity of 4,604 lbs, the TL130 can handle just 1,620 lbs. The difference in tipping load is similar: 9,208 lbs for the T300 versus 4,630 lbs for the TL130. The T300 is also able to achieve a greater maximum reach of 36.5 inches as compared with the TL130’s maximum reach of 28.8 inches.

Which machine is better suited to your needs will also depend on the conditions at your typical job site, as the T300 has a ground clearance of 8.7 inches while the TL130 has a ground clearance of 12.2 inches.

However, travel speed is similar between both models, at 6.6 miles per hour for the T300 compared with 6.3 miles per hour for the TL130. Turning radius is also comparable, though the TL130 is slightly more nimble with a radius of 82 inches versus the T300’s 84.2 inches.

Track Type / Specs

Both the Takeuchi TL130 and the Bobcat T300 utilize durable and versatile rubber tracks, allowing both models to operate well in a variety of ground conditions from dry sand to wet mud. The T300 has both longer and wider tracks than the TL130, with a track width of 17.7 inches and a track length of 63.7 inches as compared to the TL130’s track width of 12.6 inches and track length of 54.7 inches.

This contrast in track size also translates into a difference in the ground pressure of each model. At 4.86 psi, the TL130’s ground pressure is higher than the T300’s 3.9 psi, allowing the T300 to have superior flotation and lower ground disturbance than the TL130.


Under the hood of the Takeuchi TL130 lies a Yammar 4TNV98 4-cylinder engine with 67 horsepower and 181 torque. In contrast, the Bobcat T300 utilizes a Kubota V3800-DI-TE3 4-cylinder engine with 81 horsepower and 217 torque.

While the T300’s larger engine helps this model in terms of operating capacity and speed, the engine size of the T300 does have downsides. While the T300 uses over 3 gallons of fuel per hour, the TL130 consumes just 2.5 gallons per hour.

Standard Features and Options

Both Takeuchi and Bobcat provide a wide range of options designed to promote operator safety and comfort, but Takeuchi makes more of these features standard in its TL130 model. Each TL130 comes equipped with two speed travel, pilot-operated joystick controls, an engine monitoring system, a self-leveling hydraulic bucket and a six-way adjustable suspension seat.

In contrast, each of these features is merely optional in the T300–with the exception of two speed travel, which is simply not available in this Bobcat model.

The TL130 and the T300 do offer some of the same optional features, including air conditioning and heating, while certain safety features such as an emergency shutdown system for the engine and a horn come standard in both models.

In short, both the Takeuchi TL130 and the Bobcat T300 are excellent options for anyone who is in the market for a compact track loader. Which model will work the best for you will ultimately depend on your particular job needs and requirements.

For more information on track loaders and rubber tracks, contact Dominion Equipment Parts at 1-866-360-5489.

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NOTE: Prices displayed do not include sales tax or damage waiver.

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NOTE: Prices displayed do not include sales tax or damage waiver.

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AgTalk Home

Southwest IowaBeen thinking about gerting a skid steer for some different jobs around the farm. Would like to get one with some decent HP, vertical reach and comfort. Saw a Bobcat T300 for sale that seemed like a good deal. How do these machines hold up? Is the track system on them good? I know the company has been around forever, just never had any real experience with them. Curious as to what everybody thinks that has been around them.



So. ILI have one, its been a pretty good machine. Tracks hold up good, very little to go wrong. Make sure its a 2006 or newer, or that its had the updated track drive. They had issues with bearing going out in the drive motors. Has good power, but the comfort level is lacking in them. The new ones are alot nicer.

Southwest IowaThis one is a 2008, so I'd guess it'd about be identical to yours. Would like to put a tree shear on one, so does the boom reach up pretty high? Ran a Case 90XP last winter with a shear and it seemed to get up there pretty good. But that's all the experience I have being around one. Not sure if they're all pretty similar or if there's some differences in them all.

So. ILThey reach up pretty good. I have no problem loading tandems with sideboards with mine. Never had a tree shear on mine. The T300's are all pretty much the same.

I have had one for 6 years. It has been a good machine except the a/c keeps leaking refrigerant. Also had to replace the fuel tank because of algae. They had to pull the engine to put in a new fuel tank. Seems like a very poor design on that part. Like the other poster, I can load tandems with mine. I also use a tree grinder on mine.

So. ILAC also leaks on mine. Need to go put freon in mine right now ugh!

Woodham, OntarioGenerally things break at the backside of the engine, where you can't get at it.. big pain... The belt driven pump was a poor idea too.

Northeast NebraskaOur S300 has had a number of A/C leaks as well. Besides that and a thermostat, we've had zero repairs in 2500 hours.

I hate the cooling system design. Bobcats design is so ignorant, I would go with a Deere. If they wanted to put coolers in a horizontal position, thats fine. But make the stupid hydraulic fan reverse itself for a minute every 15 minutes. Ours is always plugged, to clean them out is a nightmare. I put a hole in the radiator trying to set the hyd cooler back in. This flaw is such a huge problem that I will never consider a bobcat again until they change the cooling system design.

Go with a deere.

