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FREE 10-Minute Cardio Step Workout

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The newest workout obsession may surprise you. That’s right, it’s time to DUST OFF YOUR STEP! From Extreme Hip Hop Step to Barry’s Bootcamp, step aerobics are being incorporated into the most popular classes across the nation.

Today, I’ve taken a 10-min clip of my classic step videos, Fat Burning Breakthrough, and added a dance music twist. Because there’s no instruction on the workout, you might want to watch it once before you try it!

Why are people taking notice again?

  • Less time, more results! Studies have shown that 1 hour of step aerobics is roughly equal to running 7 miles.
  • Get dancing! Adding new music makes it feel like a dance class!
  • Who wants great looking legs and a lifted fanny? Step workouts are one of the best ways to tone your tush and legs in the fastest time.
  • Gets an A++ for strengthening your heart, lungs and bones.
  • Unbelievably easy on your joints!

Plus, I love stepping because it’s versatile…You can also use the step as a bench for strength training or sculpt your buns doing elevated lunges.

Sours: https://www.kathysmith.com/free-10-minute-cardio-step-workout/



Xtreme Fitness with Phil is a fitness movement created by the certified group and personal trainer Phillip Weeden out of Cleveland, OH. The Xtreme App allows you to stream or downloads his hit programs that are sweeping the nation: Xtreme Hip Hop, Xtreme Burn, and the X30 Challenge. The Xtreme App features The Store where you can purchase merchandise, programs, and music; stay up to date on the Xtreme Tour to see when Phil is coming to a city near you, locating Xtreme Certified Instructors anywhere across the country, and more!

We are continuously trying to improve our app. This version contains some bug fixed and few UI improvements.

Ratings and Reviews

Like it but has hiccups

I work out everyday using the LiveStream Archives and today I planned on working out on my lunch. Let’s just say the system did not work flawlessly as it has in the past minus a few hiccups now and then. It took nearly 20 minutes for the website to load and even then, I could not log in to work out. Guess I will try later

Don’t Stop! DONT Quit

I got the membership months ago but didn’t do anything with it ( i was in my own head still) I made excuses why I couldn’t do it. I would do a of the exercises that I saw on Fb (you know the snippets) and was like yay I did something (NOT) It wasn’t until I became so unhappy with myself and didn’t like what I saw and how I felt, that I began to use what was literally right at my finger tips. I workout twice a week with the mindset of DONT STOP DONT QUIT with the intention of adding a day a couple of weeks! I feel so much better already, I can last longer doing the workouts, and I sleep better too! And not to leave out that the sweat this awesome workout produces bayyybeee I feel good!!! Thank you Phil and your team for the motivation and support I have been praying for! God bless you all

Very Inspirational

Phil’s workouts are so inspiring. My first time watching was when he had Katie in the front and asked her to give him 3 things. She delivered so well, the support from the class was AWESOME, and at the end of Katie’s workout, I literally cried. She never stopped, never gave up, and didn’t quit!!! She and her positive attitude, paired with Phil’s attention and guidance was SOOO Inspirational, that I’ve bought a step. I LOVE HIS STEP COURSES.

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It was impossible to step into a gym in the 1980s without seeing Spandex-clad women on their way into a step aerobics class.

These group fitness classes might’ve seemed like a fad, but these women knew the secret: Working out with an aerobic step can be a sweaty, high-intensity workout that torches calories.

But can step aerobics be enough of a cardio workout to deserve a spot in your exercise regimen? Most definitely!

Here’s everything you need to know about its fat-burning benefits.

1. You Can Do It (Almost) Anywhere

All you need to get started is an aerobic step, or exercise step.

An aerobic step is typically a plastic platform outfitted with a nonslip surface on the top.

It’s usually only a few inches tall, but many types of aerobic steps can be modified with risers that make it taller (and more challenging).

As long as you have an even, non-slip surface, you can get in a sweaty step workout.

Many gyms offer group step aerobics classes, but you can also do an at-home workout program like 9 Week Control Freak with Autumn Calabrese.

The strength and cardio workouts incorporate an exercise step throughout the workouts to help you build muscle, shed fat, boost endurance, and increase definition.

Autumn Calabrese using an aerobic step in a 9 Week Control Freak workout

2. It Gets Your Heart Pumping

If you’ve ever felt winded after walking up a flight of stairs, you understand how steps can increase your heart rate.

“Stepping up and down increases the activity of the bigger leg muscles” like the quads and glutes, says Cody Braun, CPT, Assistant Manager of Fitness at Beachbody.

This activation “requires a lot of blood and oxygen that ultimately elevates the heart rate,” he explains.

3. You Can Dial-Up (or Dial-Down) the Intensity

Specific workouts — like running and jumping rope — are great for cardiovascular fitness but can be hard on joints because they’re high impact.

