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Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair (Vegan Leather)

Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair (Vegan Leather)

Atlas Headrest

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Product Details

  • HERMAN MILLER RECOMMENDED - The Atlas Headrest is the only headrest recommended by Herman Miller for bid specs.
  • FORMER HERMAN MILLER DESIGNERS - Designers and engineers that personally worked at Herman Miller infused the Atlas Headrest with Herman Miller DNA.
  • HERMAN MILLER SUPPLIERS - Our materials are indistinguishable, including the suspension mesh. We partner with the same suppliers that make the parts for the Aeron chair.
  • PATENTED DESIGN - Independent vertical, horizontal, and pivot adjustments giving you complete control over how you use the headrest to best suit your needs.
Item Weight pounds ( kg)
Package Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
ColorGraphite Leather Cushion
Furniture FinishLeather
BrandAtlas Headrest
Seat Material TypeLeather


Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair (Vegan Leather)

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This is the highly anticipated Atlas active suspension headrest! The mesh has been perfected to flawlessly match Aeron Classic chairs with Graphite frames and black Carbon pellicle. Also available for all new Remastered Aeron chairs. Proudly designed, engineered and manufacctured in the USA by former Herman Miller employees.

The Atlas headrest is the only headrest recommended by Herman Miller for the Aeron chair and the only one that won't void the year warranty.

Features and Benefits of The Atlas Headrest:

  • Adjusts to fit 95% of users (when using the proper sized Aeron chair)
  • Floating adjustability provides exceptional comfort
  • Attaches in less than one minute
  • Cushion versions fit all ages and sizes of Aeron chairs with Graphite frame – including classic and remastered
  • Made in the U.S. by well respected, long-term Herman Miller suppliers
  • Patented design
  • Free shipping Australia-wide
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Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Fabric Cushion

$Buy It Now23d 19h, Click to see shipping cost, Day Returns, eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:atlas_headrest&#x;️()%, Location:Zeeland, Michigan, Ships to: Worldwide, Item:Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Fabric Cushion. The Atlas Headrest for the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the only headrest recommended by Herman Miller for bid specs. We are also proud that Herman Miller has explicitly said out of all the available options, only our headrest does not void the 12 year warranty on your Aeron chair. Features and Benefits of The Atlas HeadrestAdjusts to fit 95% of users (when using the proper sized Aeron chair)Floating adjustability provides exceptional comfortAttaches in less than one minuteCushion versions fit all ages and sizes of Aeron chairs with Graphite frame – including classic and remasteredMade in the U.S. by well respected, long-term Herman Miller suppliersPatented design How do you improve an Icon?The Aeron Chair was designed to fit the majority of body types and to support a variety of postures. It has been the benchmark for ergonomic seating since its introduction in Since then, technology has changed the way we work. Also, with the advent of mobile technology, the way we sit, widening the range of postures a chair should accommodate. The Aeron had untapped potential: If it could provide the same ergonomic support for the head and neck that it provides for the lower body, it could support even more postures.The Atlas Headrest is the only ergonomic headrest designed specifically for the Aeron chair. Originally created by two Herman Miller veterans. A development engineer who holds 17 patents with Herman Miller. A designer who worked closely with Aeron designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick before becoming an award-winning designer himself. The Atlas Headrest helps Aeron do more of what it does best—provide postural choice and comfort, from fully upright to reclined.Condition:New, Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer, All returns accepted:Returns Accepted, Item must be returned within:14 Days, Refund will be given as:Money Back, Model:Graphite Frame with Black Fabric, Country/Region of Manufacture:United States, Frame Material:Nylon, Seat Material:Fabric, Assembly:Fully Assembled, Adjustment:Headrest, Features:Ergonomic, MPN:Does Not Apply, Brand:Atlas Head Support for Aeron

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  • + items sold. 0% negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.

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Review of Updated Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Aeron Chair Headrest

If you own an Aeron chair, you may want to get a headrest for the chair. This ergonomic chair is excellent but there could be situations where you want to have the head forward a bit as you look at a computer screen. A good headrest can help you accomplish this and keep you comfortable at the same time. If you have some back or neck pain you may also want a headrest or when you want to take a short nap.

There are several headrests on the market that you can use with your Aeron chair which are all good choices. A headrest is a great accessory for your chair as it gives you a lot more options and helps keep you as comfortable as possible. If you have any injury or suffer from pain issues, the headrest can make a world of difference in how comfortable you feel. If you spend long hours at your desk, a headrest is ideal and this will help keep you comfortable as you work. This guide will help you pick the best headrest for your needs.