Northwestern MinnesotaI have a 2006 S 300 I bought it new the A/C never worked right since it was new we got sick of fixing it and spending $$ on itWe were 50 miles from the dealer we had to bring it in ,we needed it so we didnt get it fixed when it was new we brought it back twice on warr still nothing so we gave up... also the cooling is set up so stupid its a nitemare seperating the hyd and cleaning it

dont waste your time with a bobcat track machine. gutless wonders beside a takeuchi/gehl/mustang we ran em side by side for several years. also the tracks dont clean out in mud like the Tak, no roll up door so if it has a cab you cant run with the door open, which is a pain if your doing finish grading around building or other work that needs a good eye, plus you can get out of the machine with the bucket raised.

Edited by dmax08 8/5/2011 19:01

ecmnran a t300 and other bobcats doing road work. not very impressed at all with them. getting out of a cat or deere into the bobcat was not a great experience, seemed to lack a lot of pushing power compared to the other two, didnt have the lifting power either.
we got busy and had to rent some skid steers, on one job we went through 3 machines that were pretty much new machines. oil leaks, or computer glitches.

in all honesty the cat 257/277 are getting pretty reasonable on price, for around a farm a 247 on tracks is even a nice machine to have. been in some of them 247 tracked machines that had well over 4k hours on them and they were still nice and tight with good power.

So. ILUmm turn it up or have the dealer turn the fuel pump up. I will take my T300 up against any machine for pushing or lifting power. I can haul 2 pallets of block arround(over 7,000 lbs) on a job site. What else do you want out of a machine that is less than 11,000 lbs? Mine has enough power that it spins out the tracks very easy. Again, where is more power going to help if you don't have the weight to put it to the ground? I have ran deere, case, takehuchi, NH in the past as well. Keep in mind that the takehuchi cab is taller than every other machine and this does not work well for low buildings. I have seen several where the top of the cab has been hit/bent down. I can't believe someone can complain about power and say to get a Cat 247/257. That machine is 1/2 the size of a T300! Im not biased for Bobcat at all, heck it was the last thing I wanted. I needed a machine quick and this is what the dealer had avaible. They are not bad machines.

ekeller2 - 8/5/2011 22:01 I will take my T300 up against any machine for pushing or lifting power.

Glad you like it but thats funny :) Put the T300 in low gear and the Tak in high and the Tak will still win ;) They are real popular with a great dealer/service network but we had them side by side enough to never want to see another one again.

So. ILI ran a TL150 and they are not that great of a machine. I can get in tighter places and do just as much work. And the tracks clean out in mud just fine and the will hold up and last. Ask any Take owner and I guarantee the bobcats tracks will last longer too.

ekeller2 - 8/6/2011 03:21

I ran a TL150 and they are not that great of a machine. I can get in tighter places and do just as much work. And the tracks clean out in mud just fine and the will hold up and last. Ask any Take owner and I guarantee the bobcats tracks will last longer too.

I agree with you one one point....that the bobcat tracks will last longer. simply for the reason that they dont have the power to wreck em. We had the tracks so full on our t300 that it would literally finaly stop. You would notice a reduction in power when the taks tracks got full but they never bad enough that it would slow you down much. Our T300 would barely and sometimes wouldnt turn with a full bucket at full throttle sittin still.....the Tak would spin circles at an idle. Sorry but this isnt even a competition ;)

Edited by dmax08 8/6/2011 08:37

ecmni said for farm use a 247 would be a great machine not a replacement of a t-300.

i had to use one for moving black dirt, drive into the pile and start lifting the boom to transfer wieght to keep pushing so to get the bucket full, didnt have the power, could kill the machine before it could fill the bucket, or if i did a running start the machine couldnt lift the boom if the bucket actually did get buried in the dirt.

working with class 5 recycle is a test of a machine, with a cat 297 you could but the bucket flat on the ground and push a side dump windrow, material flowing over the bucket, with the bobcats we tried it then parked it, not even in the same league as the deere or big cat.

why would you take the unit to get the pump turned up? the machine is suppose to compete with these other machines and it didnt do it. maybe we got 3 lemons in a row? it can happen from china companys now and again.

we did get a t140, no electronics to go bad, plain jane simple machine, it worked great! maybe 4th time is the charm?!!

So. ILOK,only how is a china company involved in the T-300? Doosan just bought them out a couple years ago, and very little changed on the T 300. They came out with a new model shortly after the buy out. So im not buying this china t300. At least the Bobcats are made in the states! And turning up the pump a little don't hurt a thing. I ran a Cat 257 once, that was a gutless POS! If you are close enough, I would love to see you bring your machine down and you can also run mine. Im not buying this no power bobcat story! Everyone has been out to get bobcat for years. They sell more machines than enyone peroid!

ekeller2 - 8/6/2011 11:14

Im not buying this no power bobcat story! Everyone has been out to get bobcat for years. They sell more machines than enyone peroid!

