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With the surge in internet usage, the need for reliable modems has also increased. However, it is not an easy choice with so many different cable modems like Netgear, Arris and others available. Just because a particular cable modem works the best for your friend, the same might not work for you.

If you are looking into getting a good-quality cable modem to provide cable internet, consider the Netgear Nighthawk CM. Is it a cable modem with router? Is it the best cable modem? Is it a DOCSIS modem? Is it backward compatible with DOCSIS as well as DOCSIS ? What makes it the best compared to others like Arris? Take a look at this Netgear CM review to see if it is the best choice for you.

Features to Look Out For

The popularity of the DOCSIS and cable modem has been steadily on the rise as one of the best. Why might Netgear Nighthawk CM be the best choice? Take a look at its features.

Sleek Look and Great Build

The Netgear Nighthawk CM DOCSIS Cable Modem has a sleek build. It easily fits in most places because it is compact and thin. Since it is black, it also seamlessly blends in, without being an eyesore. If you are looking for a cable modem that you can tuck away this is one of the best choices.

The dimensions of this Netgear cable modem are 10 x 7 x 5 inches, which is quite small in terms of gigabit cable modems. This can be of great advantage especially if you live in a small apartment or your workspace is limited. Plus, if you have other equipment around, it helps save space for them. The weight of this cable modem is measured at pounds. As it is pretty lightweight, you will have no problem shifting it when needed. Heavy cable modems can stand in the way of you conveniently cleaning your space. This can especially create a problem when you also have a wifi router. The whole set-up of the router plus the cable modem can be quite bulky if you are not mindful of their individual weight.

There are several indicators on the cable modem that tells you about its current state, vertically lined up along the side of the cable modem. If they are green, the connection is strong and working at its best. Red means that it is not working well. There can be multiple reasons for this including a weak signal. To fix this, you can restart the cable modem. You can also check in with your internet service provider to see if there are any problems with a weak signal. It might also mean that your cable modem has overheated. However, chances of this are less because the perforated design of the Netgear CM ensures it stays well ventilated while working. This feature also makes it one of the best DOCSIS modems. These indicators are very conveniently placed and make it easy for the user to know how their Netgear Nighthawk CM DOCSIS cable modem is faring.

Easy Installation

This device is only a gigabit DOCSIS modem. You have to buy a router separately. While you might think this will cost you some extra bucks, you can save up in other ways-when you do not have to call for support to help you install the cable modem. The Netgear CM is easy to install.

You do not need to know any deep secrets of technology to be able to best install this cable modem. It comes with a user manual as well as a self-activation feature. If it is not present in your model, you can follow the regular steps for activation in modems which are easy enough. Have a talk with your ISP if you face any hurdles. However, it is almost always easy enough to set this cable modem by oneself.

Good Compatibility and Support

One of the best features of any cable modem is of course its compatibility and the support it provides. The Netgear Nighthawk CM does not disappoint on this front. This modem works with most routers. If you have an old router, you might not have to get a new one when you switch to this cable modem.

Nevertheless, it is always good to check the support system of this gigabit cable modem. You also need to check the compatibility with your provider. The CM works best with Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, and Cox. Comcast is a common enough provider which makes this Netgear modem useful at most households. The manufacturer has also stated that they have left space for upgrades should there be any. So even if your cable internet service plan changes in the future, you will have nothing to worry about in terms of support from this cable modem.

There are also several sufficient ports present on this cable modem. Although it has a small build, it easily connects with most routers via these ports. However, it does not come with voice over ports. If you do not need wi-fi, the ethernet port will connect to the internet. The CM has two ethernet ports or LAN ports compared to earlier Netgear modems which had only one. These 2 gigabit ethernet ports helps this modem in link aggregation. Link aggregation helps with the speed of the modem and provides “multi-gig” speeds. This is a great feature to look out for in this gigabit modem.

The Netgear CM meets the DOCSIS standard and is also backward compatible with DOCSIS So it can work both as a and modem. It has 32 downstream as well as 8 upstream channels. These multiple upstream channels and downstream channels ensure the best speed as does the link aggregation. This Netgear cable modem supports cable internet speeds of up to 2 GBPS (1 gbps + 1 gbps), which is equivalent to mbps+ mbps. Courtesy of the multiple upstream channels, the speed is quite fast. Since it is backward compatible with DOCSIS , you can also utilize this older technology.

If you decide to get wi-fi, you will need to have a separate router and connect it with a ethernet cable to the modem. As we have said, most of them are compatible with this Netgear modem. You can ask your provider for suitable internet plans to make the most of this modem. Get ready to say goodbye to lagging pages and sloth-like loading speed when you have the CM

Smooth Gameplay and Video Streaming

The high speed internet, DOCSIS support, the 2 gigabit ethernet ports and link aggregation via these all go on to make this Netgear modem support activities that require fast loading speed. Since it has multiple upstream channels and downstream channels, the loading speed is fast. If you play games or stream videos in high quality, like 4K, you will require the best internet speed. You can be assured to have that with this Netgear modem.