If you don&#;t know about the famous Aeron chair, you can refer to this review first.

Aeron Chair Headrest Reviews

We will be looking at three headrests which are available online through sites such as Amazon. The three headrests are:

Engineered Now :


My Choice

Before we examine all three headrests I wanted to let you know my choice for a headrest after I examined all three of them.  The one you pick may be different from my choice. I picked the Atlas headrest for several reasons:

  • You get a solid installation
  • It’s adjustable so it’s perfect for short as well as tall individuals
  • No noise or unexpected movements with the headrest
  • The pillow keeps the neck and head comfortable
  • The headrest matches the finish of the chair
  • The headrest can be used with headphones
  • Superior design and quality even though the H4 costs more

My Detailed Headrest Review

Appearance and Features

Engineered Now H3 and H4 (Rating, B-/B)

These headrests have tilt, depth, and height adjustments. You need to reduce the height of the rest to adjust the depth positioning. This can be difficult if you’re tall, but it’s a lot easier if you&#;re shorter. This problem is more pronounced on the H3 as the H4 is larger so you get more flexibility with the rest. The rest has a locking lever that says it gives you stronger support but the lever isn’t strong enough so movement is still possible.

The H3 and the H4 don’t match the appearance of the Aeron chair as the metal color doesn’t match. The H3 and H4 appear darker in terms of the metal. The screws are under plastic caps but the Aeron has exposed screws so things don’t match up. The mesh weave for the headrest is not as dense and this is quite noticeable when you get close to the H3 and H4.

Atlas (Rating A-)

The Atlas outperforms both the appearance and the features of the H3 and H4. The pillow on the Atlas is comfortable and it’s plush. This makes it comfortable on bare skin. The other headrests can scuff your headphone or catch hairs but the Atlas doesn’t suffer from these problems. The color of the Atlas matches the Aeron chair and looks best on the chair when compared to the H3 and H4 models.

You get tilt, depth, and height adjustments with the Atlas and they are reliable and independent adjustments. This makes the chair ideal for those that are tall as those individuals require more adjustment options.

Headrest Installation

Engineered Now H3 and H4 (Rating A-)

How to Install

How to Adjust

The headrests on these models are not difficult to install as there is a simple clamp system. There is a recessed hex screw on the H3 and H4 which makes the rests a bit more difficult to install when compared to the Atlas which has an exposed screw.

Atlas (Rating A)

How to Install

How to Adjust

The installation on the Atlas is easier when compared to the H3 and H4. The exposed screw is easier to work with on this model although all three headrests are not difficult to attach to your Aeron chair.

Chair Adjustments

Engineered Now H3 and H4 (Rating D)

It’s difficult to adjust the H3 and H4. It’s hard to access the tension screws as you need to remove plastic caps to get at them. You can easily damage these plastic caps as they are hard to remove. Two of the screws require a Phillips screwdriver but the other one requires an Allan key so this is an odd choice in my opinion. All three adjustments should be screws as this would make things easier. You should use a wide Phillips for the two screws as the screws are easy to strip. Once everything is adjusted things still won’t be as tight as you might like. The plastic caps are a real drawback when you want to adjust your headrest so this is why the H3 and H4 get poor marks for adjustability.

Atlas (Rating A-)

Adjusting the Atlas is logical, simple, and you get adjustments for depth and height which are strong. All the screws are easy to access with a Phillips screwdriver and there is no need for an Allan key. The screws are all of high quality so don’t feel that you’ll end up stripping them. You also have no plastic caps to deal with in the Atlas rest.  There are four screws to tighten your depth adjustment and this is ideal as you’ll put more force on the rest when you lean back. The additional screws ensure that everything is secure. You can set this rest to give you better support when compared to the H3 and H4, so it’s the clear winner.


Engineered Now H3 (Rating D)

The H3 moves a lot even when things are tight. The rest will slide and shift out of its position when you lean on it even after tightening. You won’t get the support you need and it makes a lot of noise as well so this is a problem. If you’re a tall individual, this will be more of a problem. The

Engineered Now H4 (Rating B-)

You get more positions with the H4 and it’s a better option for taller people. The mechanism is better on this rest and it doesn’t move as much. It still moves more when compared to the Atlas so you’ll need to make more adjustments. The mesh on the chair rest also catches hair far too frequently.

Atlas (Rating A)

You more depth and height adjustments with the Atlas headrest. This rest is the best bet if you&#;re taller than the average. The mechanism on this chair is solid and the headrest doesn’t produce any noise. This rest is very stable and it’s comfortable for your head even after sitting in the chair for long hours. My neck felt the best when using the Atlas headrest and it had the adjustments that I wanted.


