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Fern tattoo is an excellent choice if you want a more unique and different flower tattoo. Also, if traditional designs of flowers like roses, lotus, and others look boring – fern is a great idea. So, whether you’re a nature lover or a tattoo addict – take a look at our collection of fern tattoos. They certainly are lovely plants.

Black fern leaf tattoo on the right thigh

What is the meaning of fern tattoo?

Besides being a very delicate and beautiful plant, fern also has a symbolical and magical meaning. Not so long ago, our grandparents were bringing it home. They believed it protects the home and all family members. And also, that it brings good luck and wealth to one who has it. Moreover, ancient cultures thought that the fern brings rain when it’s dry, and protects against evil spirits.

Fern tattoo by rita kit
Another fantastic fern leaf tattoo on the right rib cage by olga nekrasova

Fern has an essential meaning in ancient Baltic mythology. During the summer solstice, there’s an old tradition to look for a fern’s flower. Of course, fern doesn’t bloom, and it is just a symbol. This process symbolizes the search for life wisdom and knowledge. It is a symbol of a person’s spiritual maturity. Also, the old tales say that the fern flower reveals itself only to the bravest.

Two black ferns tattoo on both sides of the chest
Woderful solid black tattoo of a fern

Fern tattoo ideas

Usually, the ladies are the ones that choose to ink this plant on their bodies. However, we think it looks gorgeous both on men and women. Above all, it is a pretty plant which is perfect for a tattoo.

Because of its simplicity, a tattoo of a fern should also look minimalistic. The most beautiful designs are black and grey, simple and very light. Just as the real fern. Suitable both for men and women it will look good on whichever part of the body.

Colorful fern tattoos

Fern and other wildflowers tattoo on the left inner arm
Green fern tattoo with a red top
Watercolor realistic fern tattoo on the left inner wrist
Green fern tattoo on the right forearm
Subtle green tattoo of a fern leaf on the left arm
Green fern leaf tattoo on the center of the back by olga nekrasova
Realistic green fern leaf tattoo on the left rib cage
Green fern leaf on the left rib cage by olga nekrasova
Another realistic green fern leaf tattoo on the right rib cage

Black and white fern tattoos

Armband fern tattoo
Beautiful traditional fern leaf tattoo on the right forearm
Black and grey fern leaf tattoo on the left calf
Delicate black fern leaf tattoo on the left forearm by hannah nova dudley
Another black fern tattoo on the right thigh
Delicate fern tattoo on the right rib cage by dasha sumkina
Fern tattoo on the right forearm
Dotwork fern tattoo on the right shoulder
Fern tattoo on the left inner arm
Four fern leaves tattoo on the right inner arm by sasha masiuk
Fern leaf tattoo on the right rib cage
Fern leaf and rhombus tattoo on the left inner arm
Excellent black fern tattoo on the right leg
Black fern wreath tattoo around the neck
Gorgeous black fern tattoo on the left arm by olga nekrasova
Black fern leaf tattoo on the left wrist by tattooist doy
Small fern tattoo on the left wrist
Black small fern tattoo on the ankle by jakub nowicz
Outline black fern leaf tattoo on the arm
Matching fern leaves tattoos on both arms
Little black fern tattoo on the ring finger
Large black fern leaf tattoo on the left rib cage
Solid black fern tattoo on the left hand by veronica krasovska
Tiny fern leaf tattoo on the pinky
Traditional black fern tattoo on the right forearm
Three dotwork ferns on the right hand by sasha masiuk
Fern leaves tattoo on the fingers
Fern leaf tattoo on the hand
Fern leaf tattoo over the forearm
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60 Fern Tattoo Designs For Men – Leaf Ink Ideas

The fern (leaf of a plant) tattoo is becoming more popular as time passes by. There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in this particular symbol.

Leaves have been associated with many different cultures like the Celtic culture and others.

The fern could be associated with relaxation, depth, determination, change, growth, or harmony should you associate the symbol with the Celtic culture. Still, there are many meanings springing up now-a-days regarding fern tattoos that are new.

For one, it has been associated with new-age theories. This could include your belief in natural medicine like herbalism, meditation, or even crystal healing. Others are associating the symbol with nature and how strong your bond is to mother earth. Those of you who believe in all things green or have gone full vegetarian may find this symbol perfectly suited to express that part of you.