Workouts centered on the aerobic step, on the other hand, are low-impact because one foot is always on the ground while you step up and down.

This can make it easier to get started if you’re just beginning an exercise routine.

“You can even just start with the movements on the bare floor before adding an exercise step,” says personal trainer Hannah Daugherty, NASM, ACE.

“Make sure your entire foot lands on the step before going up or down, and try to step softly as you go up and down to reduce the pressure on your knee joints.”

But it doesn’t have to stay low impact if you want more intensity. You can even add resistance bands, balls, and kettlebells to make a more challenging workout.

“The versatility of the step allows you to modify exercises as needed,” says Braun.

Step aerobics class

4. It Torches Calories — and Keeps Burning Them

Looking to maximize your calorie burn in a short amount of time? Add in an aerobic step.

“Classes that utilize the step are great for weight loss because as the heart rate increases, the caloric burn increases,” says Braun.

Doing a step aerobic workout for 30 minutes can burn anywhere from 210 to 311 calories, depending on your routine’s intensity.

But the calorie-burning benefits don’t stop with your cooldown.

“The increased muscular activity that happens when you use an aerobic step during a workout aids in caloric burn during the muscle repair process,” adds Braun.

You’ll continue to burn calories long after the class is over. This is known as the “afterburn effect,” or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

5. You’ll Build Muscle and Bone Strength, Too

While using an aerobic step in your workout is an excellent cardio workout, the benefits don’t stop there.

“You use multiple muscle groups when you do a step up,” says Daugherty. “It activates and strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves,” as well as the core because you use balance when stepping up from the floor onto the aerobic step.

Research shows that step exercises can also help improve bone strength over time.

Sours: https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/blog/exercise-step
Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil : LEARNING THE BASICS


Phil was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up playing sports and was a natural athlete, but he chose a different path.

He stumbled onto his love of fitness by accident when he started his own fitness journey to transform his own body and to combat his depression.  Phil became a certified personal trainer in 2008 at Cater 2 U Fitness Center and later entered the world of bodybuilding in 2009-2011. 


Phil’s love for fitness continued to grow, as well as his trials and tribulations. 

In March 2013, Phil stepped out on faith and opened his own gym, Naturally Gifted Fitness Center located in Cleveland Heights, OH. This is where the idea for Xtreme Hip Hop was born.  Members of the gym wanted a step class, but he couldn’t keep a step instructor. Phil decided to embark on the journey of teaching the step class himself, but his first order of business was to find music that motivated him to move, and that’s exactly what he did. 


Phil’s step class was a hit. As word traveled and popularity for the class grew, Phil received numerous requests to bring his class everywhere. In 2014 Phil began traveling the U.S. doing masterclasses to the nation and Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil became an official movement. 

Along his fitness journey, Phil discovered his passion is helping others reach their health and wellness goals and that’s the love and dedication that he continues to share with the world through fitness and his Xtreme brand.


2020 – YouTube “over 100,000 subscribers” 
2019 – City of Atlanta “Key to the City”
2018 - M.I.C. Awards of Greater Cleveland “Most Influential Coach, Mentor and Leader”
2017 – Ohio Kings O.E.A. “Businessman of the Year
2015 – Dawson Foundation “True Cycle Breaker”
2013 – Every King Deserves a Throne “Ohio’s Best Personal Trainer”


2020: The Trilogy
2019: Xtreme Beginners
2018: Xtreme Boyz
2018: Xtreme Burn II
2018: X30 
2017: Xtreme Hip Hop the Sequel
2016: Xtreme Burn
2015: Xtreme Hip Hop

Sours: https://www.xtremehiphopwithphil.com/

Workout extreme step

This mom lost 75 pounds by taking a hip-hop step aerobics classes

For most of her life, Jewel Hall has struggled with her weight.

But as her young daughter began facing the same issues, Hall decided to make a change, adopting a healthier lifestyle that 11-year-old Tiffany could look up to.

"I don't live in the best of neighborhoods and I've been fat all my life," Hall, who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, told TODAY. "My daughter is on the heavier side as well ... I want to show her there are other positive things than what's around us in our neighborhood. And I don't want her to ever feel uncomfortable like I did."

With the help of a hip-hop beat and a step aerobics platform, Hall has lost 75 pounds since December 2018. The 29-year-old single mother, who works at a mortgage company and attends Indiana Wesleyan University, says her road to success hasn't always been easy, but seeing her daughter follow along has made it worthwhile.

"My highest weight was 400 pounds and I was a size 4X," said Hall. "I was really in a very dark place when I first started this journey and I knew I had to change. I didn't like who I was, I was eating bad and I was an emotional wreck."