It supports speedy uploads as well as downloads. Since it has multiple upstream and downstream channels, you can do several tasks at once with minimal glitches. You can divide your tasks between them to ensure everything can run smoothly. This also makes for great movie nights! Movies usually take up a lot of time to download. Even if you stream them, bad internet can lead to a poor experience. With the Netgear CM, you will not face any such problem as the speed is usually really fast.


The Netgear Nighthawk CM is also an affordable option among all the modems that are currently available in the market. With the number of features and benefits offered in this modem, this might just be your best value for money buy. You not only save money from easy and self-installation but also on rental charges. With the CM, you are assured to save at least $ a year on ISP equipment monthly rental fees.

Since it is so inexpensive, it is better to switch over to a personal modem like Netgear or Arris. Rented modems can be more susceptible to malware attacks. Plus, it is always better to use something that you own yourself. With a rented modem, you will have to be extremely careful so that no harm is done to the device.


Although the CM is a durable device, it is always assuring to know that you have some back-up. You get 1 year of protection from Netgear, at no additional cost! You have to pay $0 for any repairs. This includes labor costs, parts as well as shipping. Isn’t that a great deal? It ensures you can use your Netgear modem with 0 hesitance. Any repairs needed at any time during one year-all costs will be covered by the company itself.

Reasons to Get the Netgear Nighthawk CM DOCSIS Modem

Now that you know what are some great features of the Netgear CM, take a look at some reasons on why this might be a great buy!

No Intel Puma Chipsets

The dreaded Intel Puma chipsets found in previous cable modems, you won’t find that in this cable modem, no random disconnects for you.

Works with DOCSIS

This Netgear modem is equipped with the latest DOCSIS technology as well as backward compatible with DOCSIS This gets you the best of both worlds. With only one modem, you can use devices compatible with both of these types.

An Inexpensive Investment

Not only is this Netgear modem cheap when you buy it, but it also helps you save up in the long term. How? Save up on all the extra cash that you otherwise have to pay your cable provider for a modem rental.

Easy to Set Up and Activate

More often than not, you might hesitate to buy a modem because of all the hassle that comes with setting it up and then activating it. With the CM, there are no such worries because it comes with self-activation technology.

Suitable for Many Service Providers

Compatible with several service providers like Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and more. One of the things that can be most worrying while getting a modem is that will I have to change my ISP for better support? Thankfully, with the Netgear CM, you might not have to worry about that. It works fine with most major providers like Comcast.

4K Video-Streaming Capabilities

The scope for this modem is endless. Nowadays, most videos are of high quality and you would not like to watch pixelated figures on the screen. This modem allows you to do that efficiently with the help of the many upstream channels and downstream ones. The 2 gigabit ethernet ports gives support to high-speed cable internet.

Supports High-Quality Games

Nowadays, most games have advanced and high-quality graphics which require good support. You will barely be able to play at all if your cable internet speed is not up to the mark. Since the CM has multiple upstreams and downstreams, its upload speeds and download speeds are very fast. With this modem, lack of good gigabit internet will cease to be your excuse in case you lose in a game night with friends.

Good Guarantee Program

With a 0 cost guarantee period of 1 year, Netgear CM grabs eyeballs. This is a great deal especially with even the shipping costs covered. However, do not take this as an incentive to hit your modem if the cable internet connection slows down in the middle of your favorite movie.

Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Unlike its predecessor the CM, the CM comes with two gigabit ethernet ports. These make this modem even more functional and gives it an edge over many of its competitors. Other modems that have this facility including the Arris SB Both this Arris model and the CM have almost similar features in many other aspects. For example, the Arris SB also has the same speeds as the Netgear CM

Some Drawbacks

To make a comprehensive decision, it is best to know about the few drawbacks that have been noticed in the Netgear CM.

Does Not have Voice Support

With more and more devices getting voice-support, this can be a deal-breaker. It might not be the most bothersome if you like to take the traditional route but can be quite frustrating otherwise.

Slowing Down of Internet Speed

There have been complaints regarding gigabit internet speed cutting down. It might be noticeable after a few months of running. You can also contact with your ISP for enquiry.

Multiple Ethernet Ports for only Link Aggregation

The two gigabit ethernet ports can only be used for link aggregation. You cannot use two separate devices with the two gigabit ethernet ports. This can be a severely limiting feature if you had been looking forward to using it with more than one device. However, the 2 gigabit ethernet ports with link aggregation helps in faster internet speed.

No Router

This device is only a cable modem, not a modem router. It does not come with a WiFi router. If you require Wifi at home, you need to get a compatible router to pair with this modem. The modem and router pair allows WiFi connection throughout your home. Fortunately, most routers are compatible with this modem. So, even your old router might just be of use with this cable modem.


To sum up, you can see how many great features are packed into the Netgear CM DOCSIS Modem. Hopefully, the review has been able to serve you a well-rounded idea of what all this device entails. It is a good one-time investment and lasts for a long time and is also one of the best cable modems available.

The ultimate decision lies in your hands. Make sure that the reasons why you should purchase this modem, work in harmony with your current needs. If it fits all that you have been looking for, we definitely recommend the Netgear CM as a best choice among many of its competitors like Arris.