They sell more machines because the country is swarming with dealers and thats what most rental companies purchase. They have a nice wheel machine. But I want NOTHING to do with their CTL's

I had an S300 and now have a compact wheel loader. Before the S300 had a bobcat 873. The S300 is a good machine. Mine had a/c, 2 speed, foot controls. Bought it used, 1 year old with 750 hours. Bobcat tracks are a simpler design than Cat, ASV ect. Talking with guys that have both, the Bobcat tracks will hold up longer but not as smooth riding. For farm use, a S300 would be great. For me tires last a very long time on a skid steer because the turning demands and frequency are much less compared to construction. Tracks should last a long time. I would guess 2000-2200 hours for farm use. I wanted a machine that could lift seed boxes and pallets without being on the edge of capability. The 873 was on the edge with 2500 lb lift. The 300 will do you very well. Once you have a skid steer, they become so handy, you can't live without one. Had to talk my brother into buying the 873 but after a few months, it was a must have.

Got the compact wheel loader at a great price last year. W80b TC 2008 model with 200 hours. Had it shipped from New Hampshire to Nebraska. Lift is over 7000 lbs, great visibility, can get in and out of cab with lift in air, just more muscle and better traction. The wheel loader has skid steer attachment carrier and I can use most of my other skid steer equipment on it.

Need to get your info straight. Bobcat is now owned by Doosan as of the end of 2007. A South Korean based company. Not China. The Bobcat 300 was made by Ingersol-Rand long before being bought by Doosan. IR was lucky in selling BC right before the construction and economy went south. IR sold BC for $4.9 billion. Bobcat is still made in Fargo SD. Doosan has seemed to have little influence on the current product. I could see BC going to Doosan diesels instead of Kubota but currently, they still use Kubota power plants.

I had a 84" tooth bucket on my S300. I could dig and carry heaping buckets full of dirt, rock ect all day long. I could spin the wheels on dirt, cement ect. I usually dig my best digging without wheel spin. A toothed bucket is vastly better for digging than straight bucket.

Personally, most major brand skid steers in the past 10 years are similar in capability. It is kind of the Ford vs Chevy debate. Again, for farm use, most skid steers will have a relatively easy life. Stored inside, run by owners/farmers who typically care for a machine better, and not used as hard as construction. Compared to a tractor/loader, they are a much more durable machine.

nesdFargo is in North Dakota

ecmnthe china thing was tongue in cheek.

you guys can get mad or not believe other posters but this topic was about experiences with a bobcat skidloader. and i told my experience with the bobcats. I dont work for some secret agency that is "out to get" bobcat. if the only experience i had with them was the 773's and t140 i would look at owning them, but after using big cats, deeres and NH i am sorry to report that for me personally i will not be purchasing a bobcat.

the one company i worked for we had 3 old 773 bobcats all with over 4k hours on them. they were reliable machines that did what they were suppose to day in and day out. the new demo units we would get from bobcat did not do what the competition was doing or we had problems with the demos. sorry to say that but that is what happened.
Bobcat T300 Skidster Loader Demo

Table of Contents

Bobcat T300 Specs, Weight, Width, Oil capacity, Lift Capacity, Price, Features

Bobcat T300 Compact Track Loader

Hey, friends hi! I hope you all doing well. Today Here In this article, I am going to introduce the Bobcat T300 Compact Track LoaderPrice in The USA, bobcat t300 for sale on craigslist, t300 bobcat specs pdf, t300 bobcat specs, bobcat t300 problems, bobcat t300 review, bobcat t300 for sale near me, Key Features, Technical Specification, Images, etc. That all kinds of information are reliable and genuine, I hope it will helpful to you for buy or sell this model Bobcat Compact Track Loader. Ok friends let’s go for that.

Bobcat T300 Compact Track Loader Key Facts

Bobcat T300 Compact Track Loader Key facts

  • GROSS POWER: 81 hp
  • DISPLACEMENT: 201.4 cu in
  • FUEL CAPACITY: 113.6 L
  • MAX SPEED – HIGH RANGE: 10.6 km/h
  • TIPPING LOAD: 4176.7 kg
  • REACH AT MAX LIFT AND DUMP:  2.8 ft in

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Bobcat T300 Price

Bobcat T300 Compact Track Loader Price

Price: $35,000 USD (Approx)

Bobcat T300 Specs

Bobcat T300 Specs

GROSS POWER81 hp60.4 kw
DISPLACEMENT201.4 cu in3.3 L
OPERATING WEIGHT9702 lb4400.8 kg
FUEL CAPACITY30 gal113.6 L
MAX SPEED – HIGH RANGE6.6 mph10.6 km/h
WIDTH OF TRACK17.7 in450 mm
TRACK GAUGE5 ft in1532 mm
OPERATING LOAD3000 lb1360.8 kg
TIPPING LOAD9208 lb4176.7 kg
BUCKET CAPACITY0.52 yd30.4 m3
PUMP FLOW21.2 gal/min80.3 L/min
RELIEF VALVE PRESSURE3300 psi22752.7 kPa
WIDTH OVER TRACKS6.5 ft in1981 mm
LENGTH W/ BUCKET11.9 ft in3630 mm
LENGTH W/O BUCKET9.6 ft in2918 mm
HEIGHT TO TOP OF CAB6.7 ft in2055 mm

Bobcat T300 Compact Track Loader Review Video

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