The leaves could also represent you as a person. You might be the kind of guy who can move as the wind blows. You are adaptable and capable of simply moving on into the next phase in your life.

The fern tattoo can represent a lot, which is ultimately what you want. No tattoo should be empty or shallow.

1. Forearm Fern Tattoos

Awesome Shaded Mens Fern Forearm Tattoos

Detailed Fern Tattoo On Males Forearms

Green Leaf Fern Mens Inner Forearm Tattoo Inspiration

Guys Salamander With Fern Wrist And Forearm Tattoo

Hipster Fern Mens Lower Outer Forearm Tattoo Designs

Male With Dotwork Tattoo Of Fern On Forearm

Realistic 3d Mens Fern Forearm Sleeve Tattoo With Spider Design

Small Simple Mens Fern Tribal Forearm Tattoo Design Inspiration

Tribal Forearm Male Fern Tattoo Ideas

Detailed Guys Fern Inner Forearm Tattoos

Winding Fern Mens Arm Blackwork Tattoo Designs

Detailed Guys Tribal Fern Tattoo On Arm

Carved Wood Viking Fern Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Fern Sleeve Mens Tattoo Ideas

Inner Forearm Tattoo Design Of Fern On Gentleman

Realistic Mens Fern Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Small Simple Mens Fern Black Ink Tattoos

2. Arm Fern Tattoos

Full Arm Male Fern Tribal Black Ink Tattoo Designs

Black Ink Outline Awesome Guys Tribal Fern Shoulder And Arm Tattoos

Cool Fern Guys Arm Tattoo Ideas

Guys Lantern With Fern Tattoo On Arm

Hand Holding Flower With Fern Mens Arm Tattoos

Mens Arm Fern Tattoos

Negative Space White Ink Mens Fern Tattoo On Arm

3. Sleeve Fern Tattoos

Half Seeve Tribal Male Fern Tattoo Inspiration

Floral Fern With Flowers Mens Full Arm Sleeve

Full Arm Sleeve Mens Fern Tattoo Design Ideas With Shaded Design

Dotwork Nature Themed Mens Fern Half Sleeve Tattoos

Green Fern Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Full Sleeve Fern Tattoo Design Ideas

4. Wrist Fern Tattoos

Small Guys Fern Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Tiny Mens Fern Wrist Tattoo Ideas

5. Chest Fern Tattoos

Geometric Butterfly Mens Fern Chest Tattoos

Manifest Greatness Mens Deocrative Fern Tattoo On Upper Chest

Mens Chest And Rib Cage Side Fern Tattoos

Tribal Upper Chest Male Fern Tattoo Designs

6. Side FernTattoos

Awesome Fern Tribal Male Rib Cage Side Of Body Tattoo Ideas

Green Ferns Mens Geometric Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Lower Hip And Rib Cage Side Guys Fern Tattoos

Mens Rib Cage Side Tribal Fern With Figure Face Tattoo Design

7. Rib Fern Tattoos

Masculine Guys Tribal Fern Tattoo On Ribs

8. Leg Fern Tattoos

Both Legs Just Negative Space Fern Sleeve Tattoos

Triba Polynesian Male Fern Tattoo On Leg

Mens Lower Leg Tattoo Of Fern Plant Leaf

9. Calf Fern Tattoos

Skull Fern Mens Leg Calf Tattoos

10. Thigh Fern Tattoos

Guys Manly Thigh Fern Tattoo With Black Ink Design

Cool Spiral Fern Tattoos For Guys On Arm

11. Shoulder Fern Tattoos

Creative Fern Plant Mens Shoulder Tattoos

Guys Shoulder Blade Fern Tattoo Ideas

12. Foot Fern Tattoos

Mens Negative Space Foot Fern Tattoos

Unique Foot Fern Tattoo On Man

13. Neck Fern Tattoos

Gentleman With Fern Neck And Face Tattoo Abstract

14. Watercolor Fern Tattoos

Collar Bone Guys Fern Tattoo With Watercolor Design


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Are you someone who enjoys the nature? If you are an outdoor person and you love leaves & flowers – you will enjoy this article! Here, we will talk about different & unique fern tattoo ideas that can suit men and women. Fern prints also have a unique meaning to them, so why not explore them some more?

Fern Tattoo: Is it a Good Idea

Fern Tattoo

What Does A Fern Symbolize?

