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With Structural Correction we will get structural radiographic imaging, functional nerve and muscle scans and show you exactly what is going on, so that we can move toward the correct path to getting better!

We have been serving Clifton Park NY and the surrounding areas (Halfmoon, Rexford, Latham, Troy, Schenectady, Albany) for over 10 years!

Precision Chiropractic is conveniently located in beautiful Clifton Park. Let us help you with your headaches, migraines, low back pain, sciatica, neck pain and bulging discs. We offer non-surgical Spinal Decompression for disc bulges, disc herniations, pinched nerves and slipped discs. If you have been looking for migraine relief, back pain relief, headache relief... look no further!

We have helped thousands of individuals who have searched how to stop headaches, how to stop back pain, how to fix headaches, how to fix neck pain, how to stop back pain, how to fix back pain, natural headache treatments, natural back pain treatment and more! We are located less than 20 minutes from Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Latham, Cohoes, Rexford, Halfmoon, and Saratoga.

I've had almost 40 years of back pain and I was tired of just dealing with it. I met Dr. Marotta through a lunch and learn at my office and he opened my eyes to what I've been missing in chiropractic care. He is more than just a chiropractor, he makes your overall health & wellness his first priority. He created a plan that would change my life by using modern technology & multiple techniques. Switching to Precision Chiropractic was the best decision I've made. Currently I'm on a maintenance plan and feel the best I've felt in years. I was so pleased with my progress that I referred my daughter. Please call Tina to set you appointment today! They will definitely make you feel at home and part of their family."

Noel H.

I have recovered from a motorcycle and a car accident. I've learned just as with any medical practitioner, there are good ones and bad ones. Dr. Marotta is one of the better chiropractors I've had. He has helped me with my adjustments, over wellness and when necessary has been flexible to work with my busy schedule. I'm grateful for the treatment and care I've received.

Gary W.

We love going here! We've been bringing our boy here since he was born. My husband is a regular. Highly recommend anyone going here.

Carry O.

Here's What People Are Saying

Myself and the kids come in for adjustments as often as we can. What a difference!!

Steve W.

I've just experienced my first visit with Dr. Antonio Marotta this afternoon and I need to say what an wonderful, amazing and educational visit it was! I have been dealing with severe lower back pain for what feels like forever and after my visit today I am feeling tremendous relief. I was so overwhelmed to feel little to no pain upon standing or bending that I almost started to cry. I highly recommend this practice, they make you feel so welcome and his receptionist Tina will greet you with a smile. I have never been to a Chiropractor who was that thorough, attentive and informative. Thank you Antonio, I am a patient for life!

Sherri D.


Complimentary Consultation

The Purpose of NeuroStructural  Chiropractic is

To Provide Lasting Structural Correction & Neurological Enhancement

Welcome To Our NeuroStructural Health Center

Located In Clifton Park, NY

As a team, it is our mission to help create a healthy community by empowering people to achieve greater levels of health and wellness through personalized NeuroStructural chiropractic care. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive solution to eliminate structural abnormalities related to the spine’s foundation and improve the integrity of the nervous system. We are not your typical chiropractic office.Traditional chiropractic simply offers temporary symptomatic relief while increasing range of motion and reducing muscle spasms. NeuroStructural chiropractic addresses the structural abnormalities "Structural Shifts" in the spine and pelvis. Structural Shifts of the spine and pelvis commonly develop into secondary conditions, which are expressed as symptoms. Correcting the Structural Shifts will reduce the associated secondary conditions and allow your body to function at its optimal capacity.

Dr. Patrick Newman has extensive training in the science, art and philosophy of NeuroStructural chiropractic correction. Our practice members are analyzed using objective indicators and tools of measurement which ensure correction is necessary. Precise NeuroStructural adjustments are coupled with NeuroStructural rehabilitative exercises and therapies to meet your specific corrective needs.

NeuroStructural Chiropractic care is an integrative approach which enhances the body’s innate ability to heal and is suitable for people of all ages. Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential, whether you are currently experiencing a health crisis, injury or looking to improve the performance of your body.

We are here for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with the doctor today!

A consultation is just a Conversation, NOT a Commitment. If you like what you hear during the consultation, we invite you to continue on with the NeuroStructural Chiropractic Examination, or schedule it for the following day. After the examination, we will schedule a conference where we will review the results and discuss how we may be able to help you.


We will always take the time to hear all of your health concerns and look forward to getting to know you. During this time, you will get to know us and learn how we differ from many other healthcare offices.