Engineered Now H3 (Rating D)

You cannot use large headphones with the H3. The rest will push the headphones to the back of your ears or the headphones will just fall off. The headphones also hit the abrasive mesh all the time so you run the risk of expensive headphones getting scratched.

Engineered Now H4 (Rating C)

The H4 rest is less curved and flatter when compared to the H3 but it will still bump larger headphones and you will get issues with scuffing.

Atlas (Rating B+)

The Atlas rest has a curve and there is more room for your headphones here. The headrest sits lower on the head. The fabric mesh and pillow also means you don’t have any scuffing on your headphones like you get with the H3 and H4 headrests.


It’s clear from this review that the Atlas is the clear winner in terms of comfort and adjustability. I have owned my Atlas headrest for about a year and I’m very happy that I bought this model for my Aeron chair. The H3 and H4 just don’t have all of the features that you’ll want in a headrest for your chair. The adjustments for the Atlas are very easy while you’ll struggle with both the H3 and H4 to get them into a solid and comfortable position. Those models aren’t as sturdy as the Atlas and tend to move around some as well.

This chair works well with headphones so you can sit back and relax with music. If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain this chair will help keep you comfortable. For those that sit for long hours and want to remain as comfortable as possible, the Atlas is the one you want to buy. It’s a solid choice if you’re looking for dependable and great headrest for your Aeron chair. I hope this review helps you pick out the right headrest for your Aeron chair, for me, it’s the Atlas by a long shot as the product is a very well put together headrest that gives you more comfort options for your chair.

You can check below for reviews and prices on Amazon:


Headrest atlas

Aeron Headrest Comparison – Engineered Now versus Atlas


Here’s a short evaluation with some photos to illustrate the difference between the two popular brands of headrests. They are the Atlas and the Engineered Now.
This should provide more insight to any buyers to understand some of the key differences and know what to look out for.

There are two versions for the Engineered Now headrests, the HR03 and HR04. The HR03 is recommended for people below 180cm and the HR04 cushion is 20% bigger and taller.

The following comparison is for the graphite version of the Remastered Aeron Chair only, do note that this is slightly different from the Classic Aeron version which was discontinued for a number of years.


Classic and remastered difference


Difference between Remastered and Classic Aerons

 Who are they?

Engineered Now had been around for almost a decade and was the first to release a fully adjustable mesh headrest for the Classic Aeron chairs. You can tell from the packaging, from how the headrests were designed. The founder is one who is very concern over the durability, function and the adjustability aspect of the headrest. This matches the direction of how Aerons were designed, adaptable to fit most people.

Atlas was released later by a couple of years but one of its founders was known to work for Herman Miller’s design. Recently, they released a version with “suspension mesh” which now makes them a worthy competitor for the Engineered Now. The mesh that is used on their headrest is from the same supplier that provides for the Aeron Chairs. Aesthetically, they should match very well since the material is the same.


Size difference

Engineered Now has two sizes. the HR03 and HR04 which is taller and bigger by about 20%. Do note again that in this review, we are using the remastered Aerons for comparison.

Atlas only has one size. The headrest is huge, even larger than the HR04.


Here are some comparison photos

Atlas compare HR03

Left Atlas, Right Engineered Now HR03. Frontal photo


Left Atlas, Right Engineered Now HR03. Size comparison


Atlas compare HR04

Left Atlas, Right Engineered Now HR04. Size comparison


HR04 compare HR03

Left Engineered Now HR04. Right HR03

Although it’s call a headrest. The better way to use these headrests is to rest your neck on them. So your neck and shoulder muscles could be properly relaxed while your head gets supported. It’s important that the material should be fully breathable, to eliminate the chance of trapped heat around the neck which can cause a lot of discomfort. Of course, users are free to support the back of their head if that’s what they prefer


Do note some users point out that the rear of the Atlas headrest may protrude out a bit when the depth is reduced to the maximum, and this protrusion can be a concern if there’s not much space behind the chair and gets knock onto things easily.


Support difference

There’s something unique here with Engineered Now. It’s hard to tell how they do it, but the HR03 mesh has a curve-in design.

The mesh can be slightly loose but this is probably intentional to allow the mesh to wrap around your neck instead of being too firm and create pressure points causing discomfort. This curve-in design locks your neck in position and reduces the chance of your head slipping off while taking a nap. The mesh is a little springy similar to the Atlas’s suspension mesh.