Have you ever considered placing a fern tattoo over your body? A fern symbolizes your youthful side and your new chapter. If you wish to embrace and express your new journey through a tattoo – know that this one is a sincere way to do it. This is also a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness, ideal for new chapters and any new journey that is about to happen in your life.

Who Should Get A Fern Tattoo?

Fern tattoo will suit you if you are at a new phase in your life. If you are headed in a different direction, give this tattoo a shout! Fern tattoos are for:

  • Anyone who wishes to start a new chapter
  • Perfect for nature lovers
  • Ideal for you if you are moving city
  • Great for adventurous people

What Do Different Ferns Symbolize?

The size and the placement of your fern tattoo can give off different vibes and different meanings. For instance:

  • Smaller tattoos will represent your inner beliefs & minimalism side.
  • Larger tattoos are for guys or girls who love to get the attention at all times.
  • Green fern stands for your deep connection with the mother-nature.
  • Different colored ferns will show off your funky side and your unique approach to this tattoo

10 Small Fern Tattoo Ideas

1. Silver Fern Tattoo

Silver Fern Tattoo

If you are someone who loves to rock smaller and seamless tattoos give this one a go. It is so detailed and cute at the same time.

This placement will suit men the best, especially those who love to rock seamless tattoo prints, and who prefer detailed designs. It will take you less than two hours to achieve it. Heads up only for the shading part since it can be time-consuming.

2. Fern Leaf Tattoo Over Arm

Fern Leaf Tattoo Over Arm

Details are crucial when it comes to fern ideas! This one is so unique and ideal for anyone who prefers to wear glorious prints. Time-wise it can be a time-consuming piece. Luckily it is done in all black color so it won’t be too pricey.

This tattoo will represent your beauty and your patience. It will let everyone know that you know who you are and how to stay cool, calm, and collected during every situation.

3. Small Fern Tattoo

Small Fern Tattoo

You can opt for a back arm tattoo and embrace the beauty of this fern. Back side arm placement will hurt a tad bit more since there is not a lot of skin surrounding it. Guys and girls will appreciate this beauty equally.

The beauty of it and the explanation will stand for your true self and a humble period. If you’re going through something new in your life you should consider this print.

4. Neck Fern Tattoo Designs

Neck Fern Tattoo Designs

Neck tattoos are not common yet they can look stunning and divine. If you’re a girl looking for your new placement and inspiration, you should think about this creation.

A feather will symbolize your perfectionist and inner peace side. This placement and creation will scream sophistication, while the tattoo in itself is empowering and stands for inner beauty.

5. Minimalist Fern Tattoo

Minimalist Fern Tattoo

A bicep tattoo is a common choice for guys who work out. Are you someone who loves to hit the gym? You will adore this placement and the size of this tattoo. Anyone, no matter their age, will enjoy showing off their piece of art.

Express your thoughts and your positive or negative side with this piece. It is okay to have your in-between moments, just remember that.

Did you know that ferns have been on earth for 360 million years?!

6. Leg Fern Tattoo Small

Leg Fern Tattoo Small

Thigh tattoos usually look the best on women who have a bit more meat and a larger surface to work with. If you’re someone who is proud of your curves just know that you can easily wear this print.

Small and precise details will let the world know that you’re a perfectionist and someone who loves to handle everything purely on your own.

7. Collarbone Fern Leaf Tattoo

Collarbone Fern Leaf Tattoo

Collarbone placement is quite popular among women who prefer to look feminine and seek attention. If you’re a fan of chic and sexy tattoos as well as placements just know that you will adore this concept.

A tattoo that is close to your heart will stand for your pure love and happiness, as well as your spiritual growth.

8. Blue Fern Tattoo Small

Blue Fern Tattoo Small

Do you want to slightly switch it up? If so, why not look outstanding and different with your blue fern tattoo? It is a gorgeous and slightly mystical tattoo idea.

Blue is a color of loyalty, growth, and royal power. If you feel like a little rebel and you’re a fan of nature itself – why not get this blue fern?

9. Minimalist Fern Tattoo Over Leg

Minimalist Fern Tattoo Over Leg

Small leg tattoos or ankle tattoos are quite popular for both men and women. Are you someone who loves smaller tattoos, and you don’t want to get a lot of attention? This placement is perfect for you!

