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Hillsborough Election Results: Chronister, Other Incumbents Win Their Races

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren and Sheriff Chad Chronister appear to have both easily won re-election, according to unofficial results from the county Supervisor of Elections Office.

Warren, a Democrat, has earned 53 percent of the vote in his race against Republican opponent Mike Perotti, who is a lawyer for the sheriff’s office.

Chronister, a Republican, will likely defeat Democratic challenger Gary Pruitt for a second time with just under 55 percent of the vote. Independent candidate Ron McMullen also ran in that race.

Chronister told Spectrum Bay News 9 he thinks his policies have a broader appeal.

"I think it's not about just being tough on crime," Chronister said. "We can be tough when we need to, but it's about being smart on crime. Helping to rehabilitate individuals, focusing on mental health, drug addiction, hiring a workforce that's more reflective of the community we serve. I think there's a lot of reasons that we get this crossover bipartisan support because partisan politics has no role when it comes to keeping us and our relatives safe."

Meanwhile, Darryl Rouson won re-election in Florida Senate's District 19, while incumbent state representatives Mike Beltran, Lawrence McClure, Jackie Toledo and Susan Valdes will return to office.

Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer says results are not finalized until 12 days after the election.

Unofficial turnout figures for the county show percent of registered voters participated in this election, several points higher than the , and elections.

Vote-by-mail nearly doubled since , while voting at the polls on election day went down.

Democrats voted more than Republicans and independents in Hillsborough overall, but the latter two groups turned out in higher numbers on Election Day.

State Senate

District 19

Paylan, Christina (NPA)- %

Rouson, Darryl Ervin (DEM) *Incumbent- %

District 21

Boyd, Jim (REP)- %

Eldon, Anthony “Tony” DEM- %

State House Of Representatives

District 57

Beltran, Mike (REP) *Incumbent -- %

Hottenstein, Scott "Mr. H" (DEM) -- %

District 58

McClure, Lawrence (REP) *Incumbent -- %

Townsend Jr, Cleo L. "CL" (DEM) -- %

District 59

Learned, Andrew (DEM) -- %

Owen, Michael (REP) -- %

District 60

Jenkinds, Julie (DEM) -- %

Toledo, Jackie (REP) *Incumbent -- %

District 62

Rodriguez-Person, Laurie (NPA) -- %

Urbina Capo, Angel S. (REP) -- %

Valdes, Susan L. (DEM) *Incumbent -- %

District 64

Koster, Traci (REP)-- %

Harrington, Jessica (DEM)-- %

Hillsborough County Races

State Attorney

Warren, Andrew %

Perotti, Mike -- %

Hillsborough County Sheriff

Chad Chronister (REP) -- %

Gary Pruitt (DEM) -- %

Ron McMullen (NPA) %

County By County Results

Pasco | Hillsborough | Manatee | Sarasota | Pinellas | Polk | Hernando | Citrus | Sumter | Highlands | DeSoto | Charlotte | Hardee 

Sours: https://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/politics-issues//hillsborough-election-results

Election Update

from Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections · 17 Oct 18

Sample ballots should be arriving in your mail this week. If you do not receive one, you can also look up your sample ballot online at VoteHillsborough.org.

We are still taking Vote By Mail requests, so if you want to vote from the convenience of your own home, call () or visit VoteHillsborough.org to request one.

If you prefer to vote in person, Early Voting begins this Monday!
You can vote in any of our 20 Early Voting locations, open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., every day from Oct. 22 - Nov. 4, including the weekends.

I'm attaching a map of our Early Voting locations. Next week, you can visit VoteHillsborough.org/EarlyVote and get directions to the site closest to you and check to see if there's a wait.

Don't forget, Election Day - Nov. 6 - is your last chance to vote in the General Election.

17 Oct 18· Subscribers of Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections in Safety


Sours: https://nextdoor.com/agency-post/fl/hillsborough-county/hillsborough-county-supervisor-of-elections/election-update/
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The Hillsborough County Voter Guide: How to Register, Mail-in Ballots

One of my heroes passed this year. John Lewis, the incredible civil rights activist and Congressman from Georgia was a fierce advocate of voting and the necessity of voting. In July of , he said, “The right to vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool or instrument in a democratic society. We must use it.” 

That may seem melodramatic, but that’s because we’ve had the right to vote. I’ve never lived in a world where I had to fight for my right to vote. John Lewis and all the Civil Rights Activists throughout history did that for us. Now we get to use that right. 