Some users who wear headphones remark that the curve design may hinder them from wearing the earpiece.

HR03 curve surface


For the HR04, the curve is more subtle.

HR04 surface


For Atlas, the cushion is huge and very wide but the surface is a little flatter. They call it the suspension mesh and it is a little springy which is quite similar to the HR03/HR04. On first look, there was some concern that the cushion on the Atlas is too large and may not fit well with people having a smaller frame. However, we haven’t heard of such complains though, probably because the suspension mesh conforms to the head’s shape and sink well into the right depth.

Overall, we don’t feel there is a lot of difference in comfort between the two headrests.

Atlas surface


Will the headrest blend well with my chair?

The Engineered Now headrest may not be using the same fabric used in the original Aeron chairs. Despite that, it’s hard to visually tell or feel a difference when installed on the chair.

As for the Atlas, the mesh is the same material used on the original Aeron Chairs, so it should provide a perfect match. It has a sleeker and simpler looking design, that makes it aesthetically more pleasing. In this aspect, the Atlas headrest should be the clear winner.

Both types of mesh used are durable and can dissipate heat well. It is unlikely that the user will create a tear by placing their head on the mesh.


Here are some illustration photos:

Both may look like in different colours but that’s mainly due to lighting, they are actually the same graphite colour.

Engineered Now

Atlas Headrest Remastered Aeron Carbon




Which has better adjustability?

Both can adjust the depth, height and angle. We will say that the Engineered Now headrest should be more adjustable as it has more room to adjust for depth. The Engineered Now headrest also has an active free-flowing design that adjusts while the user tilts the chair.

Another big advantage for the Engineered Now headrest is it can be easier adjusted while the user remains seated. For the Atlas headrest, some adjustments may require the user to stand up and adjust first before sitting or get someone to help to adjust.

Also, note that the Atlas’s depth comes out a little more, so some users were concern that it might push the head too forward. It should not be a big issue as the Atlas mesh is springy and does sink its depth a little when you put your head on it.

Atlas cushion depth

Engineered Now HR03 cushion depth

Engineered Now HR04 cushion depth

Which is more durable?

It’s hard to tell but we will wage on Engineered Now headrest for now since they had been around for almost a decade and reports of them failing is rare or never heard of. Some complains that the tension might slip, but that can be easily tightened back using simple tools. Overall, we think they feel a little more solid in the gears and the pivoting points. We believe the issue of the tension slipping may also happen on the Atlas, it’s hard to tell which will be worse but we believe the Engineered One should fare a little better in overall durability.

As for workmanship, the Atlas fares better on the finishing. Atlas’s new mesh headrest hasn’t been around for long but we believe that they are also well made.

Both are using Nylon frame, Nylon is a very hard material that doesn’t easily corrode and has some form of self-lubricating properties. The chassis of your Aeron chair is mainly made of Nylon.

Which is easier to install?

Both are rather easy to install.

Installation for the Engineered Now is easier because there is only one screw to tighten.
For the Atlas, there are a total of 4 screws to be installed. We don’t think it’s a big matter since it should not take you an extra 5 minutes to do that.



We will grade them with the following.


Engineered Now

Comfort: ★★★★★

Adjustability: ★★★★★

Ergonomics : ★★★★★

Design: ★★★★

Material: ★★★★



Comfort: ★★★★★

Adjustability: ★★★★

Ergonomics : ★★★★

Design: ★★★★★

Material: ★★★★★


Overall, both are the best headrests available for the Aeron chair. Each with their own strength and weaknesses and which is better really depends on what you deem as more important. The Engineered Now headrest fare slightly better in adjustability and ergonomics. While the Atlas fare slightly better in design and material.


You can find more information on the product’s individual page:

Engineered Now HR03 Headrest

Engineered Now HR04 Headrest

Atlas Headrest

Review of Updated Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Atlas Headrest for Aeron Chair

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

Don't think about buying a different headrest as there is just no reason to.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

I read the reviews about this moving around when you don't want it to but, while this may or may not have been the case with the older model, the model i received with the adjustment nobs really function well.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

At the astronomical price of the aeron, herman miller should include this headrest in the purchase of the chair.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

You wouldn't even know this thing is aftermarket.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

Five stars, just incredible, you get what you pay for.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

I strongly recommend contacting them if you have any issues as well as checking out their website for articles / videos.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

But other than that, it looks good on the chair even if it doesn't try to match the aeron's pellicle mesh look.

Posted by a reviewer on Amazon

Robert worked closely with me to make sure the latest design totally repaired the issue i was having with the headrest.


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