The size of it will tell that you are a fan of simpler and smaller art. You are an artsy soul without the need to come off looking like a pushover.

10. Green & Symmetric Fern Tattoo

Green & Symmetric Fern Tattoo

Are you a fan of symmetry? Do you enjoy precise art? If you’re someone who knows how to appreciate the beauty of subtle art and the color green, this is it!

You will come across as a fearless person who is a true artist in his or her soul.

Fun fact: ferns can help with pollution from the air and the soil.

10 Arm Fern Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Fern Tattoo Arm Design

Fern Tattoo Arm Design

If you love to rock arm tattoos and your favorite color is green, say no more and simply say yes to this idea. The size of this tattoo is quite medium to big, which is why you should think twice before you commit to it.

Several different leaves will stand for your layers and your optimistic personality. The print is also fierce and for anyone!

2. Large Arm Fern Tattoo Design

Large Arm Fern Tattoo Design

This large tattoo will take you 5-6 hours to place. It is feminine yet so pretty and unique at the same time. You can achieve it with ease no matter your age.

Slay this tattoo and let it stand for your fluffy and optimistic personality. Leaves can represent your growth and the change that has happened to you through time.

3. Fern Tattoo Forearm Green Print

Fern Tattoo Forearm Green Print

Green is a common color for tattoos. If you are a nature lover and someone who knows how to embrace the change, consider this piece!

Green stands for your wealth. If you’re proud of their materialistic and sentimental value and you love to show off your belongings you can do so with this print.

4. Forearm Tattoo Designs Green Idea

Forearm Tattoo Designs Green Idea

This side piece is for people who are into artsy prints. Detailed leaves are for pure lovers and fans of art. If you’re someone who knows how to look outstanding just know that this tattoo is the right choice.

Green is a must-have color for nature lovers. If you’re fully connected and in tune with your peaceful side try to get this tattoo.

5. Shoulder Fern Leaf Tattoo Black Idea

Shoulder Fern Leaf Tattoo Black Idea

You can always go for black and white tattoos. If you’re someone who has beautiful shoulders or you want to show off your tattoo this placement is ideal for you. You can also decorate it with your pet or someone precious or important in your life.

Black print and leaves can symbolize your peace and mystical side. If you’re in tune with your emotions and quite peaceful (as well as a nature lover) this one might suit you.

Did you know that ferns have a life span of 100 years?

6. Artsy Arm Fern Tattoo Mandala Inspired

Artsy Arm Fern Tattoo Mandala Inspired

This tattoo has that mandala-inspired print. It is a must-have for fans of black ink and those who enjoy larger tattoo ideas. You will need 5-8 hours to achieve this print. Luckily, it is not a pricey tattoo since it is done in full black color.

You can add to this design as time goes on. It will show your personality and the fact that you’re always trying to come off as a genuine person.

7. Dark Green Fern Tattoo Arm

Dark Green Fern Tattoo Arm

This is a pretty forearm tattoo, wouldn’t you agree? It is a bright and loud tattoo that screams for attention. It is also quite elegant and feminine at the same time.

Green is a color of success and inner growth. If you are on your spiritual journey you can show it with this fern design.

8. Small & Minimalistic Fern Tattoo For Women

Small & Minimalistic Fern Tattoo For Women

You can always combine different colors and pops with your tattoos. Are you satisfied with your tattoo artist? If you trust them you can show it with this artsy idea.

This duo will symbolize your glorious and comfortable side. You are that person who doesn’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone, but you’re also always in tune with everything that goes around you.

9. Black Shoulder Fern Tattoos

Black Shoulder Fern Tattoos

The black ink can also look cute and gorgeous if done the right way. This tattoo idea is simply perfect for minimalism lovers and guys or girls who know how to rock shoulder ideas.

Different lengths and leaves will show your proper intentions. Are you a big picture person, or do you solely focus on details and smaller playful parts of life? Let your tattoo show who you really are.

10. Artsy Fern Leaf Print

Artsy Fern Leaf Print

Are you an artist yourself? Maybe you’re someone who is always looking for perfection. The beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, just remember that before you start getting new or funky print.

These fern images will represent you and your journey. Let the world see you for who you are with different pops of different-sized leaves.

Fun fact: ferns can be quite high and can vary in length from 2 inches to 30 feet.

