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Drop shipping has gained such an unsavory reputation...queue "retail arbitrage", which in a lot of cases is exactly the same as drop shipping.  Also rampant on Etsy but the name sounds a bit fancier, I think.  Plenty of videos out there on how to get rich quick doing this.  PP is correct though...the people making bank doing it (and there are plenty of them, not just on Etsy) are NEVER EVER going to spill the beans on how they do it.  

Etsy has created an IDEAL platform for both drop shipping and retail arbitrage in that customers are more likely to pay higher prices because Etsy has branded itself as a marketplace for handmade (even though they have really stretched the definition of the word and I see the word "unique" used more in promotion) so most buyers just assume that if an item is listed on Etsy, it is handmade by the seller.   Always new threads on Reddit from Etsy buyers who thought they were buying handmade but...

Ebay cracked down on drop shipping in 2019 (it is still allowed but they imposed a lot of rules about it) and I suspect a lot of sellers that were suspended from eBay for rule breaking have discovered that Etsy is an even more profitable marketplace for them. 


Is Etsy Even Worth It Anymore in 2021?

ETSYYOUR OWN WEBSITELow Cost of Entry. You can list a single product on Etsy for $0.20 for three months. Which means you can list a shop full of products for a few bucks.Higher Cost of Entry. Depending on your technical skills and where you host your site, you’ll pay $20-40 monthly.Pay Only When You Sell. While Etsy takes a substantial cut of every sale, you only pay when you sell (or for optional services).Pay Whether You Sell Or Not. Your own site typically requires a monthly fee. Even if you sell nothing, you’ll still owe your shop host.Fees for Every Sale. Early on, this is a perk. But as your shop becomes established and you’re selling over six figures, the fees may eat into your profits.Your Money Is Yours. The monthly fee may stay similar while your sales rise. This can mean more money in your pocket once you hit higher revenue.Defined Market. Because people go to Etsy to shop, the market includes shoppers ready to make a purchase.Undefined Market. Internet users are broad in their habits. It can be difficult to pin down your market.Customer Trust is Higher. Because a marketplace will back shoppers with seller problems, it’s less risky for them to purchase.Customer Trust is Lower. Scam shops abound outside of a marketplace. With no obvious buyer protection, many shoppers may prefer a marketplace.Built In SEO. Because of its size, Etsy already has priority placement on search engines. You may pick up extra traffic without really trying.DIY SEO. Not only is your shop not as SEO friendly without your input and education, but it’s also bound to be much smaller than Etsy or any other marketplace.Defined Competition. There are fewer than three million sellers offering 60 million products on Etsy. Though big numbers, there’s a limit. Broad Competition. The global marketplace is immeasurable. Your products will compete with information, products, events and more.Quick Learning Curve. Etsy has a fixed format. Sellers need to upload photos, write descriptions and understand how Etsy search works.Slower Learning Curve. Though templates are widely available, you will need to learn at least a little about design, web programming and global SEO.Limited Shop Tools. While Etsy offers coupons, sales, some partnerships and other tools, the site is limited in features and functions. Expanded Shop Tools. You can have advanced shop tools for selling, marketing, analytics, CRM and much more. Any of which can accelerate your growth.Testing Ground. Etsy is great to get your feet wet with online selling. It’s a cheap, easy place to learn the basics of running a business.Proving Ground. Your own website is great for proving concepts you’ve tested. The flexibility can take your business to another level.Limited Branding. Because Etsy’s template is fixed, your ability to manage the look and feel is limited to photo style and your shop banner.Unlimited Branding. You can use templates or design your own with the right skills. Your brand is only as limited as your imagination.Limited Presentation Tools. On Etsy, the fixed template limitations may make it difficult to explain and educate the market about a complex product. Unlimited Presentation Tools. You may be able to include videos, detailed explanations and more to educate the market about complicated products.Limited Analytics. To test and assess performance of your shop, Etsy offers some tools. However, advanced analytics may be difficult to integrate and learn.Advanced Analytics Are Possible. With so many options on hosting sites, data can be gathered, parsed and analyzed to help with future growth.Must Follow Rules. Must follow laws, rules and guidelines or you risk shop suspension. Etsy reserves the right to close shops at any time for any reason.Should Follow Laws. Sell whatever you want, however you want. You run some risks if you’re doing anything illegal. But nobody is actively watching your shop.Rule-Breaking Outcomes. If you break the rules, it’s difficult to start a new shop on Etsy. Etsy has tools to identify you should you try to sell again on their site.Law-Breaking Outcomes. Aside from fines, legal fees and prison, breaking laws (not recommended) may not prevent you from opening a shop elsewhere.Exposure to Copyrats. Copyrats may see your product, duplicate it and/or mass produce it. On marketplaces, copyrats sniff around for opportunities all the time.More Privacy. Because your site isn’t internationally known, copyrats are less likely to find you. Or if they do, they won’t be able to comb your site for data very easily.Built-In Community. Between the Etsy forums, Reddit and Facebook groups, you can be quickly integrated into this often welcoming community. With caution.No Established Community. There are helpful communities, but you won’t enjoy the instant familiarity of, “Hey, you’re on Etsy too!”Adequate Help and Support. Etsy offers a chat feature, a help database and its forums (which have limited use). If you run into complex problems, it can take Etsy several days to get back to you.Advanced Help and Support. If you choose one of the large online shop hosts, odds are you’ll have access to advanced forum help, knowledge bases and a staff ready to help you. You’re Not In Charge. There’s a risk with any marketplace. You’re subject to their whims and linked to them for income. If something changes on the marketplace, your shop could disappear overnight.You’re 99% In Charge. With hosted sites, you can usually move your shop to another site at will. Even if the hosting company goes out of business, you can get up and running elsewhere quickly.Someone Else Handles Tech Issues. Because Etsy hosts a few million shops, it behooves them to be on top of technical issues. They tend to respond quickly when to site-wide problems.You’re In Charge of Some Tech Issues. If your template doesn’t work right or your payment system goes wonky, you may be responsible for resolving the issue yourself. Or hiring someone to do it for you.
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Reddit, Etsy, Others Defend Sec. 230

Internet companies including Reddit, Etsy and Dropbox have joined other Tech companies warning Congress anew about tinkering with their Sec. 230 shield from civil immunity for the third party content on their platforms.

That comes on the eve of a March 25 hearing in the House Energy & Commerce Committee on Big Tech's hosting of potentially dangerous disinformation.

Also Read: House Readies Disinformation Nation Hearing

The Internet Works coalition of slightly-less-big tech said that while they recognized "the harms that misinformation and extremism present online" and say they appreciate the light congress is putting on those "challenges," they also said that as the committee figures out how to meet those challenges, "it is important to remember that Section 230 does far more than protect internet businesses and organizations from liability when they host third-party content."

As have other big tech defenders, the group said Sec. 230 actually ensures safety.

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They said there was no "one size fits all" answer for how to moderate content, "as Congress considers potential changes to Section 230, it’s important to remember that the law’s flexibility has allowed companies of all sizes to flourish and tackle the harms that are unique to their platforms."

They are particularly concerned that changes aimed at the largest social media platforms--like Google and Facebook and Twitter--"do not create unintended consequences for the rest of the internet." 

The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) similarly warned about the consequences of damaging their liability shield.



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