Additionally, the consultation will provide you with an overview of Neurostructural Chiropractic Correction and how it varies from traditional chiropractic methods. Together, we will be able to decide if this type of correction is best suited for you and your health needs. If you choose to continue with the NeuroStructural Examination, we will perform several objective assessments to identify your Structural Shifts by using state of the art technology. A NeuroStructural Chiropractic Examination includes a complete NeuroStructural Correction radiographic assessment and interpretation, a comprehensive structural 3D analysis, a spinal movement study and any necessary neurological and orthopedic tests. These objective indicators will detect, identify and measure the Structural Shifts which are present and provide a blueprint for the care that is needed to correct them.


To schedule an appointment for your complimentary consultation,

please call our office at (518)383-5595 or

click the Schedule Now button at the bottom of the page.

Focused on NeuroStructural Correction

A Unique Approach & Experience

At our NeuroStructural health center, we offer a pressure free environment, which allows you to make your own informed decisions. We know that when our practice members are in control of their own health choices, they are more likely to stay on track and reach their goals. Ultimately, we want you to have your independence and the confidence to achieve your greatest level of health. We will address the Structural Shifts of your spine and pelvis, tailor a treatment plan specifically for your needs and provide you with the right tools to successfully reach optimal spinal wellness.

Dr. Patrick Newman focuses on NeuroStructural Correction for three primary reasons.

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Traditional Vs. NeuroStructural Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractic and NeuroStructural chiropractic vary greatly.The primary focus of traditional chiropractic is to provide "symptom-based" relief care by mobilizing the joints of the body to increase range of motion, decrease muscular spasms and temporarily reduce pain. NeuroStructural chiropractic takes a foundational approach by addressing the Structural Shifts of the spine and pelvis. The primary Structural Shifts we work with are Anterior Head Syndrome and Pelvic Displacement Complex. Correcting these primary conditions are critical for optimal spinal health. 

Traditional methods patch secondary conditions. NeuroStructural Chiropractic targets the root cause.     

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Structural Shifts & Secondary Conditions

Structural Shifts are detected using objective perimeters and tools of measurement. In healthcare there are established normal values for diagnostic evaluation, these are known as reference ranges. Reference ranges are used to evaluate blood pressure, pulse pressure, pulse rate, respiration, lipid levels and body temperature. The human frame has established normal values for spinal curvatures and regional positioning from a 3-dimensional perspective. Our Structural Shift assessment will detect and measure your individual values and compare them to the reference range. If the values fall outside of the reference range, this may indicate that a Structural Shift is present.


Structural Shifts alter the foundation of your spine leading to increased stress on your spinal bones, discs, ligaments and supporting musculature. Due to the increased stress on the frame, secondary  conditions will manifest and are expressed as symptoms. 


We help alleviate your secondary conditions by building a stronger structural foundation through NeuroStructural Chiropractic Correction.

State Of  The Art Services 

At our NeuroStructural health center, it is our goal to restore the structural integrity of your spine and nervous system. In order to accomplish our goal, we provide numerous services at our office, including:

Evaluation Services

  • NeuroStructural Correction Radiographs

  • Comprehensive Structural 3D Analysis

  • Full-Spine Static Structural Assessment

  • Spinal Movement Study

  • Neurological Testing

  • Orthopedic Testing

Therapeutic Services

  • NeuroStructural Corrective Adjustments

  • Structural Kinetic Chain Assessment & Correction

  • Structurally Corrective Exercises & Rehabilitation

  • NeuroStructural Advanced Vibration Therapy

  • Structural Traction

  • Nutrition Counseling 

Learn More >

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Rugani Family Chiropractic

AvatarMary Mazzotta★★★★★in the last week

I have been going to Dr. Rugani for a few months, for a sciatica and neck issue that was getting quite painful. Within a… More few appointments, I was feeling so much better. Not only did Dr. Rugani do manual adjustments, he also incorporated various modes of physiotherapy ( ultrasound, interferential electrical muscle stimulation) into my treatment sessions. Additionally, he gave me exercises and stretching postures to do at home and made recommendations for lifestyle changes, like raising my laptop screen to eye level to alleviate neck tension, etc. This all encompassing approach, along with his warm , friendly and professional personality , made choosing him for my chiropractor an excellent choice!!!

Clifton Park Chiropractor Saratoga County - NY Antonio Marotta, DC

Surface EMG

I highly recommend the Always Healthy Chiropractic Experience...

Lynn S.


Because of Dr. Noonan, I am playing soccer at 44 years old...

Paul B.


We could not be Happier...

Dan and Tracy B.


Dr. Noonan was my alternative to back surgery...

Robert S.


Dr. Noonan has a wonderful bedside manner...

Jessica M.


I always look forward to my appointment there!...

Bob W.


After my 1st adjustment I noticed a major difference...

Laura M.

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    Back pain • Neck pain • Sciatica • Joint pain • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Tennis elbow • Disc injuries • Degenerated discs • Scoliosis • Headaches • Migraines • Fibromyalgia

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