10 Chest & Back Fern Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Under Boob Fern Tattoo

Under Boob Fern Tattoo

Under boob tattoos are quite feminine & sexy. Are you a fan of gorgeous and sensual ideas? If you are someone who loves sensual tattoos and you are a fan of sexy placements, you should consider this idea.

This fern will represent your youth & playful side. It is also a symbol of sincerity and optimism, ideal for younger party girls!

2. Side Chest Fern Tattoo Mandala Idea

Side Chest Fern Tattoo Mandala Idea

Side chest tattoos and stomach tattoos are gorgeous once done the right way. This one, however, is a painful piece to go for. If you are someone who can handle the pain and you don’t mind feeling a bit uncomfortable during the process, you can go for this print!

Mandala symbols represent your powerful and detail-driven side. If you are a person who enjoys paying close attention to small details and symbols, fern and a mandala combo will suit you.

3. Dark Green Fern Tattoo Over Stomach

Dark Green Fern Tattoo Over Stomach

Do you want to get a stomach tattoo and place something colorful over your skin? If you wish to look bright and noticed everywhere you go – consider this fern. It will take you 6-7 hours to tattoo this image.

It can stand for your new chapter & endurance. If you are ready to transform both physically and mentally you will like this fern.

4. Back Fern Tattoo With Bird Idea

Back Fern Tattoo With Bird Idea

A black bird over some leaves is a mysterious and scary idea to go for. You can always go for something mystical. If this does sound like you & it goes with your character, book your tattoo artist!

You will love this fern since it will let the world see the real you. Growth and personal encouragement, as well as bright days that are ahead are quite visible with this back art tattoo.

5. Giant Fern Tattoo Over Chest Black Ink

Giant Fern Tattoo Over Chest Black Ink

Do you want a chest tattoo? Are you someone who prefers black & white ink? This piece is gorgeous and dramatic, yet it won’t hurt a lot and it is not too pricey to get due to its simple color selection that can be affordable at most tattoo shops.

This tattoo symbolizes a warrior who has been through loads of tricky and uncomfortable situations in his or her lifetime. Proper & gorgeous, as well as genuinely beautiful.

Did you know that there are around 12,000 types of ferns?

6. Feminine Fern Tattoo For Women

Feminine Fern Tattoo For Women

If you are a female who is proud of her body – let the world see it along with your fern tattoo! This side piece is cute & artsy while empowering women of all shapes & sizes to look phenomenal.

This fern is for girls who are comfortable with their own body and personal growth. It is pretty and embracing feminine energy, who wouldn’t want that?!

7. Entire Body Tattoo Fern Ink

Entire Body Tattoo Fern Ink

Cover your entire body in a tattoo and let everyone see how fierce and funky you actually are! Embrace your posh side and your sex appeal, let the world see you for who you really are.

Your entire body can look good in this print. You can add onto it as time goes on and as your story develops. Do bits by bits and decorate it little by little to enjoy its full potential and glorious beauty.

8. Chest Fern Tattoo Black Inspiration

Chest Fern Tattoo Black Inspiration

This feather will take you 5-6 hours of your spare time. Guys who work out or those who are comfortable with their own body will enjoy something dramatic and colorful as this. It is a bit painful, so you’ve been warned.

You are a warrior who is not afraid of embracing new challenges. You are also someone who is deeply connected with the nature itself, and all-thing-beauty related.

9. Light Green Stomach Fern Tattoo

Light Green Stomach Fern Tattoo

This piece can be quite tricky to get due to its placement. It is also a pricy tattoo design. Go for it only if you are 100% confident and comfortable with similar fern tattoos.

This design will symbolize your nature-loving & caring side. If you are always genuine and honest to others around you + you are a peace-maker you will show it all with this print.

10. Side Tattoo Fern Black Idea

Side Tattoo Fern Black Idea

Last, but not least, this is another feminine and sexy tattoo that you should consider. The side boob and stomach placement is for those who love to look sexy & stunning 24/7.

Ferns will represent you as a person. Let your sexy and devilish nature-loving side come through with this black and white idea.

Fun fact: some tree ferns are used as building materials.

Which Tattoo Was Your Favorite?

In the end, which tattoo is a must-have for you from our list? This article is perfect for men and women since the image and concept itself is so universal & unisex! Let us know which one design is the prettiest in your opinion when it comes to these 30 tattoos.

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