I know that voting can be intimidating because it seems like there are so many bureaucratic hoops to jump through, but I promise, it’s so much easier than you think. Follow this simple voter guide and you’ll be ready to hit the polls in no time!

In order to vote in Hillsborough County, there are a couple of things that you need to do. 

Remote Ballot Drop-Off Locations

Between October 19, – November 1, , from 7am- 7pm, you can drop off your ballot at any of these remote drop-off ballot locations. 

Note: On November 2 and 3, you can only drop off at these 4 locations.
Fred B Karl County Center E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa
Northwest Elections Office Gunn Hwy, Tampa
Robert L Gilder Elections Service Center N Falkenburg Rd, Tampa
Southeast Elections Office S US Hwy , Riverview

Early Voting Ends on November 1

If you are registered already and wish to vote in person ahead of November 3, at a polling place instead of using a mail-in ballot, early voting is from October 24, – November 1, You can vote early in person at these locations between 7am – 7pm, Monday through Sunday. There is also a list of what you will need to bring. Make sure you have your valid photo ID with a signature on it. Make sure your signature matches the signature that the government has on file.

Want someone else to deliver your mail in ballot? Any person can collect and return other voters’ voted absentee ballots to the Supervisor of Elections.

Where to Vote on Election Day &#; November 3 

If you&#;re voting in person on Tuesday, November 3, here&#;s what you need to know. First, you&#;ll need to find your precinct and polling location. Click here to find your is on Vote Hillsborough. Polls open at 7am and close at 7pm on election day. Voter turnout is projected to be higher than average so expect a wait time at your polling location. Make sure to have a valid picture ID ready to show when you arrive.

If you are in line to vote when polls close at 7pm, stay in line. You will be allowed to vote as long as you remain in line. If you witness any form of voter intimidation, call the election protection hotline listed here.

Make sure your vote counted!

The best part about vote-by-mail is that you can verify your ballot was received! Your Supervisor of Elections has a “Track Your Ballot” tool on their website. You can know when exactly when your ballot is received and counted.

If your ballot shows that it wasn&#;t counted, there are fixes! A Supervisor of Elections is required to notify a voter as soon as it is practical if a voter&#;s signature is missing or does not match the one on record. You can also
call to check the status. Once you learn about the missing or mismatched signature, you can complete and return a “Vote-by-Mail Ballot Cure” Affidavit with a copy of identification. The deadline to submit the form and the ID is no later than 5 p.m. (local time) on the 2nd day after an

Visit Vote Hillsborough for all the information any local voter would need ahead of the elections.

Sours: https://thatssotampa.com/the-hillsborough-county-voter-guide-how-to-register-mail-in-ballots/
Scott wins court ruling in Hillsborough County elections recount

Voting today? Here’s the best time to cast your ballot if you’re in Hillsborough County

HILLSBOROUGH CO., Fla. (WFLA) &#; Despite record number of early voters and people voting by mail, there are still plenty of people heading in to vote on Election Day.

&#;I just got done voting,&#; exclaimed Liz Rosario after casting her ballot at Bay Life Church in Brandon.

In Hillsborough County, people lined up outside polling stations an hour before they opened at 7 a.m.

&#;This is the first time I&#;ve seen this many people here,&#; Lisa Eshbaugh told 8 On Your Side&#;s Marco Villarreal.

&#;I got here, it was probably around and there was probably around 20 people in line so it wasn&#;t too bad,&#; said Rosario. &#;I have voted in early voting before, but it&#;s just something about voting on Election Day that I just prefer to vote on election day. It&#;s more exciting.&#;

Those who plan to vote in-person later today should make sure to go to the correct polling location. Unlike early voting, you can&#;t just go to any site.

Second, you need to bring a driver&#;s license or a government ID.

And if you&#;re planning to vote in-person and want a shorter line, the best time to go is around 10 a.m. or 2 p.m., according to Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer.

&#;First thing in the morning, 7 a.m., we generally have people lined up and ready to go to work. It&#;s a busy time. Then, 6 p.m. at night. I tell people 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. That&#;s where you&#;re going to have the best success,&#; Latimer said.

Due to COVID this election voters need to wear their mask and practice social distancing.

Despite record turnout for early voting and voting by mail some chose to do in person for peace of mind.

