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Mommy Poppins Includes C Lazy U Ranch as “Must-Try”

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In the fall of 2020, the C Lazy U wranglers were brushing Joy, our newest Clydesdale mare, when they felt a baby move – and a few months later, Remi was born! A year later, we’re checking in with Remi and Joy to see what they’ve been up to, how their personalities have grown, and … Continued

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From the Horse's Mouth

“Peace and Relaxation in a beautiful setting!”

We took our kids and my mother here for a Summer vacation in July of 2015. What a beautiful we pulled up there were Cowboys greeting us at check in. Lodging, staff, food, scenery is 5 stars. I know we'll be back one day...and we can't wait to plan it!

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Mommy Poppins expands. Boston and LA moms, rejoice!

When I first discovered Mommy PoppinsI remember thinking, oh finally–a non-pretentious guide to all the best things to do around New York and the NYC area. There is rarely a week in which I fail to check the site to find free activities, special events, and great news about goings-on around town that my kids will love.

Now? They’re in LA and Boston too. Whoo!

Mommy Poppins LA and Mommy Poppins Boston offer the same great, searchable nav. You can check activities by age, neighborhood, type of activity or date. Or just keep an eye on the handy calendar on the home page for a snapshot of events today and in the coming week.

I love that the site is searchable in so many ways, from age to
neighbohood to date, making it so easy to find amazing things to do. It’s how I’ve found out about everything from free concerts to author readings to reminders about apple picking or neighborhood Halloween parades. There’s also a lot of great editorial content that’s helpful for families; a few years ago I guest-posted a guide to Brooklyn Heights for families on the NY site, and I loved reading all the other entries, seeing my city through the eyes of the other parents who live there.

Clearly there are fewer postings on the two new sites, but knowing publisher Anna Fader, no doubt there will be tons, soon. Today, LA and Boston. Tomorrow–the world. Lucky parents. –Liz

You can find tons of family friendly activities and events at Mommy Poppins NY, Mommy Poppins NJ, Mommy Poppins Long Island, Mommy Poppins CT, and now, Mommy Poppins LA, Mommy Poppins Boston

[image: life is good music festival, via mommy poppins]


Written by Stephanie Slate

Stephanie Slate is an Ontario-based writer, crunchy mom, and celebrity stroller expert. And no, she does not say "eh."

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Mommy Poppins - Find Remote Work From Home or Flexible Jobs

About Mommy Poppins

Researched & Written by Jess Vyvial-Larson on the FlexJobs Team

Mommy Poppins is "the unpretentious parents' guide" to kid-friendly activities, free events, books, urban nature, travel ideas, creative projects, food, and parent-to-parent reviews and recommendations. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in New York, New York, Mommy Poppins serves readers throughout the NYC tri-state metro area, which includes Connecticut and New Jersey, and in Boston, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Houston, Texas; and Los Angeles, California. The company is continuously growing and expanding its resources to include new regions across the U.S.

Written by local parents interested in seeking out cool, unconventional, family-friendly activities, Mommy Poppins' goal is to provide readers with opportunities for family-enriching experiences. Users can find the latest articles about popular classes, camps, parties, and other events in their city; filter listings by age, area, and category; and use Mommy Poppins' map function to find events nearby.

As an employer, Mommy Poppins is self-described as a friendly team of telecommuters "who work from home to share enriching experiences with kids" and are driven to create the web's best content for families. The company provides its staff with "the flexibility to spend more time with [their] own kids," drawing from those experiences to furnish fellow parents with valuable resources. Part-time and freelance, telecommuting jobs with flexible schedules have been offered by Mommy Poppins in the past. The company seeks professionals with accurate, confident writing abilities who are capable of meeting deadlines and possess their own reliable computer and high-speed Internet.

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By Jody Mercier


Big things are happening at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. The museum we alreadylove for so many reasonshas opened two new exhibits in the past six weeks, including the just-introducedSuperpowered Metropolis: Early Learning City, which debuted over the weekend.

The exhibit takes over the ground floor space, bringing to life a trio of super-hero inspired pigeons who are ready to lead the institution’s youngest visitors on an interactive, city-inspired journey meant to build early learning lessons and set them up for success in school and beyond.