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Netgear CM vs Netgear CM Which One To Pick?

Released as a part of Netgear’s Nighthawk series, both the CM and CM come loaded with several innovative features. At the first glance, there is hardly anything to choose between the two but I shall lay bare the basic to more pronounced distinctions in this detailed comparison. On a lighter note, both these modems are often termed timeless classics and expected to stay relevant even a few years from now.


Netgear CM vs Netgear CM Quick Comparison

TraitsNetgear CMNetgear CMWinner
Channels32 x 8 / 2 x 232 x 8 / 2 x 2DRAW
SpeedsUp to 2GbpsUp to 2GbpsDRAW
Ports2 GigE4 GigENetgear CM
Link AggregationYesYesDRAW
Compatible ISPsCox, Spectrum, Xfinity,
Mediacom, Suddenlink, RCN.
Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity, Optimum, Mediacom, WOW!.DRAW
Dimensions x x inches x x inchesNetgear CM
Price (Value for Money)$$Netgear CM

The Key Differences

The key differences between Netgear CM and CM

Wired Connectivity: Netgear CM comes equipped with two Ethernet ports as compared to four on the Netgear CM This enhancement allows you to connect several wired devices at once, even without having to purchase a router, at the very instant.

Design: While the design and accents look somewhat similar, courtesy of them being launched and touted as twin devices, the CM looks a tad slimmer and even sports a matte panel for that premium feel.

Speeds: Despite the theoretical speeds being capped at 2Gbps for both the modems, the CM seems like a better option when I tested the same with a standard internet plan. The download speeds were capped at Mbps, as opposed to Mbps assumed by the CM

Heat Management: Overheating is hardly an issue with these high-end modems. However, the meshed layout of the Netgear CM makes it a better choice when it comes to keeping heat dissipation constant and the device free of throttling and other heat-specific issues.

Pricing: The CM comes forth as the more affordable of the two by a significant sum of 30 dollars. Considering the specs sheet I feel that the CM exhibits a better cost-to-ownership ratio as despite having two additional ports, the CM still manages to reach a somewhat similar wired throughput.

Similarities Between Netgear CM and Netgear CM

  • Supports DOCSIS tech for faster processing
  • DOCSIS fall-back support for legacy devices
  • Link aggregation on two ports
  • 2&#;2 OFDM/OFDMA channels for compatible networks
  • High-speed Broadcom BCM chipset
  • Similar ISPs supported
  • MB of RAM for assisting the processor cut through interference
  • Somewhat similar layout with a uniform vertical structure 
  • IPv6 functionality
  • Excellent customer support setup
  • Integrated QoS support for better gaming performance
  • MB of storage space

Design & Port Setup

Comparing and contrasting these top-of-the-line modems feel scant unless you are aware of the nitty-gritties of the same. This is where a discussion concerning aesthetics and structural insights becomes all the more important.

Netgear CM Design

For starters, if you have been using the CM, you might have noticed the matte casing and the additional vents in play. Also at 1-pound and x x inches, the presence of this modem is quite pleasing to the eye and well within the aesthetic standards.

Netgear CM Design

While the CM from Netgear is heavier of the two at pounds. The dimensions, set at x x inches do add to the bulk but you can still easily carry it around the house. Plus, the plastic-clad chassis is adequately durable and ensures decent levels of heat dissipation.

As far as the port setup is concerned, the CM comes with 4 Gig LAN and one solitary WAN port as opposed to two GigE and one WAN slot on the CM Therefore, if you have a larger number of bandwidth-intensive devices at home, the former lets you reach out to each one, via wired connections.

Speed & Compatibility

Theoretical speeds pertaining to each model are set at 2Gbps. However, the CM is still the faster of the two with at least a 13 percent bump when ISP-rated speeds are concerned. However, the CM doesn’t have an advantage when wired speeds are concerned as despite having four ports at its behest, you only get to simultaneously use two with link aggregation.

Not to mention the inclusion of Quality of Service as a standard feature, which allows both these modems to manage and modulate speeds as per the task at hand. ISP compatibility is hardly an issue, with both the Netgear modems working rather swimmingly with the likes of Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, and more.

Who should buy the Netgear CM?

The Netgear CM shall be considered if you want to:

  • Work with high-speed ISPs
  • Stay away from overheating and throttling
  • Stream p and 4K content on separate devices

Who should buy the Netgear CM?

As per the mentioned specifications and prowess, the CM seems like a good fit for:

  • Large business setups
  • Professional gamers who loathe latency 
  • Enthusiastic streamers
  • Users with multiple smart devices at home


Despite putting up quite an effort to compare these two powerful modems, there happens to be a lot of resemblances when inherent features and traits are concerned. I took time to test each with different ISP internet plans and the deflections in speeds, throughput, heating, and even aesthetics are barely recognizable to an untrained eye.

While the comparable DOCSIS support, 32&#;8 DOCSIS channels, QoS, interactive web interface, and other features add to the buyer’s confusion, I could read between the lines and eventually came up with a single recommendation. As per speeds, aesthetics, port utility, and even cost-to-ownership ratio, the Netgear CM inches past the CM by a small yet significant margin.

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