&#;If it&#;s going to get there in time, or if it&#;s going to wind up in the trash, you know something along those lines, and I thought, well, the only way to beat that is to go in person,&#; said Eshbaugh.

Voters have until 7 pm to get in line. Mail-in ballots can still be dropped off at the four Supervisor of Elections Offices in Hillsborough County.


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County ballot hillsborough

Secrecy sleeve not required for Hillsborough County mail-in ballot to count

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — More and more Floridians are choosing to vote by mail this election instead of heading to the polls. Here at ABC Action News we are working to get any questions you have answered to help you have confidence that your vote will count this election.

Several ABC Action News viewers have raised concerns about the secrecy sleeve included in the vote-by-mail package so we went straight to Craig Latimer, who is Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, for answers.

“Normally what we will do is we will take the secrecy sleeve with the ballot out of the envelope and then the envelope goes off the table so there is no association,” said Latimer.

The secrecy sleeve is an extra layer of protection for the voter. If a Hillsborough County voter forgets to include it when they mail or bring their ballot back, it is not an issue.

“It’s not a problem if they forget the secrecy sleeve and just put it in the envelope. That happens, we see it. It’s not going to be withheld,” said Latimer.

He did suggest reading all of the information on the secrecy sleeve because it answers most questions people have for the elections offices.

Voters have the option of mailing back their ballot, bringing it to an elections office, or dropping it off at an early voting location once they open on October 19,

Latimer said problems the elections office does see are people forgetting to sign and date the back of the envelope or signatures not matching.

“There is a cure for that though. We will begin to immediately start reaching out to you. On the back of the envelope we ask for more information to reach out to you so you can cure that signature mismatch or that issue,” said Latimer.

ABC Action News made a Guide to Elections that includes important deadlines and a county-by-county breakdown on how to track your ballot, find your polling location and request a vote-by-mail ballot.

Sours: https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-hillsborough/secrecy-sleeve-not-required-for-hillsborough-county-mail-in-ballot-to-count-supervisor-of-elections-says
Hillsborough County sets turnout record for opening day of early voting

Florida elections supervisors: New voting law makes it harder to request and return ballots

TALLAHASSEE — The president of the Florida Supervisors of Election said the voting reforms passed by lawmakers Thursday night will make it harder to request and return vote by mail ballots.

In a Friday morning statement, Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer, a Democrat, criticized the “initial and unnecessary call for election reform” that led to the changes.

He pledged to adhere to the new law but lamented that the Legislature didn’t make it easier to use secure drop boxes for Floridians voting by mail.

“In our voters overwhelmingly appreciated the peace of mind that came from dropping their mail ballot off in a secure drop box, because they knew that by using the drop box instead of a mailbox, their ballot would be received on time,” Latimer said.

“We should be looking for cost-effective ways to expand their use, including the use of secure hour drop boxes with camera surveillance,” Latimer added. “Instead, the new legislation prohibits that.”

Lawmakers passed dozens of changes to the state’s elections laws on Thursday night, a reaction, Republicans said, to easing voters’ fears about elections security following the election. Former President Donald Trump alleged widespread voter fraud without providing evidence.

The changes limit the use of drop boxes, which were popular among voters in November. Drop boxes can only be used during early voting hours, and they must be manned by an elections office employee, which could prove costly. Drop box locations also can’t be changed within 30 days of an election.

The bill also limits the amount of time Floridians can request a vote by mail ballot. Instead of requesting a ballot for the next two general elections, requests can only be made for the next general election.

DeSantis said on Fox News Thursday night said the changes were shoring up security following a smooth election. Florida was widely praised for how quickly it counted ballots in November.

“We think we lead the nation, but we’re trying to stay ahead of the curve to make sure that these elections as they are held in Florida, you can have confidence,” he said.

Latimer and other elections supervisors said voters already had confidence in Florida’s elections.

“Our hope is that the initial and unnecessary call for election reform will not detract from the confidence that was well-earned in ,” Latimer said.

Lawmakers removed many of the most contentious proposals, including an outright ban on the use of drop boxes and requiring someone to show an ID when using a drop box.

Latimer and other elections supervisors said they appreciated working with lawmakers.

“Although I can’t say I agree with all of the provisions in the bill, I look forward to continuing to work with the Legislature next session to make needed improvements before the mid-term elections” in , Okaloosa County Elections Supervisor Paul Lux said on Facebook Thursday night.

Times/Herald staff writer Mary Ellen Klas contributed to this report.

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