Read on for an introduction to the new feathered friends, Zip, Zap, and Zoom and to learn more about this exhibit that’s big fun for little kids and their grownups.

Superpowered Metropolis: Early Learning Citycaters to kids ages 0-6, and its focus, backed by big-time science and research conducted at institutions like NYU, Columbia, and Harvard, introduces babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to three executive functioning skills. While CMOM’s not trying to get babies prepped for the boardroom, these crucial skills are developed early in life and help them soar as they grow.

Fun graphics dot the walls of the exhibit and are jam-packed with info about the research that bright Superpowered Metropolis to life.

Each skill—or superpower—is presented in an ultra kid-friendly way, by the exhibit’s main characters, a trio of pigeons. Zip teaches self-control and demonstrates an ability to take a “power pause” before jumping into action; Zap’s got a big-thinking brain and is a memory master who likes to sort information and follow directions; Zoom’s superpower is mental flexibility, illustrated by curiosity and expert problem-solving skills.

While the research and science behind these skills are presented in placards throughout the exhibition, what kids are most likely to see is a brightly colored space packed with comic book-style graphics and plenty of ways to romp and play.

Climb to the top of the treehouse, crawl through the slide, or curl up with a book in the cozy nest-inspired nook. There’s even a slide.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is a two-story treehouse with a slide, cave, and reading nook donated to the museum by the well-loved and now-closed City Treehouse play space in Chelsea. It’s the command center for Zip, Zap, and Zoom and an excellent hideout to spy all the fun below, especially if you take a peep through the periscope up top.

Little ones will love the instruments in the music room. There’s even a gong to strike.

Multiple play areas allow little ones plenty of ways to engage with the characters and New York City itself serves as the backdrop. You’ll see whimsical murals of familiar landmarks, and both a xylophone and train table modeled after the city’s subway map.

The Baby Central Station area is sheltered from the wild romping areas and offers plenty of safe places to crawl and climb for infants and toddlers.

Infants up to age 2 get their own soft play space in Baby Central Station, where the famous clock seemingly beckons them to work on their crawling and cruising skills as they conquer a soft-climber to reach it. The socks-only area is blocked off from the main exhibit, so little ones can safely explore. Its half-height walls make it easy for parents to supervise multiple kids in different areas of the exhibit.

The Whimsical Wind Blowing Fountain inspired plenty of smiles. 

A colorful series of pipes make up the Whimsical Wind Blowing Fountain, which encourages kids to build teamwork by shooting floating scarves into the air and then try to catch them. It was easily the biggest hit for my daughters when we explored the space. Though they’re older than the target audience, they still had plenty of fun.

Other highlights include the Pigeon Mobile, which gives kids an chance to take the wheel and maneuver through the city, as far as their imaginations take them, a trio of tablets with brain-building games developed at NYU’s CREATE Lab, and plenty of fun photo ops, including striking a power pose right next to your newSuperpowered Metropolisfriends.

Superpowered Metropolis: Early Learning Cityis now open at theChildren’s Museum of Manhattan. A visit to the exhibit is included in museum admission, which is $15 for all visitors over 1 year of age. While you’re there, be sure to check out the newly-openedInside Arton the first floor as well as our otherfavorite exhibits.

Photos by the author


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By Jody Mercier


At CMOM, visitors ages 3-10 get an up-close view of larger-than-life contemporary art installations. Photo courtesy of CMOM


New Exhibits at CMOM– Upper West Side
Opening January 18 & February 14
The Children’s Museum of Manhattan debuts two new exhibitions in the next two months. The first, opening January 18, Inside Art takes over the first-floor gallery and gives visitors ages 3-10 an up-close view of larger-than-life contemporary art installations then provides the space and materials to inspire kids to create their masterpieces. Connect with the artists in residence in their on-site studios, too. In the forthcoming Superpowered Metropolis: Early Learning City, which opens February 14, visitors age 0-6 step inside a comic book-inspired educational city scene meant to build early childhood skills like self-control, memory, and mental flexibility through hands-on fun, including a two-story treehouse, a train table, and more. Guests under age 2 will enjoy the padded Baby Central Station, perfect for building early motor skills.



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