Finding an accessible fitness program

Hall was scrolling through social media on her phone and saw a choreographed step aerobics video from Phillip Weeden, the 40-year-old creator of Xtreme Hip-Hop with Phil, a music-based fitness program made up of step aerobics, cardio and strength workouts that take place both in certified gyms around the world and online through home fitness programs.

"I thought, 'He's got some quick feet! I want the same quick feet he's got,'" Hall recalled. "So I decided no matter what, I was going to take the first opportunity I got to take one if his classes. I didn't care if I had to drive to Egypt, I was going to do it."

Hall only needed to drive to a local gym in her area, LGT Fitness, where several instructors were certified to teach Weeden's energetic fitness classes.

"I popped up and signed up for a class and thought I'd just try it," said Hall. "It wasn't pretty. The first class was not pretty at all, but I fell in love with it."

For the next six months, Hall did workouts from the Xtreme Hip-Hop with Phil program, both at her gym and online, where Weeden does live-streamed step aerobics workouts daily on his YouTube channel.

In June 2019, Weeden attended Hall's gym to teach a class in person and the pair met for the first time.

A YouTube video posted to Weeden's channel shows the meeting, in which Weeden invites Hall onto the instructor platform and has her work out alongside him. During this meeting, Weeden asked Hall to make him a promise: That she would never stop, quit or give up on her goals.

"I have a daughter that's looking at me constantly," said Hall, adding that Tiffany often takes fitness classes with her. "Even though I want to give up, I can't because I have her looking at me non-stop, 24/7."

By October 2019, Hall had lost 60 pounds and had the opportunity to work out with Weeden a second time.

Sticking with it

Today, Hall is down 75 pounds and still working to lose more weight.

"One day, when I'm brave enough, I want to become an instructor so I can teach my own class," said Hall. "And my goal is to be at least under 200 pounds. If I hit that 199, I'm happy."

Hall says she doesn't follow a specific eating plan, but tries to incorporate more greens and vegetables into her diet and drinks a gallon or more of water each day. She also works on not binge-eating and being sure to stop eating when she feels satisfied rather than overeating.

"I don't even track calories because I'm a single mom," said Hall. "I go to school. I work full time. And I work out. If I grab an apple on the go, I don't have time to put it in an app because I'm driving."

What is X-Treme Hip Hop all about?

Weeden says his program is successful because it has a unique energy and features a bit of hip-hop nostalgia.

"These are the songs that remind me of my teenage years in the club when I would dance all night on the dance floor," said Weeden, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. "I remember every weekend I would leave the club just drenched, so I thought maybe if I could apply that music to step aerobics it would work — and it has."

Weeden started offering a hip-hop step aerobics class at gym he owned in 2013. In 2014, after people began traveling to his facility to take his classes, he took the program on tour, visiting gyms in other cities and teaching classes. Today, Weeden has 774 certified instructors who offer his programs in gyms worldwide.

Weeden says meeting clients like Jewel, who have found success because of his programs, is why he keeps going.

"It makes me feel good because I battle with depression," said Weeden. "I've been battling it for 20 years now and in 2007, I decided that I wanted to leave earth."

After surviving a suicide attempt, Weeden began seeking purpose.

"I was trying to figure out life and figure out why I was still here," said Weeden, who later reconnected with a police officer who was involved in saving his life and began being mentored by him.

"He told me, 'What you do doesn't affect you, it affects others,'" Weeden explained. "I never looked at it that way. He asked me how I'd have felt if my son and his mother came into the house happy to see me that day, but instead found me dead. It opened my eyes up. It was a wake-up call."

In his program, Weeden tells clients the simple statements: "Don't stop. Don't quit. Don't give up."

"I really mean that because I gave up," said Weeden. "So now, I'm doing this program because I know how it feels to hurt. I know how it feels to cry. I know how it feels to give up. When they tell me they want to give up, I can tell them to keep going."

Since she's kept going with her workouts, Hall says she's seen other changes in her body as well.

"I can do a burpee — I can do a few in a row, at least 10 without stopping," said Hall. "I couldn't touch my toes before but now I can. And, I live in a house with steps: The day I was able to walk up those stairs and breathe, I was happy."

"Just to think about when I first went to the gym," said Hall, "I didn't know anyone, I was scared, I was really quiet and nervous. I started out in my own shell, and now I see myself slowly blossoming and growing into the woman I want to become."

Terri Peters is a writer and editor for TODAY.com. She lives in a small beach town on the Atlantic coast of Florida with her husband and two kids. When she isn't writing, she can be found at the beach or exploring Florida's theme parks with her family.

Sours: https://www.today.com/health/how-lose-weight-exercise-step-aerobics-t185437
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